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The macroregional branch "Sakhalin" of TransTeleCom Company (TTK-Sakhalin) provides a broad spectrum of telecommunication services to corporate and private clients in the territory of the Sakhalin region (December, 2015).

Transtelecom (TTK)





In 2013 - there is a large-scale construction on expansion of a coverage in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Kholmsk, Poronaysk and Dolinsk.


In 2012 – continued to expand a zone of a technical covering in Kholmsk, Korsakov, Nevelsk.


In 2011 TTK-Sakhalin is actively developing company. To all there is a construction of a local telecommunication communication network in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. There is a large-scale construction in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk and Kholmsk.


Since 2010 – continued an exit to retail market of Internet services and to expand a zone of a technical covering in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. The distribution network in Tomari is built. For increase in number of subscribers in the regional center – access rate in the Internet was increased twice.


Since 2009 TTK-Sakhalin actively implements the strategy of an exit of a TTK to retail market of communication services and offers the subscribers a high-quality and reliable communication. Began to provide services broadband access in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk and Kholmsk.


In 2008 the TransTeleCom company began implementation of the new development strategy of the enterprise – an exit to retail market. Thanks to construction underwater fiber-optical Sakhalin Continent of the communication line today all residents of the Sakhalin region can use services of the enterprise. A TTK provides a high-quality communication by tariff plans, attractive to consumers.

The scale of activity of the enterprise with arrival of optics increases, extends a range of services, dynamics of development of the company assumes growth of number of employees. So for service of cable transition "Sakhalin continent" is created operational and technology workshop No. 5 in Tomari, new employees in ETTs-1 and ETTs-4 appeared.


In 2007 in an area of responsibility TTK-Sakhalin 2 large projects of construction of a fiber line of communication were implemented. The Sakhalin — the Continent project according to which the transfer fiber line was constructed connected MTsSS located on the continent with the Sakhalin segment: through Strait of Tartary from Sovetskaya Gavan (Khabarovsk Krai) to Ilyinsky (Sakhalin). Section extent – 214 km. The international construction project fiber-optical tenches of communication "Russia (Nevelsk) – Japan (Ishikari)" is also implemented.

Despite the tragic events connected with an earthquake to Nevelsk in August, 2007, the project it was complete according to the diagram. In project implementation phase Russia-Japan the railway station Nevelsk was destroyed by elements therefore the communication hub was mounted in laboratory based on the KAMAZ car chassis. The crew of ETTs-1 conducted the round-the-clock service of US on duty Nevelsk within 3 months. Thanks to harmonious and accurate work of staff of the company Sakhalin Transtelecom of interruptions of communication was not recorded. By means of reliable partners TTK-Sakhalin – Sakhstroybusiness construction company the node of container type was complete according to the plan of the diagram in time, the equipment of DWDM is installed and put into operation. Full assistance in project implementation is rendered from Russian Railway branch of JSC the Sakhalin railroad and personally the chief of branch - Tishkin S.V.

In 2007 revenues of Sakhalin Transtelecom Ltd were about 130 million rubles on all types of activity, income from rendering of services of communication was more than 65 million rubles. Implementation of a regional product made 108% of the plan. The income budget on construction is executed more than for 400% of the plan.

On the majority of the directions Society is the only company providing land long-distance inter-chip digital links in lease. The satellite and radio relay channels organized on a number of the directions by other telecom operators do not represent the serious competition in view of high prices and more low-quality service.

As of January 1, 2008 all large telecom operators preferred services of Sakhalin Transtelecom Ltd on the most significant directions where there are competing services. In some cases competitors became consumers of our services.


In December, 2006 section of a trunk fiber line of transfer on section "Arsentyevka – Nogliki" was put into operation. This northern section is rather difficult for carrying out construction works, laying of the fiber-optic communication line became for Sakhalin TransTeleCom serious testing, however the project was handed over in time. From this point the Sakhalin railroad – the only trunk in Russia provided with digital trunking for 100%.

In six and a half years in severe climatic conditions of the island in short terms in soil 949.9 km of the fiber-optic communication line are laid. Maintenance of the Sakhalin segment of EMTsSS is carried out. Now construction of reference networks is made. Business contacts with many enterprises of area are come and are supported. The Agat-2 construction company proved as the reliable partner of the company. Among clients there is TTK-Sakhalin all large telecom operators working at the territory of the Sakhalin region such as Primtelefon Ltd, the Sakhalin branch of JSC "Dalsvyaz", Mobikom Habarovsk Ltd, DalSatKom LLC and others. In the first quarter the current year the Office of the Federal Migration Service of the Russian Federation across the Sakhalin region was a part of clients of the company. One of large customers of the company is LLC JV Sakhalin Telecom Limited - the first private company on providing telecommunication services in the Sakhalin region.

From the moment of the beginning of provision of services Sakhalin Transtelecom Ltd shows positive dynamics of growth of sales volumes of communication services (2003 - $183,000, 2004 – $312,000, 2005 - $819,000, 2006 – $1,350,000).


On April 1, 2005 operational and technology workshop No. 2 (ETTs-2) to Poronaysk of the Sakhalin region is formed.

In 2005 five new nodes of access to a backbone digital network of communication were put into operation. According to the approved diagram a number of projects is implemented. The construction of section "Pobedino – Tymovsk" is completed. Within the "Reorganization of the Sakhalin Railroad on a Common Network Track" project works on reconstruction of communication networks on a number of objects of the Sakhalin railroad are carried out. The complex of works on accession of a new digital exchange of EWSD of the Sakhalin railroad to a public service network and network of clock network synchronization is executed.

Maintenance of the fiber-optic communication line in 2005 was carried out in full accordance with the regulating documents. The availability quotient of network was 0.9996.


In 2004 active construction continues. In November three communication hub (CH) are put into operation at once. Two of them - CH the Falcon and CH Soviet, on section of a trunk fiber line of the Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk — the Beach broadcast (extent of 107.45 km.), one more – CH Chekhov on section "Kholmsk – Tomari" (extent of 44.1 km.).

In December, 2004 construction is finished and operation of section "the Beach – Zaozernoye – Makarov – Vakhrushev – Poronaysk - Pobedino" is begun. Extent of section was 271.3 km.


On March 15, 2003 operational and technology workshop No. 1 (ETTs-1) to Kholmsk of the Sakhalin region was formed.

In May, 2003 the second section of a trunk fiber line of communication of Ministry of Railways of Russia "Nevelsk – Kholmsk – Tomari – the Beach – Dolinsk" is put into operation. Extent of the fiber-optic communication line in this direction was 372.02 km. In volume to a zhegod section in the Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk — Kholmsk direction 91 km long is constructed and put into operation.


In May, 2002 section of a trunk fiber line of communication of Ministry of Railways of Russia Corsac foxes-Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk-Dolinsk was put into operation. It is the first section of the fiber-optic communication line constructed on Sakhalin, its extent was 82, 34 km. With summer of the same year there began the work the regional production laboratory (RPL) of the company. The company continues to expand a coverage.

2001: Creation of the company

The history of the company began in March, 2001 when the agreement on creation and activity of Sakhalin Transtelecom Ltd was signed. On the third of May the company received the certificate on state registration. After that the staff of Sakhalin Transtelecom Ltd began active work on construction of the fiber-optic communication line on Sakhalin.