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Synterra of Media


"The Synterra of Media" – the multiservice telecom operator and the supplier of technological solutions who is actively working at the market of telecommunication services for the TV-companies and operators of networks of TV broadcasting in the territory of the Russian Federation and abroad. Successfully implemented projects of the company are well-known to partners and clients: the media center in Ostankino with the serviced point of joining of operators of TV-networks, the system of operational video broadcastings with a large number of the connected objects for live broadcasts, a supply line of programs of broadcasting to foreign networks.

Multiregional Transit Telecom (MTT)


"The Synterra of Media" is engaged in creation and service of networks of content distribution (CDN) for professional participants of the media market, performs forward TV broadcasts in the interests of both the Russian, and foreign TV companies, actively works with operators of paid TV.

MTT Group announced in December, 2013 completion of the transaction on acquisition 60% of the stocks "Synterra of Media" and consolidation of 100% of stocks of the company. In the next plans – close integration of competences, technologies and opportunities of "the Synterra of Media" in the current activity of the companies of group.

"The Synterra of Media" provides delivery of media data for the largest domestic and foreign participants of the market of TV-production and broadcasting, has sure positions in the growing market of transit of video signal including through IP networks. It gives the chance of sharing of the trunk resources "Synterra of Media" with business and opportunities of MTT. The synergy effect is capable to be provided and consolidation of opportunities of the new company with the acquired solutions and technologies of the Tsifroprom company entering into Group and developing consumer applications for mobile operating systems. Besides, competences "Synterra of Media" regarding technologies of distribution of content for teleproduction and broadcasting correspond to the general focus of the companies of group on OTT technology.

On own group appraisals, the market of delivery of media content in Russia makes about 1.5 billion rubles from shares of "the Synterra of Media" at the level of 30%. At the same time the total volume of the world market of OTT media on mobile devices is estimated at $2.7 billion in 2013.

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