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+ State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation
State Duma of the Russian Federation

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2020: 5 cases of infection of COVID-19 among deputies of the State Duma

On May 13, 2020 it became known of five deputies of the State Duma at whom the koronavirusny infection of COVID-19 was revealed. Two of them as  the Chairman of the State Duma Vyacheslav Volodin  at a plenary session reported, is in hospital, two are treated at home, and one more parliamentarian was discharged earlier from medical institution in which underwent treatments.

We have five sick deputies therefore it would be desirable that - once again I want to remind - all precautionary measures were observed, all did not to ache and to infect with a row being — - Volodin told, without having told the names of the infected deputies.

Volodin: 5 deputies of the State Duma caught a coronavirus

On April 25 it became known of infection of deputies  Leonid Kalashnikov  (CPRF) and  Dmitry Novikov  (CPRF). According to Kalashnikov, he caught from the driver. By May 13 it was discharged from hospital. On May 6 it was reported that in Tver  with a coronavirus Svetlana Maximova  (United Russia) elected in the Tver region was hospitalized. As the adviser of the speaker of the State Duma Anastasius Kashevarov reported, Maximova is on treatment in hospital in Tver.

On May 9, 2020 the Duma council obliged deputies to wear medical masks and gloves during the meetings.

Vyacheslav Volodin urged colleagues to make everything to minimize threat of a disease of a coronavirus, in particular, to observe the remote mode in the conference hall and also during participation in telecasts.

If there is no such opportunity – the mask, gloves and of course are necessary, colleagues, it is necessary that we effectively built work — he told about plenary sessions.

According to him with respect thereto for meetings the questions prepared, worked on committees and of course are submitted for consideration ", it is questions priority". The speaker urged legislators to do everything  to save "operability of the Duma".[1]

The operation mode of the State Duma for the last month significantly changed. Deputies during epidemic gathered only for acceptance of urgent measures on fight with [} COVID-19]]. Considerably also the regulations of parliamentary sessions changed. Upon deputies of the State Duma no more than two hours sat together, at the same time new rules prohibited performances and any comments on bills.

In an unexpected and crisis situation upon the new system of controls and counterbalances was built. It differs from that a little that was built in the new amendments to the Constitution by Vladimir Putin. Now a number of lobbist groups seriously expanded the influence. The law on penalties for violation of the mode of self-isolation in the State Duma was adopted at the request of officials of the Government of Moscow. At the same time the changes made to the administrative code though were frame, act on the territory of the whole country now.



The deputy of the State Duma from 1995 to 2003, the candidate for President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Bryntsalov with the wife. An election campaign of the Russian President in 1996. Based on vote Bryntsalov took the last place.

1906: Nicholas II at opening of the State Duma

The emperor Nicholas II at opening of the State Duma. St. Petersburg, 1906.