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TTK-Ural provides services of Internet access in FTTB technology (optics to the building) to inhabitants of 121 thousand households in Yekaterinburg, Serov, Tyumen, Tobolsk, Perm, Solikamsk and Berezniki. Besides, TTK-Ural provides service of Internet access using a telephone line in 13 localities located near railway stations of the Sverdlovsk railroad.

Transtelecom (TTK)


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Performance Indicators


TTK-Ural, the regional enterprise of TransTeleCom company, summed up the work results in 2011. Income from communication services provision grew by 42.3% in comparison with the same period of last year and was 612.7 million rubles.

The total revenues of the company for 2011 were 776.5 million rubles, having increased by 37.2% in comparison with 2010. The net profit of the enterprise grew by 73.8% and was 66.4 million rubles. Income TTK-Ural from rendering services of broadband Internet access (ShPD) to individuals and the enterprises of medium and small business for 2011 was 192.5 million rubles. In comparison with 2010 this indicator increased almost twice.

"In 2011 the subscriber base TTK-Ural grew by 5 times due to expansion of a technical scope of network by 50% and an exit to retail market of Serov, Solikamsk and Berezniki, – the CEO commented on TTK-Ural Kovalyov Dmitry. – In 2012 we are going to begin provision of services of the home Internet from a TTK in 17 cities of the Ural region".


The total revenues of branch for 2014 grew by 2% and were about 1.2 billion rubles. Income TTK-Ural from retail business was 314.9 million rubles and increased in comparison with 2013 by 45%. In 2014 the TTK started service of cable television in the cities Nizhny Tagil of Sverdlovsk region and Berezniki of Perm Krai and also a wireless network of WiMax, the first in the Urals, in Berezniki.

"Last year TTK-Ural continued construction of local communication networks in the cities of Perm Krai. The general technical scope of ShPD network grew by 8.5% and by the end of the year made 374 thousand households. The subscriber base of individuals in 2014 grew by 23%, the enterprises of medium and small business – for 18%. In 2015 we are going to increase the customer base in already available technical scope and also to start new services", – the director of macroregional branch "Ural" of TransTeleCom Koval Company Valery noted.