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Skolkovo institute of science and technologies Skoltech, SINT


Higher educational institution in the Innovation center Skolkovo.

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The Skolkovo institute of science and technologies (Skoltech, SINT) — the private educational and research university which is to Skolkovo (Russia, the Moscow region). The institution offering programs of a magistracy and PhD.

Skoltech founded by Skolkovo Foundation and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology is a part of the project of creation initiated by Dmitry Medvedev in 2010 in Skolkovo of the innovation cluster. Skoltech should be focused on education and application studies.

According to information for May, 2012 it is planned that at institute will study 1200, and in the long term — up to 1800 students to work 200 professors. The institute located in the central area near technopark and the transport terminal, should become a core of the innovation ecosystem, the main city-forming enterprise Skolkovo.

In June, 2012 it became known that Skoltech completed the first set of students. In pilot group - 21 persons from 14 Russian higher educational institutions.

Initially at institute five educational and study programs corresponding to the priority areas of work Skolkovo are planned namely:

  • power,
  • information,
  • biomedical technologies,
  • space sciences and technologies,
  • and also peace nuclear science and technologies.

On each of these programs it will be possible to receive degree of the master or doctor of science.



Scientists of Skoltech and MIPT opened the rule for prediction of superconducting metal hydrides

On April 16, 2020 it became known that researchers of Skoltech and MIPT and their colleagues opened the rule facilitating search of high-temperature superconductors. Scientists managed to establish connection between element provision in the Periodic table and its capability to formation of high-temperature superconducting hydride. Results of the research supported by the Russian scientific fund are presented in article in the Current Opinion in Solid State & Materials Science magazine. Read more here.

MTS and Skoltech started laboratory of artificial intelligence

On March 2, 2020 MTS announced start of laboratory of artificial intelligence at the Skolkovo institute of science and technologies (Skoltech). This project is directed to creation of new algorithms for recognition and understanding of texts that will allow the telecommunication operator to improve product quality and services, such as virtual assistants. Read more here.

Skoltech asked 27 billion rubles on production of components for 6G-networks

On February 6, 2020 it became known of the offer of the Skolkovo institute of science and technologies (Skoltech) to create in the territory infrastructure for production in Russia of components for optoelectronics which can be used including in 6G-networks. Investments in the project are estimated at 26.9 billion rubles (minimum flows on productions — 12.6 billion rubles), but the source of investments still should be found. Read more here.

Creation of laboratory on artificial intelligence, machine learning and Internet of Things together with Softline

The company Softline and Skolkovo institute sciences and technologies (Skoltech) created joint laboratory "Artificial intelligence, machine learning and systems Internet of Things". Reported about it to Softline on February 4, 2020. In more detail here.

The beginning of development of an algorithm of AI on search of metastases in lymph nodes on the basis of mathematical models of Cobrain-Analytics

The Skolkovo institute of science and technologies together with Federal State Budgetary Institution NMITs koloproktologii imeni A. N. Ryzhikh Russian Ministry of Health started development of an algorithm of artificial intelligence by determination of the metastaticheski of the changed lymph nodes of a small pelvis at patients with cancer of a rectum. Reported about it in Skoltech on February 26, 2020.

The first version of the solution will be received in the first half of the year 2020. After development it will pass through clinical trials in the national medical research center of coloproctology of A.N. Ryzhikh. At the heart of the solution will be a data set from the depersonalized medical data and the mathematical models developed jointly with specialists of one of laboratories of Skoltech Cobrain-Analytics.

One of core competencies of Skoltech is a data science". The institute as develops theoretical bases of artificial intelligence and machine learning, and creates application solutions based on these technologies for the different industries. The analysis of medical data, first of all MPT and KT of images and also electroencephalography signals, is in focus of several research groups of Skoltech which developed a number of AI of solutions for different problems of neurology and neurosurgery. Cooperation with the National medical research center of coloproctology of A.N. Ryzhikh will allow to expand the field of use of AI of technologies of Skoltech, - the senior teacher Skoltech Mikhail Belyaev notes.

As declare in Skoltech, presurgical assessment of a status of lymph nodes has absolute importance not only for determination of tactics of treatment of patients with cancer of a rectum, but also is an essential predictive factor of development of tumoral process, including emergence of a local recurrence. Search and detection of the metastaticheski of the changed lymph nodes at any stage of tumoral process is the most difficult diagnostic task connected with need for a short interval to analyze the large volume of data.

Connection to the analysis of medical images of artificial intelligence shows the increasing efficiency around the world. Creation of the trained models of artificial intelligence which will allow to identify the metastaticheski the changed regionarny lymph nodes according to MRT of images at patients with cancer of a rectum will help radiologists more precisely and in shorter terms to stadirovat a tumor according to the TNM system that has basic value for the choice of the program of treatment of this category of patients, - the head of department of radiodiagnosis of NMITs of coloproctology, the doctor of medical sciences Irina Zarodnyuk explains.


The agreement with Element and MTS on cooperation in development of the equipment for 5G networks in the Open RAN standards

Element companies, MTS and the Skolkovo institute of science and technologies (Skoltech) signed the tripartite agreement about cooperation in development and production in Russia of the equipment for 5G networks in the open international standards Open RAN. On December 10 years reported about it in Element.

"Element" and MTS intend to assist Skoltech research center in the project on development of the end-to-end digital solution Open RAN for networks of "fifth generation". The domestic component base of the Element will be used at all levels of the planned cooperation: from creation of test zones and laboratories before prototyping of samples of the localized and domestic equipment of a radio access.

The agreement assumes work of participants on a research of the new principles and architecture of creation of mobile networks of the next generations; to the analysis of component base of products for the purpose of formation of strategy of localization; to assessment of opportunities of creation of the domestic equipment with the characteristics comparable to foreign analogs on the basis of EKB of the enterprises of the Element.

We are sure that consolidation of our competences with MTS and Skoltech will allow to accelerate implementation of technologies 5G in Russia based on domestic EKB. The synergy between project participants will become the driver in expansion of a range of solutions 5G and availability of services of "digital economy", - the project director Elementa Yury Halif commented on the agreement. - Development of domestic market for the Russian telecom equipment and emergence of competitive products will give strong positive effect. It is important that consumers of final mobile services and Internet of Things will benefit from this partnership, first of all.

We hope that cooperation of telecom operators, producers of element base, system integrators, scientific centers and startups in Russia will develop into creation of a wide ecosystem of equipment suppliers and software due to localization of perspective solutions of a radio access. Developers and producers will receive a boost in the innovative development, and telecom operators – an opportunity to reduce costs, to reduce terms of an output to the market of new technologies, to be flexible in creation of the customized solutions, including using elements of own development, - the head on development of digital RAN technologies of MTS Alexey Maslyankin considers.

Development together with the Center of neurosurgery of Burdenko of technology of noninvasive mapping based on AI

On November 17, 2019 it became known that artificial intelligence technologies (AI) can widely begin to be used when planning and carrying out neurosurgical transactions in 2021. The corresponding joint project is developed by specialists of the Skolkovo institute of science and technologies (Skoltech) and the Center of neurosurgery of the academician N.N. Burdenko, the manager of neurosurgical department of the Center of Burdenko professor, the doctor of medical sciences David Pitskhelauri and professor of Skoltech, the doctor of physical and mathematical sciences Alexander Bernstein reported.

When planning and carrying out neurosurgical transactions in the areas of a brain lying close critically significant functional zones (motor, speech, visual, etc.), exact knowledge of their individual localization (mapping) at the patient is necessary. Together with scientists of Skoltech, we develop the technology of preoperative noninvasive mapping using data of functional MRT of rest based on synergy of technologies of MR-diagnostics and artificial intelligence technologies, allowing to localize functional zones of a brain on MRT pictures with an accuracy, sufficient for carrying out neurosurgical transactions, and eliminating a number of the essential defects inherent in the used mapping methods. For November, 2019 the technology is used in neuroradiological and clinical departments of the Center of Burdenko for planning of surgical interventions at intracerebral tumors, comparison of technology with standard methods of MRT-mapping is carried out. Further implementation of this technology in mass clinical practice is supposed,
told professor David Pitskhelauri

the Following task which we set for scientists of Skoltech – refining online of provision of these zones and to their loudspeaker according to intraperatsionny mapping using electrostimulation during neurosurgical transaction. Further the created algorithms and models it is going to include in software of neuronavigation equipment


Creation of this technology demanded development of other analytical methods of data analysis considering specifics of functional MRT. For November, 2019 in Skoltech development of different mathematical models of intraperatsionny mapping by methods of machine learning using the data obtained in the Center of Burdenko during transactions is conducted
added professor Bernstein

This work is a part of the researches conducted in Skoltech in the field of development of methods of artificial intelligence and machine learning for biomedical applications which together with Alexander Bernstein are kept by professor Evgeny Burnayev and the research associate Maxim Sharayev with involvement of post-docks, graduate students and students of Skoltech.

Technology base of researches is the CoBrain-Analytics platform created by specialists of Skoltech within the Strategic initiative of Neyronet for development of technologies in the field of AI in medicine. The Project offices created on this platform allow developers to store in them the anonymized biomedical data and to build on their basis, using a broad spectrum of the algorithms which are stored on the platform and procedures of artificial intelligence, problem-oriented mathematical models and algorithms available to specialists of data domains for use in clinical practice[1].

Scientists could synthesize superconducting material — thorium decahydride

Scientists under the leadership of professor of Skoltech and Artem Oganov and Ivan Troyan's MIPT from Institute of a crystallography of RAS could synthesize superconducting material ‒ decahydride of thorium (ThH10) with very high critical temperature of 161 To (-112C). On November 7, 2019 reported about it in MIPT, Skoltech and the Russian Scientific Fund (RSF). Read more here.

Development of digital models of fields, joint with STC of Gazprom Neft, based on AI

On February 12, 2019 Gazprom Neft reported, experts of Scientific and technological center of Gazprom Neft and scientists of Skoltech started the next stage of the joint project on creation of digital geological and hydrodynamic models based on artificial intelligence technologies. Read more here.

Open university Skolkovo (OTUS)

The program of Skolkovo Foundation for attraction, involvement and development of talented young people with scientific and technology and entrepreneurial competences in the innovation ecosystem of Russia. For 2019 OTUS is a part of an ecosystem of the innovation center "Skolkovo". It is a source of entrants (masters and graduate students) for the Skolkovo institute of science and technologies (Skoltech), a source of trainees for the partner companies Skolkovo, a source of projects for Skolkovo.


Opening of a new campus "East ring" of 136,000 sq.m.

On September 1, 2018 the new campus of Skoltech – "East ring" opened the doors. The total area of the building built on the project of architect bureau HERZOG & DE MEURON was 136,000 sq.m. Four levels, length of its circle of 880 m have a new campus.

Cooperation with Philips in research works

The Philips company and the Skolkovo institute of science and technologies (Skoltech) signed on June 7, 2018 the agreement on cooperation in the field of research works. Within partnership it is going to involve the best young scientists of Skoltech to projects of research laboratory Philips in Skolkovo. Corresponding the agreement it was signed between Maxim Kuznetsov, the CEO of Philips in Russia and the CIS, and Alexander Kuleshov, the rector of the Skolkovo institute of science and technologies.

Thanks to cooperation an opportunity to go the 1.5-annual paid training to Philips laboratories in Skolkovo — parts of the global Philips Research research network will be provided to the best students of Skoltech. Students will be able to get practical experience of work in a scientific ecosystem of Philips and to apply the accumulated knowledge to the solution of relevant tasks in the field of health care. Scientific work of laboratory is concentrated on carrying out researches on the following directions in health care: machine learning, analysis and data processing of the different nature, predictive analytics, recommendatory systems. Within the theses they will have an opportunity to be engaged in such projects as algorithm elaboration of deep training for segmentation of images of a histopathology of fabrics, segmentation of medical images using neural networks, reconstruction of KT-images in MRT, etc. Results of research projects will be the basis for theses of students.

Skoltech is an innovation international research university at which optimal conditions for carrying out scientific developments in parallel with training of the innovation activity are created. Projects of our employees, graduate students and students have the enormous potential for the solution of key scientific and technology tasks as in Russia, and around the world. Our partnership will allow students of Skoltech to get practical experience of work on projects in the field of health care and to make the contribution to development of the advanced medical technologies — Maxim Fedorov, professor, the director of the Center of Skoltech of scientific and engineering computing technologies for tasks with data bulks noted.

Scientific cooperation and development of digital health care in Russia — one of priorities in activity of Philips company. For this reason we want to attract to projects of our research laboratory in Skolkovo the best minds of Skoltech — Maxim Kuznetsov, the CEO of Philips company in Russia of the CIS said. — Partnership with Skoltech, the world-class research university, gives a serious impulse to development of innovations in the field of health care in Russia. We calculate that our cooperation will promote attraction, to formation and deduction of young talents and will allow to increase greatly achievements in the field of medicine and health protection.


Creation of laboratory for application studies in the field of AI

In October, 2017 within the forum "Open Innovations" in Skolkovo the Skolkovo institute of science and technologies (Skoltech) and the Digit company, specializing in development of artificial intelligence technologies for the industry and health care, signed the agreement on creation of joint laboratory in the field of intellectual production and industrial Internet of Things.

The laboratory is created as the international university competence center aimed at research and development of artificial intelligence technologies for the capital-intensive industries, in particular, of the industry.

Base of Laboratory is the Center for scientific and engineering computing technologies for tasks with data bulks (CDISE - [2]) Skoltech, at the same time if necessary also resources of other divisions of Skoltech and also external expert resources will be attracted.

By the last estimates of analysts, use of AI (artificial intelligence) in the industry will accrue as avalanche in the next years, catching up with such advanced industries as FMSG and banks.

According to Alexey Ponomarev, the vice president for strategy and the industries of Skoltech, the laboratory will accumulate the Russian and foreign examination in the field of production intellectualization, to develop partnership with the international academic environment and to develop approaches and techniques according to global trends.

Cooperation with Skoltech will allow Digit to get access to the advanced scientific knowledge and artificial intelligence technologies. We, in turn, will implement these technologies in real production, providing a transfer between science and needs of the industrial sector — Igor Bogachyov, the CEO of the Digit company said in return.

Opening of PLM laboratory with assistance of Lanit

At the beginning of July, 2017 at the Skolkovo institute of science and technology the PLM laboratory (product lifecycle management/technology of product lifecycle management) opened. The project is implemented with assistance of Department of automated design engineering systems Lanit and LANIT-Integration companies (enters into the Lanit group). In laboratory technologies of creation of difficult machine-building products are implemented. The seminar "Simcenter 3D became the first joint event in life of laboratory there is a new platform for problems of reverse engineering", organized together with software provider and services for product lifecycle management of Siemens PLM Software.

As explained in Lanit, the PLM laboratory is created, first of all, for the solution of the industrial tasks connected using methods of end-to-end design and product lifecycle management. At the same time, the laboratory is the universal platform for development of educational programs in the field of digital design. The head of PLM laboratory is professor Igor Konstantinovich Uzhinsky having 20-year work experience in the space industry.

"Within Introduction to PLM rate, listeners had to master for a short time several software products for computational modeling, reverse engineering and optimization. Working in commands, children model the transport airplane, expect it durability and aerodynamics, project a production line for production of a wing" — the head "Modelling and Reverse Engineering" Skoltech Sergey Nikolaev told.

The joint seminar was devoted to the developing direction of reverse engineering (creation of difficult final and element models and improvement of their quality, cross-disciplinary interaction, creation completely calculated digital double, carrying out digital tests, etc.). Technologies of modeling of cross-disciplinary processes became a subject for a conversation of representatives of key universities from Kazan, Samara, Perm, Chelyabinsk and Moscow. In particular, teachers of MSTU of N.E. Bauman shared experience of use of technologies and software packages for the solution of different engineering tasks in educational process. The seminar concerning preparation of the competent personnel for digital economy came to the end with "a round table".

As noted, opening of PLM laboratory to Skolkovo is the second initiative implemented by Lanit company in the field of training in the field of technologies for difficult mechanical engineering. Since 2016 pupils of MSTU of N.E. Bauman have an opportunity to complete a training course in the field of product lifecycle management (PLM) what methodical materials and the special educational program are developed for. Since 2017 support of specialists was got also by Bauman Racing Team — college team which independently projects a racing race car and participates in the international competitions.

In two months students gain an impression that they such product lifecycle management, and try on on themselves a role of designers, clerks and technologists within team work on the difficult project.

Gazprom Neft will develop digital technologies jointly with Skoltech

The Skolkovo institute of science and technologies (Skoltech) signed in June, 2017 the agreement on cooperation with Gazprom Neft company. The document the rector of Skoltech Alexander Kuleshov and the first deputy chairman of the board of Gazprom Neft Vadim Yakovlev in new laboratory of the Center of hydrocarbon production of Skoltech in the building Renova signed the Lab. The ceremony of signing was held within the international Startup Village 2017 conference to Skolkovo.

The agreement is directed to formation of long-term partnership between the company and scientific educational institution which will contribute to the development of perspective projects and identification of new opportunities in an oil and gas sector.

The parties consider the possibility of collaboration in studying of perspectives of use of cognitive technologies for exploration and development of oil and gas fields, including areas of drilling and completion of wells. Besides, Skoltech and Gazprom Neft are interested in expansion of the researches connected with the predictive analysis of large volumes of information (big data) and development of technologies of collecting, storage, modeling and data visualization of geological and technology processes and also these processes of transportation and oil refining.

Within partnership of the party are going to be engaged in the organization of independent examination of the existing technological solutions, development and implementation of new projects and also to carry out research and development (Research and Development). One more direction of cooperation stipulated by the agreement – training of employees, the organization of training and exchange of scientific and technical information.

2015: The Russian Prime Minister D. Medvedev hands diplomas to the first graduates

In June, 2015 the Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev handed diplomas about the termination of the Skolkovo institute of science and technologies to the first graduates.


V. Putin cancels the D. Medvedev's order about assignments of state companies in an endowment fund of Skoltech

In January, 2012 the presidential commission on upgrade decided that will finance Skoltech through an endowment fund. Medvedev ordered to state companies to transfer within three years in fund 1% of programs of the innovative development, or 0.5-3% of net profit for the expired year, was going to collect 30 billion rubles, officials did not exclude that state companies will continue to deduct means further. For 2012 state companies transferred only 4 billion rubles, in 2013 assignments were not, the federal official knows.

In June, 2013 it became known that the president Vladimir Putin cancelled order of the predecessor president Dmitry Medvedev that state companies should deduct means in an endowment fund of the Skolkovo institute of science and technologies (Skoltech), the employee of federal agency told Vedomosti and the high-ranking official of the government confirmed. This order of Putin has a signature stamp "for office use" therefore he is not known, one of interlocutors of Vedomosti says.

Putin's press secretary Dmitry Peskov explained that state companies can finance Skolkovo voluntarily. Medvedev's press secretary Natalya Timakova refused comments.

The federal official explains that Skoltech will be completely we depend on budget financing which is till 2015, and private orders. "The purpose of an endowment was it to avoid, but it was necessary to collect at least 15 billion rubles" — he complains.

Heads of several state companies handled an initiative to cancel assignments to Putin, the federal official notes, but does not call what. State companies did not want to pay because they did not acquire any rights in project management, for example could not order to Skoltech of a research or training of specialists, the top manager of one of state companies explains:

"Therefore all wanted to develop innovations independently. Contributions to Skoltech resembled a tribute, but not investments".

Rosneft creates the center of researches in Skolkovo and considers it a sufficient contribution to the project, the employee of the company notes. His colleague from Gazprom says that the monopoly considers more effective to finance researches of industry institutes. Inter RAO also wants to finance industry developments, the company allocates funds in Energy without Borders fund, the representative says it. Rostec under the law has no opportunity to do charity work, the employee of state corporation explains. The representative of the Russian Railway could not report a position of the company.

Financing is suspended, the project is not so effective as it was planned, the high-ranking official of the government recognizes:

"At first it is necessary to construct infrastructure, then to speak about researches. Until one building in the clean floor"[3] is built[3].

Putin considers the project artificial and always separated from it, for example never visited building, the federal official says, financial violations which in 2013 are investigated by Investigative Committee could push to decision-making of the president:

"Besides after Vladislav Surkov's dismissal Skolkovo lost the influential curator who could convince the president not to draw hasty conclusions".

The Putin's team once again won the Medvedev's team, it seems that Skolkovo will be closed soon, the vice president of RUIE Igor Jürgens believed:

"It will be an error, venture investments cannot yield so soon result".

If in Skolkovo there are financial violations, it is necessary to open affairs and to finish them until anybody's guilt is proved, Jürgens notes.

"At a project startup all understood political risks. Unfortunately, they were implemented" — the top manager recognizes Skolkovo.

The release schedule not less than 1000 students by 2020

The number of graduates of the Skolkovo institute of science and technologies by 2020 should be not less than 1000 people, and specific number of the publications having – to be on 100 researchers in range from 75 to 85.


Set of the first group of students

In June, 2012 it became known that the Skolkovo institute of science and technologies completed (Skoltech) the first set of students. In pilot group - 21 persons from 14 Russian higher educational institutions. Students will study according to the cross-disciplinary master program which uniqueness consists in integration of education, research and business activity.

The training course is expected three years and means active participation of students in scientific research together with the leading scientists from the different countries of the world. Students will get acquainted with the international technologies of an entrepreneurship that will give them invaluable experience and will allow to implement further the most daring ideas in the field of innovations.

"Involvement of the correct people – here the main objective which we should solve if we want to construct world-class institute, – Edward Crowley, the president of Skoltech told. - Looking at the first group of students, I feel that the idea of creation of the university becomes a reality. I am sure that with development of the research centers and during the effective work of the center of an entrepreneurship and innovations, our students will have all opportunities to make Skoltech the successful university".

To be a part of the first group, entrants had to undergo strict selection in which their academic capabilities, leadership skills and potential were estimated. Requests, the students from all Russia having the bachelor's degree in the field of information technologies or power sent to tender. From the first candidate pool more than 40 people who were invited in Skoltech for participation in a final tour were selected. Within two days the commission consisting of professors and administration of Skoltech of graduates of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) estimated students based on group tasks and individual interviews. Entrants also had to pass successfully examination in English in the TOEFL system. As a result the selection committee under the leadership of the president of Skoltech Edward Crowley made the decision on the final structure of the first group of students.

The director of work with students Bram Kaplan noted: "The students who submitted applications for the first rate remarkably proved; strike their technical knowledge, creative capabilities and sincere aspiration to make the world it is better. It is very important that they understand uniqueness of opportunities which are given by our institute, and are ready to use them in the future to implement own scientific projects".

In August, 2012 the first pilot group will complete a 4 weeks training course in MIT where they will be able to know better each other and to adapt to work in the international scientific environment and also will take a short course on commercialization of innovations and an entrepreneurship.

In September, 2012 students will start training in the main master program. They will spend the first year in one of four leading research institutes of the world: Imperial College London (ICL), the Swiss higher technical school in Zurich (ETHZ), the Hong Kong institute of science and technologies (HKUST) and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

Anastasia Uryasheva, about the solution to become the student of Skoltech: "I very much liked the atmosphere which reigned in the course of holding selection tours. For me it is important to gain high standard of knowledge, but it can be done at many universities of the world. It is more interesting to study in Skoltech because here all are open for the new ideas. The culture of innovations, new technologies, entrepreneurships integrates all who work here".

Creation of the architectural concept of a campus of Skoltech

The concept of SINT was created, including, with a support on experience of the partner Skolkovo — the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The task to create the space suitable for project work and, at the same time, integrated with the urban environment was set for architects, in addition to the standard requirement to observe an optimal ratio of audiences, laboratories, libraries, hostels, to make them convenient and beautiful.

The design of institute does not assume existence of the tough, relying on faculties structure that is an innovation for Russia. Students and teachers will be able directly to step from audience on Centralny Boulevard — the busiest city street or to enjoy rest of quiet courtyards. The thought-over system of pedestrian communications will allow to move on institute with minimum loss of time.

The star architectural bureau Herzog & de Meuron Architekten (Basel, Switzerland) is involved in design of a campus of the Skolkovo institute of science and technologies. It is known such projects as the Tate Modernist Style gallery which brought to founders of bureau the Pritzker Architecture Prize for achievements in the field of architecture, library media center of the Brandenburg university in Cottbus, National Olympic stadium in Beijing.

The territory of a campus will make about 60 hectares. Construction is going to be performed in two queues. The first should be handed over in May, 2014 that in September of the same year to open doors of SINT for students.

Plan of creation of 15 research centers and Center of an entrepreneurship and innovations

The Skolkovo institute of science and will have fifteen technologies of the associated research centers supporting the academic programs. These centers will be distributed — created with the assistance of the leading Russian and international research institutes and the universities.

According to plans for May, 2012, the first research centers of institute will begin work in 2012, the pilot educational program starts in the 2013th, and the full training program and researches will be unrolled in 2014.

According to plans for 2012, at the university the Center of an entrepreneurship and innovations which will be responsible for communications with the commercial sector will work and to provide different services, including — support in the field of licensing.

2011: Vekselberg announces plans of creation of Skoltech

On April 25, 2011 Victor Feliksovich Vekselberg on commission session on upgrade told about plans of creation of the Skolkovo Institute of Technology[4]:

So, I would like to stop and tell several words about the technology university, the working name the Skolkovo Institute of Technology. This institute as to us sees (and the concept in which it should be created and work, is already prepared by us, detailed consultations and within the scientific advisory board, and with our foreign partners are begun), should answer the following principles. It should be non-state, surely international, technology and entrepreneurial university. Answering these basic parameters, we hope that we will manage to provide process of training of those specialists, besides those new qualitative specialists who are so necessary for us.

One of key conditions is that the university should be international, its expert community and first of all community of the faculty should be created from the best scientists and specialists in each industry.

The research centers should become the basic, key center of such university. According to our plans we should create about 15-20 research centers for 3–4 for each of our basic directions. And within each research center 3–4 laboratories will work. It is planned that subject, specialization of these research centers will be in detail discussed within our research council.

We are going to start the first stage of the university in 2013, and the first stage of a campus where will provide a possibility of accommodation and training of specialists should be synchronously prepared and started by this time. Creation of endowments because the university actually in the future should live not only on public funds will be important, extremely important element of activity of the university, but also on the means connected with rendering services of the third parties and also donations which, we hope the interested both physical, and legal entities will have to perform.


  1. the Artificial intelligence will help to plan neurosurgical transactions
  2. Center for Computational and Data-Intensive Science and Engineeringskoltekhovsky the CDISE center (Center for Computational and Data-Intensive Science and Engineering) takes the leading positions in the industry. Professors of the center participate in the major conferences on machine learning, such as NIPS, AISTATS and ICML and also publish researches in the leading scientific magazines (Nature, Journal of Machine Learning Research, SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing).
  3. 3,0 3,1 [
  4. Joint sitting of the Commission on upgrade and the Board of trustees of Skolkovo Foundation