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Single Electronic Trading Platform (SETP)


200 employees in 2015


The national operator of electronic biddings by the state order. The Single electronic trading platform provides the most complete statistics on biddings that allows to stop effectively corruption, to provide competition of auctions and, as a result, to initiate big discounts for customers.

History and performance indicators

2017: Sweep rate of biddings grew by 9 times

On August 9 "Single electronic trading platform" announced start in operation of upgraded version of an open part of the platform (the main website). Thanks to modern technology and multimedia developments the functionality of an open part of the platform simplified and made comfortable work with the website both for customers, and for suppliers.

In addition to uniform design, the multifunction platform which allowed to increase sweep rate of biddings by nine times, and the general speed of work of the website by 2.5 times became the major updating. Taking into account different psychological features of perception of information by specialists the structure of pages was also completely processed and the uniform user space is created — the CEO of UEMP Anton Yemelyanov told.

On assurance of representatives of UEMP, search of suitable purchase from the list in several tens of thousands of procedures is possible even for the beginning user. The updated system of search which works taking into account morphology of Russian and separately selects all relevant information, displays necessary results almost instantly, in real time. The intuitive interface with the convenient menu will also allow to move quickly according to pages of the website and to find any necessary information or service.

Besides, the section Knowledge base which represents electronic storage of the reference information necessary for daily work of all participants of purchases and users of the platform was created. In this section all information, most relevant for users, and the instruction for work with trade sections and services of "Single electronic trading platform" is collected and structured.

In the section Contacts there was an interactive map on which detailed information on all representative offices and points of issue of the electronic signature is visually provided in regions of Russia.

Was updated and undressed Press center which represents the informative news feed including in addition to news of the company, news of all sphere of purchases. News messages are integrated with all popular social networks — it allows to share news content of the website quickly.

In the closest plans of UEMP — works on adaptation of all pages of the updated website under any sizes of screens — from mobile devices to large-format monitors.

Within a month (approximately till September, 2017) upgraded version of the website will be available to the address then will move to the key address of the platform


The trading volume on "Single electronic trading platform" exceeded 10 trillion rubles

The total volume of procurement procedures on "Single electronic trading platform" reached in terms of money 10 trillion rubles, having increased in comparison with last year by 12%.

Thanks to the electronic procedures of purchases which are carried out on the platform, the state and state companies saved already over 550 billion rubles. Only for last 2016 economy of customers thanks to UEMP exceeded 151 billion rubles, for comparison – in 2010, at the beginning of market grouping of electronic procurement, the volume of economy of means was 15.2 billion rubles.

In 2016 on "Single electronic trading platform" customers carried out 318 thousand procurement procedures within the law "About a Contract System" (44-FZ) and also 121 thousand procedures on 223-FZ "About purchases of goods, works, services as separate types of legal entities". Everything, for platform operating time since 2009, on UEMP underwent over 2.2 million trade procedures. Average reduction of price from initial is during trading 14.3%.

As of February, 2017 the number of the users registered on the platform of JSC UEMP is more than 300,000 customers and over 420,000 suppliers.

Among the largest state institutions and the companies which carry out the purchases on "Single electronic trading platform": Presidential Property Management Department of the Russian Federation Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation Ministry of Internal Affairs Investigative Committee of Russia Vnesheconombank Development Bank and Foreign Economic Activity () Group, State Atomic Energy Corporation "Rosatom", State corporation "Rostec", groups "Inter RAO" and "RusHydro", etc.

The volume of the data which are stored on servers of UEMP exceeded 150 TB

According to officially provided data "Single electronic trading platform" (SETP) volume stored now on servers of project data exceeded 150 TB. As of January, 2017 amount of data is more than 158 TB (over 161 thousand gigayBytes or 165.5 million megabytes). Actually is 7 massive server racks which are placed in one of the largest in DPC.

The stored information includes protocols of tendering, applications submitted by bidders and the other auction and procurement documentation representing highly confidential documents and data. In addition to information on trade procedures, on the platform data about more than 600 thousand users of marketplace, information on all legal persons registered in a system, the e-mail addresses and phone numbers are accumulated.

Protection of such information volume means obligatory existence of a reliable control system and protection in which maintenance and improvement specialists of the platform daily are engaged. It are analysts, testers, developers and other technical engineers.

The monitoring system developed by own specialists UEMP in the round-the-clock mode investigates all range of the hardware and software of the platform and transfers data of monitoring to the situational center. In total over 3500 sensors which control the volume of an empty seat on disks are involved in a system, determine tension and temperature of servers in DPC, study network traffic and so forth.

Technical specialists constantly monitor system indicators, configure and implement different new options and services for reliability assurance and increase in fault tolerance.

Cybercriminals improve methods of the actions and attacks. Even more often hackers and swindlers try to get access to confidential data, using the automated programs and a bot system. It should be noted that recently, for example, the programmed auction robots who in the automatic mode bargain at electronic auctions also bidders begin to use automated systems. In this direction the electronic marketplace also has a separate task – to distinguish admissible robots from malignant and prohibited.

For 2016 specialists of the platform and automatic system of cybersecurity recorded and prevented over 200 attempts of cracking of personal accounts of bidders. Using special programs and the different equipment, swindlers try to select passwords, and some, using the hidden numbers IP telephony and being represented by clients of the platform, even call in call center of technical support with the requirement in the mode of the current conversation to change the login or the password of access. In such cases technical support specialists without delay address the valid, these users of the platform and inform them on an incident.

Widespread method of stealing of personal data is also the overload of the systems of the platform by method of DDoS attacks, but their quantity is reduced from year to year.

"If in 2015 on "Single electronic trading platform" for the purpose of failure of biddings and stealing of data slightly less than 100 DDoS attacks were made, then in their 2016 there were already about 40 pieces. But, in spite of the fact that the number of DDoS attacks falls, their power and "intellectuality" on the contrary strongly grow. For example, one of the attacks made on the platform in 2016 was 132 Gbps. It was one of the most intensive DDoS attacks of Russia", – the CEO of UEMP Anton Yemelyanov noted.

Power of the attacks directed to the platform is from 7 to 15 Gbps, duration varies from 3 to 20 hours.

For reflection of all attacks and confidence that even the most powerful attack will not fill the canal the platform uses several alternative channels of communication from different providers. Besides, the preventive response system operating on the platform allows to duplicate communication channels and to quickly classify the attacks.


Assessment of order sizes of state corporations

Experts of UEMP estimate the potential order size of state corporations and companies with the dominating participation of the state in 11 trillion rub a year that can correspond to 10,000 - 12,000 procedures a year. At the moment by UEMP about 10,000 biddings in day are technology ready to carry out.

The new trade section to JSC "Unified electronic marketplace" — the first marketplace conforming to requirements of the law on purchases of state corporations and natural monopolies No. 223-FZ adopted on July 13 starts. The volume of such purchases in 2011 will be over 10 trillion rub. Among options of the trading system — distribution of large lots by subcontractings electronically. UEMP intends to attract more than 70 thousand additional tenders in the commercial sector and to increase turnover of purchases on the platform by 2 trillion rub in 2012.

July 13, 2011. The Federation Council approved Federal law No. 223-FZ "About purchases of goods, works, services as separate types of legal entities", entering the first procedural requirements to procurement procedures of state corporations and natural monopolies. According to the forecast of analytical center of National rating of transparency of purchases, purchasing amount in this sector at the end of 2011 will exceed 10 trillion rub. At the same time less than 5% from them bargain on transparent bases. Need of marketplace for state corporations, commercial enterprises and natural monopolies appeared owing to this legal reform.

"Opening of new trade section and adoption of the relevant legislation in Russia will allow our platform to attract more than 2 billion rubles of the additional trading volume next year, having increased turnover by 40-50%" — Anton Yemelyanov, the CEO of JSC "UEMP" said.
"The commercial platform of UEMP is logical development of technological solutions for biddings of state corporations in the conditions of the new legislation. Federal law No. 223 is an unprecedented step on the way to increase in transparency of biddings in the sector of large corporate purchases. Of course, still it is necessary to draft many bylaws and the specifying regulations, but the basic foundation for transfer of this sector of economy to transparent rails is already laid, and today we with pride present the first working technological solution ready to provide this process", - Yemelyanov told.

Compliance audit to requirements of cybersecurity

The Single electronic trading platform underwent complex audit on compliance to requirements of electronic platform to information security. Experts several largest representatives in the field of data protection were involved at once to receiving independent assessment of the current level of security of UEMP: International center for information science and electronics [1] (Interevm) and Federal public scientific institution "Center of Information Technologies and Systems of Executive Authorities" (TSITIS). The conclusion about confirmation of the high level of security of the platform and existence in its IT infrastructure of all necessary requirements concerning the information security (IS) became result of check of UEMP. Increased security allowed to increase a market share by 20%.

During audit the system of UEMP was checked by specialists Interevm for compliance to requirements of information security. Automated systems of UEMP underwent fundamental technical assessment of the current level of security. Having carefully analyzed systems capabilities, independent consultants came to a conclusion that the level of information security and degree of security of UEMP fully conform to requirements imposed to electronic marketplaces.

The system of protection against DDoS attacks implemented on the Single electronic trading platform underwent especially careful check. In a work progress specialists Interevm revealed that the possibility of the productive attack makes 0.01%.

According to the results of passing of complex audit by consultants Interevm was prepared the report containing conformity assessment of level of information security of electronic platform to required standards. Reporting materials were directed to Federal public scientific institution "Center of Information Technologies and Systems of Executive Authorities" (TSITIS) which independent experts confirmed results of check.


Single electronic trading platform (JSC "UEMP") - operator of electronic biddings for the state customers and commercial enterprises. Clients of JSC "UEMP" are 217,144 state customers and over 84,000 suppliers. On January 25, 2009 JSC "Unified electronic marketplace" it is selected by the national operator for running public online auctions according to Chapter 3.1. Federal law No. 94-FZ (protocol of Government Commission on Administrative Reform of 1/19/2010 No. 95). In the company own training center and 12 representations in the territory of Russia works.