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TTK-Southern Ural



Performance Indicators

Income TTK-Southern Ural (TTK-YuU), the regional enterprise of TransTeleCom Company, in 2010 was 441 million rubles. The net profit of the operator reached 13 million rubles.

According to the results of last year the TTK-YuU earned 441 million rubles that for 9% exceeds a similar indicator of 2009. Revenues of the operator from communication services (telephony, Internet access, traffic transmission) were 349 million rubles, net profit – 13 million rubles. Sales of communication services in a segment of medium and small business, provision of services to end users and also interoperator business became main growth drivers in 2010.

The total volume of investments of the operator into construction of fiber lines of communication, implementation of retail projects and also upgrade of local networks and other infrastructure facilities made about 40 million rubles. The most important projects of a TTK-YuU in 2010 became upgrade of a backbone digital network of communication on section Chelyabinsk-Kyshtym to STM-16 level and also construction of CWDM networks to Magnitogorsk and a backbone network to Snezhinsk.

Last year the TTK-YuU performed active promotion of services of broadband access to the Internet in ADSL2+ technology. Besides, the small cities of South Ural – Troitsk, Chebarkul, Karabash, Upper by Ufalya, Buzuluk and Snezhinsk were connected to a backbone network of the operator. Also the project "Business centers" within which connection more than 50 administrative office buildings in 8 cities of the region is organized was implemented.