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Smart Technologies Smart Teknolodzhis


Information technologies
Since 2018
Central Federal District of the Russian Federation
108811, Kiyevskoye Highway, the 22nd km, household 6, p. 1, BC Komsiti, A4b body

Top managers:
Efremov Anton Veniaminovich

Revenue and profit of the company, Thousand rub

20184 134 000---
20195 600 000---

The Smart Technologies company is system integrator.

Performance Indicators

2019: Growth of sales volume by 36% up to 5.6 billion rubles.

On March 25, 2020 the SMART technologies company announced results of 2019: sales volume was 5.6 billion rubles and grew by 36% in relation to previous.

2019 became the second year of a full-fledged work of SMART technologies company, and it was important to consolidate achievements of the first year of existence with positive results.

Diversification of activities of the company and also increase in a share of sales of own products and services became one of the being considerable totals. The department of services practically doubled the revenue. Customers of 2019 are the companies with a wide branch network and geographically distributed IT infrastructure from the financial, transport and industrial industries. A number of significant projects is performed for the benefit of the state organizations.

Achievements in the field of rendering services brought SMART technologies to federal level. Engineers of the company work in DPCs of customers in St. Petersburg, Nizhny Novgorod, Yekaterinburg and other regions of the country. Without regard to general transition to x86 architecture, sales volume of services in support and service of the complex high-loaded systems, in particular architecture of IBM Z/OS, did not decrease, and for some customers even grew.

The department of system integration showed steady growth due to expansion of a range of sales of the equipment of the Russian producers and OEM-solutions. SMART technologies continues active cooperation with the domestic companies, in particular, with Aquarius and Yadro which are constantly improving the products. For 2019 the mission of the company in the field of import substitution was transformed from deliveries of components of systems to creation of full complete solutions. The competence center on import substitution provided the engineering hardware-software complex of ST.TsOD created in the commonwealth with Aquarius and CB Borey.

In 2019 the Department of development including groups of business analysts, developers and testers was created. SMART technologies actively develops and creates own products. The list from ST.Agre, ST.Data and ST.Monitor was replenished in 2019 with an automated system of asynchronous message exchange - ST.MQS.

The company establishes partnership which allows to create special services for customers. The beginning of cooperation with software developer of In Memory of calculations, TidalScale became a milestone event of 2019. Development of partnership will allow SMART technologies to propose to customers the solution for utilization of x86 of architecture earlier available only on high-performance multiprocessor and expensive UNIX systems, it will save resources and will bring to clients significant savings.

Despite a difficult economic situation, Oleg Kot, the commercial director of SMART technologies, creates plans and with confidence speaks about projects of 2020:

We predict some growth in sales of infrastructure solutions and also own services and developments in 2020. The company will concentrate the efforts on the industries drivers of our success of 2019: power, finance and sphere of public services. The digital economy promptly develops and dictates high speed for the IT companies. Technologies of Internet of Things and Artificial intelligence will be demanded. We want to inform of the view of digital economy the government and we continue active interaction with its different branches, in particular, with special-purpose committees of the State Duma of the Russian Federation.


2019: Start of the center of technical support and outsourcing

The Smart Technologies company announced on April 9, 2019 official start of the Center of technical support and outsourcing. The center is organized based on technical department according to practicians of methodology of ITSM.

As a part of the Center:

  • the dispatching service providing the round-the-clock omnichannel acceptance of addresses of customers
  • the operational center of monitoring of infrastructure working in mode 24х7
  • duty shifts of engineers.

According to the company, from the moment of a test project startup for last 6 months the center reached necessary production level.

The center of technical support Smart Technologies, first of all, is directed to support and service of big corporate and state customers, in the work the center actively uses modern import-substituting technologies.

In the nearest future additional upgrade of own DPC and also opening of Competence Center in the field of import substitution is planned.


Start of the center of technical support in the test mode

In the fall of 2018 the Smart Technologies company started the Center of technical support and outsourcing in the test mode.

Core competency and activities

For October, 2018 a core competency of Smart Technologies is service maintenance of infrastructure of the customer, support of crucial business applications, development of analytical and integration solutions on a broad spectrum of different platforms, delivery of the server hardware to the Russian and international customers.

Main activities of the company:

  • Service maintenance of the business and critical systems and applications.
  • IT infrastructure
  • Outsourcing
  • Software development
  • Delivery, installation, installation and setup of the equipment