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Telecommunication and communication
Central Federal District of the Russian Federation
249028, Kaluga Region, Bohr district, Ermolino, Molodezhnaya St., 1


TRANSVOK Ltd is founded in 1996. Founders are Company Transtelecom Ltd and Corning LTD. (USA). Since 1996 more than 160,000 km of the optical cable of communication were delivered till present. Such companies as became consumers of products: TransTeleCom, the Russian Railway, ROSTELECOM, Mostelecom, Megafon, MTS, Comstar UTS, Corbina Telecom, Sovintel, VimpelCom, MTK, Bashinformsvyaz, operators in the Republics of Tajikistan, Azerbaijan and also many other construction organizations and telecom operators.

At the enterprise it is implemented and the quality management system certified on compliance to requirements of the international standard ENISO 9001:2008 in the German certification body TUVCERT (certificates of TUVCERT are recognized worldwide) and GOST P ISO 9001-2008 functions.


Main types of the self-produced optical cable: for laying in the cable sewerage, in soil, for suspension with a portable element, self-supported, for blowing-in in a plastic pipe, drop-cables, for laying in buildings and constructions. Capacities of "TPAHCBOK" allow to produce about 18000 km of a cable a year. By production of a cable optical fiber of CORNING company which has the best qualities on resistance to a bend and attenuation no more than 0.184 dB/km is used.

The production site of the company represents the equipment, the management equipped with a single system using which monitoring of production processes and strict quality control of products is performed. Industrial computers and the unique program of the automated control system for production "NOMOS" which registers and reflects in real time geometrical parameters of a product, process parameters of production process and operation of the equipment are built in the equipment.

In a production process the automated system of barcoding which provides 100% identification and traceability of semi-finished products and finished goods on each construction cable length is used. All new types of products are put in serial production only after detailed working off of technology process and the qualified or standard tests.