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The bank of non-core assets (TRUST (PJSC) Bank) is the Russian financial institution with majority state participation created within activities of the Central Bank of Russian Federation for improvement of a banking system.

It is founded in July, 2018 based on TRUST (PJSC) Bank by consolidation of non-core assets of the sanified financial institutions. Activity of bank is directed to effective management of assets for the purpose of their improvement, increase in market value and implementation at the maximum price. Implementation of these assets will allow to compensate to the state of costs for carrying out sanitation of the largest banks.

TRUST (PJSC) bank. General license of the Bank of Russia No. 3279.


2020: The London court obliged the former owners of Trust to pay to bank $900 million

The High Court of Justice obliged the former owners of Trust bank Ilya Yurov, Sergey Belyaev, Nikolay Fetisov and their wives to pay on January 23, 2020 to bank $900 million.

According to in Trust, the court decided that the former owners of bank were involved in the fraudulent scheme, and bear responsibility for crash of bank in December, 2014. The Trust bank then carried over Otkrytiye bank which was engaged in its sanitation. In 2017 Otkrytiye got under sanitation too, both banks appeared in the property of the Central Bank.

"During judicial proceedings it was established that for many years Ilya Yurov, Sergey Belyaev, Nikolay Fetisov were engaged in fraudulent transactions. In particular, granted from means of bank the loans under control offshore the companies", says bank[1].

Also former owners of Trust did not begin to notify the Central Bank when the bank appeared in a pre-bankruptcy status. They "implemented the scheme on attraction of deposits using an expensive advertizing campaign with Bruce Willis's participation", added in Trust.

Judicial proceedings lasted four years. In 2016 Trust addressed with the claim to the High Court of Justice to the former owners and their wives. The bank required to return $830 million as compensation for the issued unattended credits to offshores under control of them.


Accession of AvtoVAZbank

On March 11, 2019 it became known that the Trust Bank completed accession of AvtoVAZbank. The book value of assets transferred to bank of non-core assets was 340 billion rubles. Read more here.

The bank of bad debts of the Central Bank promised to pursue Ananyev abroad

The Bank of Non-core Assets (BNCA) intends to pursue in foreign vessels of ex-owners of Promsvyazbank of brothers Dmitry and Alexey Ananyevykh and beneficiaries of O1 Group - Boris Mintz's family. In February with reference to the head of Trust bank (on its base BNA is created) Alexander Sokolov according to the results of a press conference announced it [2]. Read more here.


The redemption in B&N Bank of non-core and troubled assets for 110 billion rub

In July, 2018 the Supervisory board of B&N Bank approved sale of a pool of non-core and troubled assets to Trust bank for the amount about 110 billion rubles According to the press service of B&N Bank, the asset sale will be performed in several stages until the end of 2018.

As specified in bank, problem corporate credits and securities are subject to sale.

"It will allow B&N Bank to improve financial performance significantly: increase quality of assets, lower an arrears share in the corporate loan portfolio and lower reserves on problem debts" — noted in credit institution.

For more details see B&N Bank

Reformatting in bank of bad and non-core assets

The Central Bank purchased additional issue of ordinary stocks of bank «Траст» for the amount of 300 million rubles, & #171;Рост-Банка» — for the amount of 350 million rubles. The regulator announced the decision to independently sanify these banks in March, 2018.

At the beginning of April, 2018 the deputy chairman of the Central Bank Vasily Pozdyshev reported that based on «Траста» will create bank of bad and non-core assets which will work as a private equity fund. He added that to «Трасту» should attach assets «РостБанка» AvtoVAZbank and a part of assets after separation of balance of Promsvyazbank.

2014: The Central Bank of the Russian Federation made the decision on sanitation of TRUST bank

Board of Directors of the Bank of Russia the TRUST National bank made on December 22, 2014 the decision on financial improvement of JSC and also approved the plan of participation of Deposit Insurance Agency (DIA) in warning of bankruptcy of bank. It is said in the statement of the Central Bank.

The DIA since December 22, 2014 will perform functions of temporary administration on bank management. "For activity of temporary administration of power of shareholders of bank, connected with participation in authorized capital, and powers of governing bodies are suspended", says the regulator. The Central Bank also reported that the DIA for the credit account of the Bank of Russia will provide financial aid to TRUST bank at the rate to 30 billion rubles on maintenance of its liquidity. In the nearest future the investor of JSC Natsionalnogo banka TRAST will be defined.

The Central Bank emphasizes that implementation of the approved plan of participation will allow to provide to TRUST bank a possibility of uninterrupted carrying out calculations. All clients of bank, including investors, will be able to use its services in the normal mode, conclude in the Bank of Russia.

2013: Conflict with R-Style Softlab

In April, 2013 NB "TRUST" filed a lawsuit R-Style Softlab company with the requirement to pay it 9.74 million rubles According to in R-Style Softlab, their company executed for NB "TRUST" executed preproject inspection for bank, prepared and transferred to the customer necessary documentation, however, "in defiance of the warranty obligations, payment for already rendered services was not made that became the basis for appeal to the court". Details.

2010: In a 30-ka of the largest Banks of Russia

The national bank TRUST (JSC) steadily enters in TOP-30 banks of the Russian Federation (according to the Central Bank of Russian Federation), renders a full range of retail banking services, services in the field of financing of small and medium business, corporate, settlement and cash services, investment services, etc.

The national bank TRUST (JSC) is included into a 30-ka of the largest banks Russia CENTRAL BANK OF THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION (data) and conducts the history since 1995. NB "TRUST" provides a full range of services for private clients, complex service to corporate clients, small and medium business, is one of leaders in the market of investment banking services. The bank has one of the most large-scale regional networks: NB "TRUST" is provided in 170 cities located in 60 regions of Russia, customer service is performed at 200 offices from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok.

2008: Consolidation of two banks under a brand of NB "TRUST"

Until the end of 2008 under the TRUST brand 2 financial structures entering into uniform Bank holding – TRUST National bank and TRUST Investment bank worked. In November, 2008 the consolidation of financial institutions planned by shareholders of Bank holding under a brand of TRUST National bank (NB "TRUST") with preserving in structure of strong investment team was complete.