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NPO Spetsialnaya tekhnika i svyaz Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation


NPO Spetsialnaya tekhnika i svyaz Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, GU

Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation (Ministry of Internal Affairs)


About the organization

The Ministry of Internal Affairs was formed by NPO Spetstekhnika i svyaz in 1998 based on the scientific research institute of the special equipment existing since 1983 Organization performs functions of head scientific and technical division of the Ministry of Internal Affairs on carrying out research and ORK, coordination of development of the operational, criminalistic and organizational, customs and search special equipment, means of an individual armored protection, technical means of security of traffic, systems and means of communication, the navigation equipment, specialized geographically distributed automated systems, standard local networks, information telecommunication technologies, etc.

Organization provides accomplishment of decrees of the president, government decrees, requests of the ministries and departments for creation of special technical means, takes part in implementation of large federal programs.

NPO Spetstekhnika i svyaz branches in Kaluga (The Kaluga branch), Nizhny Novgorod (The Volga branch), Novosibirsk (The Siberian branch), and Rostov-on-Don (scientific and technical department) which are independent structural divisions of NPO Spetstekhnika i svyaz.

Among large projects in which NPO Spetstekhnika i svyaz was involved, - equipment of DPC of the Single system of information and analytical ensuring activity of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, development of complexes for a research of special technical means of secret obtaining information and a research of the electronic systems of vehicles, creation of a hardware-software complex for a research of devices based on Smart TV technology, development of IT infrastructure of providing state services of the Ministry of Internal Affairs to the population, creation of the centers of multi-layer system of control and management of moving objects and the systems of information support of territorial Department of Internal Affairs and divisions of internal troops of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.


2019: Testing of the robot police officer

In October, 2019 the developer of Promobot robots reported that NPO Spetstekhnika i svyaz tests their new device - the robot police officer. Read more here.

2017: Arrest of the head of STIS Ministry of Internal Affairs Andrey Nechayev

On October 18, 2017 Andrey Nechayev was arrested. According to the Kommersant newspaper, the abuses connected with an information system of activity of the Ministry of Internal Affairs — a departmental hardware and software system, including several subsystems and programs are charged to him. Read more here.

2013: Structures of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Ministry of Defence quarreled because of the account for the IT project

At the end of August, 2013 NPO Spetstekhnika i svyaz of the Ministry of Internal Affairs will try to dispute court's decision, directed the organization to return a part of the amount which paid it Central Research Institute Ministry of Defence for works within the project on creation of the state system of the automated control of movement of nuclear materials and radioactive materials in the territory of Russia.

By request of Central Research Institute Ministry of Defence NPO Spetstekhnika i svyaz executed a component of works on creation of the project of this system. As it appears from court documents on case, it agrees to the agreement signed between the organizations, central research institute had to pay to the contractor the amount within about 7.6 million rubles for works at documentary confirmation of the sizes of actual costs.

Terms of the contract also assumed advance payment to the contractor for works in the amount of 80% of the approved estimated price of the agreement. According to them NPO Spetstekhnika i svyaz transferred to central research institute advance payment in the amount of 6.08 million rubles.

After the delivery and acceptance certificate of works was signed, NPO Spetstekhnika i svyaz appealed to central research institute to pay the performed works within the agreement price of total amount about 7.12 million rubles and at the same time documented the sizes of actual costs. After payment from the customer did not follow, NPO Spetstekhnika i svyaz tried to collect it through court.

In court representatives of Central Research Institute Ministry of Defence said that the initial protocol of approval of the price of the amount about 7.6 million rubles on the basis of which the contractor demanded payment, was not approved with "the 4984th military representative office" of their department, and therefore is invalid.

According to them, the representation afterwards given carried out an inspection of actual costs for works on the agreement and according to the results of check approved the protocol of the price of lower amount – about 3.85 million rubles. With respect thereto Central Research Institute Ministry of Defence submitted the counter action to NPO Spetstekhnika i svyaz with the requirement to return the amount which is excessively paid in the advance payment about 2.22 million rubles.

"Under such circumstances, as it is seen from case papers, the actual cost of the works on the agreement performed by the claimant was 3.85 million rubles", solved court and did not find a legal basis for the satisfaction of the claim requirements stated to NPO Spetstekhnika i svyaz.