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Skolkovo Ventures Skolkovo - Venture investments


Financial services, investments and audit
Since 2017
Central Federal District of the Russian Federation
143026, territory of the Innovation Center "Skolkovo", Bolshoy Boulevard, 42, building 1

Top managers:
Sakovich Vladimir Anatolyevich
The investment platform created in 2017 on attraction of external financing, management of venture funds, development and an output to the market of new financial products for the fast-growing technological companies. Within the Skolkovo Ventures program three venture funds of 6.6 billion rubles for investment into IT, industrial technologies and biomedicine are created.

Skolkovo the Innovation center
Russian Venture Capital Company (RVCC)



+ Skolkovo Ventures (Skolkovo - Venture investments)

"The Skolkovo venture fund — Industrial I", created in 2017 by RVC and "Skolkovo — Venture investments", is the Russia's first industry multicorporate venture fund. As the anchor investor of fund RVC performs with investment volume in 1.5 billion rubles. The fund is aimed at financing of the companies — residents of Skolkovo Foundation and National Technology Initiative (NTI) in the field of the Industry 4.0.

Developments in the field of robotics, additive technologies and new materials, pilotless technologies, intellectual power, predictive analytics and Industrial Internet of Things get to technology focus of fund. The target size of venture fund is 2.5-3 billion rubles. The fund will invest in the Russian startups in the field of financial technologies, artificial intelligence (AI), virtual and augmented reality (AR/VR), Big Data and cyber security.



VTB and Skolkovo agreed to invest billions of rubles in the strengthened startups

On October 22, 2019 "Asset management" and Skolkovo Ventures announced VTB Capital plans to cooperate in the pre-IPO field of investments, having signed the relevant agreement. As declare in VTB, the cooperation purpose - enhancement of the capital of investors of "VTB Capital Pre-AYPIO Fund" closed-end investment fund and development of high-tech industries in Russia. The size of fund as of October is 10 billion rubles. Read more here.

Vladimir Sakovich is appointed the CEO of Skolkovo Ventures

On August 29, 2019 the Skolkovo Foundation announced that Vladimir Sakovich is appointed the CEO of Skolkovo Ventures. It released the partner founder of Skolkovo Ventures Vasily Belov who passed to other work in the technology industry from this duty.

2018: 300 million rubles from the Russian Railway

In June, 2018 JSC "Russian Railways" signed the investment agreement in the amount of 300 million rubles in Industrial venture fund under control of Skolkovo — Venchurnye investitsii LLC. Investments in "Skolkovo Venture Fund — Industrial I" — a part of complex work of JSC "Russian Railways" on implementation of the innovative domestic technologies for upgrade of the industry and to increase in its efficiency.

JSC "Russian Railways" together with Fund the latest technologies and solutions, including in such sectors as alternative power sources for the rolling stock and infrastructure will analyze and select for investment, deserted means and TEConts of a status of infrastructure, TEConts and modeling of lifecycle of infrastructure, the IT platform for customer services in the field of freight and passenger traffic and also the system of optimization of transportation and logistic chains taking into account synchronization of a transport and warehouse system.


100 million rubles from IBS

In October, 2017 the IBS IT holding announced investment into Skolkovo Ventures. 100 million rubles will be received "by Skolkovo Venture Fund – IT of I" under control of Skolkovo Ventures. Thus, IBS became the first private company investor of IT fund.

Public agreement signature with participation of the CEO of IBS Svetlana Balanova and the CEO of Skolkovo Ventures Vladimir Belov took place on October 17, 2017 at the forum "Open Innovations" in technopark Skolkovo. The video from this action is given below:

"The Skolkovo venture fund – IT of I" with a target size of 2.5-3 billion rubles will give a financial support to the Russian startups in the field of financial technologies, artificial intelligence (AI), virtual and augmented reality (AR/VR), Big Data and information security.   According to Svetlana Balanova, the transaction with Skolkovo Ventures is not just investments of IBS, and a possibility of broad access to huge amount of technologies and to small Russian startups which make interesting solutions.

Vladimir Belov noted that cooperation of Skolkovo Ventures and IBS will allow startups to receive "smart" money which will help them to achieve commercial success and an exit to a broad base of clients of IBS.

300 million rubles from OAK

The United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) will invest to 300 million rubles in "Skolkovo Venture Fund — Industrial I", created by Skolkovo — Venchurnye investitsii LLC and the Russian Venture Capital Company (RVCC). The agreement on conditions of the entry of OAK in an investment partnership was signed during the forum "Opening of an Innovation" on October 16, 2017 to Skolkovo. The document was signed by the president of OAK Yury Slyusar and the CEO of Skolkovo — Venchurnye investitsii LLC Vasily Belov.

OAK will become the first strategic investor and the partner of an investment partnership "Skolkovo Venture Fund — Industrial I", the attracted Skolkovo-Venchurnye investitsii LLC. The partnership with a target size of fund of 2.5-3 billion rubles will invest in the Russian startups taking into account the interests of implementation of "road maps" of the National technology initiative and stimulation of commercialization of results of developments of fund participants Skolkovo in the Industries 4.0 area: new materials, pilotless technologies, intellectual power, secsorics, digital design, additive technologies, robotics, predictive analytics and other industrial directions. As the anchor investor of fund RVC performed with investment volume in 1.5 billion rubles. Earlier the concept of joint investment into small innovative companies was approved by Board of Directors of OAK.

""Skolkovo — Venture investments' in addition to direct investment activities participates in development of an ecosystem of venture investments in Russia. In this light the solution OAK to become the strategic investor from among technology state companies is presented to us by extremely important sign for all industry. Our partnership demonstrates arrival on the venture market of end consumers of innovations — large corporations. Investment through venture funds is the convenient tool for access to technologies of the best startups at early stages and allows to separate risks with other investors. It is important that OAK becomes the active partner that allows to create investment and a startup competence in corporation" — the CEO of Skolkovo — Venchurnye investitsii LLC Vasily Belov commented.

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