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Skolkovo Foundation


Government and social institutions
Since 2010
Central Federal District of the Russian Federation
143026, Territory of the innovation center "Skolkovo", Lugovaya St., 4

Top managers:
Sheyfel Maxim Nikolaevich
Drozdov Igor
Non-profit organization Fund of development of Development center and commercialization of new technologies

Skolkovo the Innovation center


The Skolkovo Foundation (the complete name – Fund of development of Development center and commercialization of new technologies) is responsible for project implementation of creation of the Innovation Center "Skolkovo".

The fund has the status of management company of the Innovation Center "Skolkovo" according to the order of the Russian President of July 2, 2010 No. 446-rp and also the decision of the Commission on upgrade made in November, 2010.

The mission of Skolkovo Foundation - creation of an ecosystem, formation of favorable conditions for the innovation process in which scientists, designers, engineers and businessmen together with participants of educational projects will work on creation of competitive knowledge-intensive developments of world level in five priority directions: energy efficiency and energy saving (EET), nuclear technologies (NT), space technologies and telecommunications (KTITK), biomedical technologies (BMT), strategic computer technologies and software (IT).

IT infrastructure of fund

In May, 2015 the fund announced request for quotations[1] to rendering services in maintenance of the information complex (IC). From terms of reference to a request it became clear that the complex is almost completely constructed on the American computing and telecommunication equipment.

Follows from the document that IVK is geographically distributed: resources of a complex are located on four platforms in Moscow, three of which are based on the territory of the innovation center "Skolkovo" and two in other cities - in St. Petersburg and Yekaterinburg.

One of models of the servers which are used in Skolkovo Foundation - Dell PowerEdge R910

For ensuring activity of fund several tens of physical servers which overwhelming part is made by Dell PowerEdge line servers are used. A producer of the storage systems, disk arrays and tape libraries which are used in IVK is also Dell. In addition to it, IVK in a small amount uses HP Proliant line servers.

As for network equipment, a producer of all routers and switches which are used in IVK of Skolkovo Foundation, according to terms of reference, is Cisco.

In infrastructure of IVK the considerable number of virtual servers is used, and as DBMSPostgreSQL and MS SQL work.

Within the technical support contract IVK, the contractor should organize the round-the-clock monitoring of the server hardware, network equipment and the equipment of security. Still he should organize the technical support service which is responsible for operation of the equipment, diagnostics and localization of faults. The technical support service also should implement the first support line of the applied systems.


2014: "Cognitive technologies" through court gain 80 million rub of a debt from Fund developments Skolkovo

On February 26, 2014 the Board of the Supreme Arbitration Court took out Determination about failure in transfer to Presidium of the Supreme Arbitration Court of business on the claim of Kognitivnye tekhnologii LLC to Non-profit organization Fund of development of the Center of development and commercialization of new technologies on debt collection for the agreement on development of the concept "Smart city of Skolkovo". Thus, the Board of VAS confirmed decisions of Arbitration court of Moscow of 5/7/2013. The ninth arbitration Court of Appeal of 8/16/2013 resolutions of Federal arbitration court of the Moscow district of 10/30/2013. The decision on collecting from fund advantage of society is collected 80,765,100 rubles of debt and 610,786 rubles of interest for using someone else's money took legal effect.

"Cognitive technologies" took Arbitration court of Moscow with the recovery suit from Non-profit organization Fund of development of the Center of development of commercialization of new technologies of debt on the development agreement of the concept "Smart city of Skolkovo" from 10/3/2012 for 11/5/2012.

The consortium which, together with Cognitive Technologies company, included the leading world companies Ernst&Young Cisco and Panasonic, developed the Concept "The smart city of "Skolkovo", integrated materials about the social and economic, investment and technology strategy of creation of the Innovation center and the Smart city of "Skolkovo". Authors of the Concept relied on sociological and conceptual bases, results of sociological researches, the analysis of preferences and ideas of domestic innovators of the Smart city. World experience regarding urbanistics – Richard Florida, Ya. Jan Gehl, J. Jacobs's about 20 works (Jacobs, Jane), etc. and also experience of creation of the different smart cities and campuses of the world – Singapore, Bangalore, Fudzhisava, Endkhoven, New York, Copenhagen, San Francisco, Shanghai, Hong Kong Tokyo, Masdar, a campus Google, a campus of Pixar, a campus of MIT, a campus of the University Dalian, a campus of the University Changchun was used.

The concept "The smart city of "Skolkovo" was approved on five round tables which integrated all main directions of the innovation sector: scientific community, innovators, investors, foreign specialists, representatives of the innovation business. It was recommended by the Civic chamber of the Russian Federation to the Government of the Russian Federation for implementation in regions and the large cities of Russia.

All works were performed according to technical specifications and in the terms provided by the agreement that is recorded by the relevant documents.

Despite it, the defendant, Non-profit organization Fund of development of the Center of development of commercialization of new technologies, refused to pay the performed works and terminated the agreement unilaterally.

During trial to court all documents confirming the claimant's position, a withdrawal of the Expert advisory board on program implementation "The smart city" on execution of works of the Concept of 7/10/2012 No. 3, a response of the vice-chairman of Scientific and technical council "to Russian Technologies State Corporation were submitted. Having considered the merits of the case, the Arbitration court of Moscow made the decision on the satisfaction of the claim which was confirmed consistently by decisions of the Ninth arbitration Court of Appeal, Federal arbitration court of the Moscow district.