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The StartTrack service was founded in November, 2013 with assistance of the Internet Initiatives Development Fund (IIDF). Access to base of projects on the online platform StartTrack is provided to accredited investors. Once a month personal meetings where investors can get acquainted with founders of projects are held and communicate with each other. The startups which entered into StartTrack base monthly update business indicators, providing to the investor structure of revenue, a cost structure, the product description, business, the plan of the development.

Performance Indicators


In 2014 through the platform 4 transactions for the amount more than 30 million rubles were carried out. The startups which entered into StartTrack base monthly update business indicators, providing to investors analytical information on themselves in the standardized type.

In 2014 on the platform more than 1200 people were registered; the community of the private investors ready to put from 300 thousand to 20 million rubles in one transaction was formed. Cumulative investment potential of the platform — 1.34 billion rubles (it is the amount of funds which will be created if each investor invests the amount of one transaction stated at registration for StartTrack).

Businesses which attracted financing in 2014 using StartTrack:

  • Fotokeeper — from the private investor Stanislav Dolzhikov
  • Promoatlas — from the private investor and IIDF
  • Инвестиции — from the strategic investor
  • "The accounting first Online" — from Modulbank
  • Footyball — from the private investor of Natalia Dolgova
  • AMSRus — from the private investor Alexey Dmitriyev

Total: 6 transactions for the amount of 50.2 million rubles.



The investment platform StartTrack started at the beginning of 2016 the kraudlendingovy platform which allows to invest in stratapa the small amounts — from 100 thousand rubles for a period of 30 days. Profitability on such loans will make from 30% per annum that it is several times more profitable than percent which offer banks on deposits now. For business it is the tool it is also convenient because it allows to raise quickly missing current assets or money for development.

The StartTrack platform developed the interface using which it is possible to see the real movement of sendings, for example, from Moscow to Samara or from St. Petersburg to Nakhodka. Near the card there is a special terminal with available lots for placement of money. It is necessary only to select pleasant and to grant the sum from 100 thousand rubles to several million. In a month money will return into the account together with percent, claims in StartTrack.

It is possible to pick up the project, interesting to investment, on the website StartTrack. "Lots which can be redeemed are open for accredited investors on the website of the platform and also their profitability in annual which you receive is specified, but it is possible to place means for 30 days. You select lot most of which of all suits you by the size, say, minimum in 100 thousand rubles. You receive the loan agreement, you enter the contact information, passport data, an account number where it will be necessary to return this money. The agreement forms in electronic form, and after that you have an opportunity to deposit money to account of StartTrack — the CEO of StartTrack Shabalin Konstantin explained the principle of work of the new platform. — In 30 days you, respectively, receive money back with that interest rate which was available to you at the time of investment. Now it is possible to invest under 30% per annum".

As believe in StartTrack, the kraudlending can become the popular instrument of attraction of financing for the companies which work not only in the IT sphere. Most attractive to potential investors look just projects with high yield clear and familiar to them, for example, cafe, minihotels and restaurants.

2014: NAIRIT and Starttrek LLC signed the agreement on cooperation

On December 3, 2014 the National association of innovations and information technology development (NAIRIT) signed the agreement on cooperation with Starttrek LLC in a support area of development of the innovation activity and support of development of perspective innovation projects. The main direction of cooperation of the party see providing favorable conditions for creation, growth and development of the innovation projects. The parties intend to share the acquired experience, to combine efforts in the course of the investment attraction and implementation of the innovation programs.

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