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Station of fast and emergency medical aid of A.S. Puchkov (SSINMP)


State budgetary institution of the city of Moscow "Station of ambulance and emergency medical service of A.S. Puchkov" - is the independent medical organization and is under direct supervision of the Moscow Department of Healthcare. The station coordinates work of all ambulances of Moscow.

Moscow Department of Healthcare - 100%


As fast and emergency aid is arranged

Whom exactly to cause — the ambulance or ambulance, the manager solves: the one who responds to telephone call "03".

The manager works on an algorithm: first of all finds out whether there is a threat of life, enters the answer in the program which helps to define help type. On the screen questions are highlighted: what hurts as hurts, burns down, presses or pricks where pain gives. On the basis of the received answers the program creates a reason for a call.

The scheme for 2013

Rules of the ambulance

The manager calls ambulance crew if there was an accident, in emergencies, at fractures, wounds, heart attacks, sharp poisonings.

If in clinics the patient who has no policy does not receive the help, then crews of the ambulance cannot refuse to anybody — neither to people without documents, nor to citizens of other countries, nor those who has no policy.

According to regulations the ambulance should come first of all to public places, to pregnant women and children. In the second — to patients home. In the third — to the patients who are in medical institutions. Often it seems logical to go with the problem to the nearest hospital, but proceeding from regulations it turns out that much quicker the help will come if to go outside and call for ambulance.

If you are refused to be hospitalized or there were other difficulties, you can contact managers of substation to which the crew of the ambulance is attributed. The operator should listen to you and either overpersuade physicians, or send other crew if you need really to be hospitalized.

To announce violation of the rights and to get legal advice bureau it is possible by phone of a hot line of Federal Service for Surveillance in Healthcare across Moscow and area: 8 (495) 611 47 74

It is possible to call on Puchkov's station number 8 (499) 445 02 63.

Receive the certificate of a status of the hospitalized patients by phone - 8 (499) 445 57 66

Phone of a hot line of the Moscow Department of Healthcare: 8 (499) 251 83 00

Rules of ambulance

The ambulance does not hospitalize, and provides medical care at home, is attached to clinic, but not to hospital. It comes to the patient if his diagnosis does not pose a threat for life:

  • at flu or a SARS,
  • complaints to dizziness,
  • headaches and
  • thorax pains,
  • breath difficulty (except asthma),
  • different chronic diseases.

The doctor should come from clinic within a day to the patient and check his status. This is too the doctor who can be limited to consultation, and can cause one of medical crews.


2014: The organization of specialized departments of the ambulance at hospitals

Since January 1, 2014 the Minister of Health Veronika Skvortsova entered at hospitals specialized emergency departments which accept as the patients brought on ambulances, and those who independently addressed for medical aid. Physicians separate patients on weight of diseases and or will appoint out-patient treatment, or will send to specialized hospital[1].

2013: Transfer from the federal budget on local, financing reduction

For work of the Moscow ambulance changes in financing of compulsory health insurance became key: since January, 2013 it was transferred from the federal budget on local. As soon as expenses burdened the city budget, the Moscow authorities decided to reduce them. The quantity of posts of ambulance and places in hospitals decreases, and the main loading is undertaken by the service of emergency aid revived in 2011.

Since March 1, 2013 insurance companies began quality check of work of ambulance then penalties for doctors were introduced. Now money from awards can hold for improper paperwork or delay.

2012: Lease of cars of the ambulance for 6.3 billion rub

The Moscow ambulance has no own vehicle fleet, and leases machines together with drivers. In December, 2012 the Station of ambulance and emergency medical service of Puchkov posted the order for lease of 206 cars of ambulance together with drivers on the website of state procurements, maintenance and fuel. The cost of the contract — 6.3 billion rubles. The lessor turned out SUE Mosavtosantrans — the enterprise, under control of the Moscow Department of Healthcare and servicing generally the Station of Puchkov too. So the department rents cars at itself at the price from 400 up to 700 rubles per hour.

2011: Revival of emergency aid

In 2011 in Moscow the service of emergency aid which main objective — treatment at home, but not hospitalization was revived.