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Owners – for June, 2012 the most popular Internet portal of Siberia by data Rambler the Top 100. The portal belongs to JSC Rostelecom.

Deyatelsnost indicators

For June, 2012, according to the TNS group, the monthly audience of the website in the Siberian region (The Irkutsk, Kemerovo, Novosibirsk, Omsk and Tomsk regions, the Altai, Transbaikal and Krasnoyarsk regions, the Republic Mountain Altai, Khakassia and Buryatia) exceeds 1.2 million, in other regions of Russia at the portal more than 1.7 million unique users.

According to LiveInternet, day traffic of makes more than 2.8 million viewings pages, week – more than 19 million, monthly – over 87 million.


The resource is started in the summer of 2007.

2012: Video advertizing sale transfer to the agency

In June, 2012 it became known that the Gazprom-Media Digital company, the largest seller of video advertizing in Runet, signed agreements on implementation of advertizing opportunities with the portal.

Recently closely was engaged in a multimedia content and actively masters video formats. Still the portal independently implemented advertizing in the video traffic. Now the platform signed about the GPMD agreement under which the seller becomes the exclusive seller of all videoreklamy opportunities of a resource in federal traffic.

GPMD will offer advertisers placement of pre-beaters and post-beaters – the advertizing filmlets shown before and after the main video and also banners on a pause which are shown in a videoplayer zone while the user stops watching video. After contract signature with the unique audience of a pool of platforms on which advertizing offers GPMD exceeded 19 million unique users, and the number of demonstrations of video reached 370 million.