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2018: TAdviser Interview

Igor Zykov, the associate director of Department of information technologies of JSC Sukhoi Civil Aircraft (SCA), in an interview of TAdviser told about key IT solutions of the company and experience of import substitution.

2014: Revenue reached 29 billion rubles

Based on 2014 revenue of GSS Ltd grew by 45% in comparison with 2013 and made 29,027 million rubles. Revenues of the Company were created for 97% of sale of airplanes, for 2% of Research and Development accomplishment, for 1% of an after-sale service and other activity.

Income from a primary activity, sale of AF, grew by 56% in comparison with 2013 and was 28,231 million rubles. Increase in income from this type of activity first of all is connected with growth of the volumes delivered to AF (29 AF in 2014 against 25 AF in 2013).

Income from activity of the Company connected with after-sale support of customers (PPO) insignificantly increased and was value in 157 million rubles. Revenue from PPO includes income from maintenance of AF, from sale of services and spare parts to airlines, leases of exercise machines for training of pilots, from training courses and other services.

In 2014 cost value grew by 21% in relation to 2013 and made 26,262 million rubles. Its increase is explained, first of all, by growth of the production costs connected with increase in volume made by AF. At the same time, in relative values the advancing growth rates of revenue (+44.85%) over growth rates of cost value (+21.13%) testify to effective policy of sales of the Company, to decrease in a share of starting customers and also to optimization of cost value of AF within reporting period.

Due to above-mentioned factors the gross profit in reporting period accepted positive value and made 2,765 million rubles.

Despite the general high-quality and quantitative improvement practically of all operational indicators, in 2014 the Company was not succeeded to come to a positive indicator of net profit, it made-4,555 million rubles. The basic reason which influenced formation of this indicator was the considerable amount of net percentage payments for service of the credits and loans attracted in preceding periods to development financing of the program.

Income from the performed works on Research and Development in 2014 was reduced by 64.69% and was 624 million rubles – generally due to reduction of total revenue from the government contract by improvement of AF according to the signed diagram on execution of works.

In 2014, for the first time since launch of serial production and start of sales, GSS Ltd showed a positive sales profit, it made 1,413 million rubles. The pacing factors which influenced formation of this indicator were decrease in a share of starting customers in deliveries of AF, optimization of production cost value of AF and also reduction of business and management expenses.

Business expenses based on activity in 2014 made 144 million rubles and were reduced both in absolute, and in relative expression, by 71 million rubles and for 33% respectively. Management expenses also showed decrease based on 2014, they made 1,208 million rubles, having reduced by 17% of rather previous year. Reduction of these expenses in the considered period generally is result of implementation of measures, directed to overhead optimization of the Company.