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Technical Center Internet (TCI)




Technical Center Internet (TCI) LLC services the Main register and a recording system of national domains. RU. Russian Federation and domain. SU, the Internet on the global area network ensures smooth operation of domain addressing of the Russian network segment.

TTsI renders to registrars of domain names of the second level in domains. RU. Russian Federation and. SU services in technical support of the Main register on the basis of license agreements with the Coordination center and FRI. Being a crucial element and crucial infrastructure of the Russian network segment the Internet, TTsI and a system of DNS nodes supported by it is the independent subject providing equal access for the accredited registrars to the Main register and an addressing system.

Performance Indicators


At the end of 2015 revenue of TTsI made 450 million rubles, CC - 140 million rubles. For the end of 2015 in the zone.Ru there were about 5 million domains, in a zone. The Russian Federation - about 800 thousand.


2018: Transfer of function to "daughter" of "RTK-TsOD"

The TTsI logo till 2019
The TTsI logo till 2019

At the end of January, 2018 at the General meeting of founders Coordination center of domains. RU/.RF the decision on transfer of function of the Technical center (the operator of registers) of national domains .RU/. RUSSIAN FEDERATION in structures of group "Rostelecom" is made. The decision was made according to the offer Ministry of Telecom and Mass Communications of the Russian Federation on transfer of support of registers national domains. RU and. The Russian Federation the companies with mainly state participation.

The special organization — Technical Center Internet LLC, acting as child structure of "RTK — the Data Processing Center" company was for this purpose founded (Competence Center of Rostelecom in the field of services of data processing centers, cloud services and network technologies).

In TTsI LLC all best practices and technologies of JSC Tekhnicheskogo centra Internet and also highly qualified personnel which work in TTsI will be as agreed by the parties transferred. It is expected that transfer of support of registers of national domains to TTsI LLC will in addition increase reliability, stability and stability of work of registers.

It is supposed that transfer of function will take place imperceptibly for registrars and end users.

According to the CEO of TTsI LLC Olga Yakovleva, the proposal to transfer to service registers of the domains in TTsI LLC is made other registries of registers which are on service in JSC TTsI. The center is also open for cooperation and with other registers and is going to render services within the second stage of the New gTLD program.

JSC Technical Center Internet is a direct successor of the Russian scientific research institute of the development of public networks founded by IAE of Kurchatov in 1992. The collective which was consistently working in these organizations within 24 years supported registers of national Russian domains. RU and. Russian Federation, domain. SU. We took active part in the ICANN program for creation of new top-level domains, two of seven Russian new domains are also supported by TTsI. In the whole TTsI created a precedent on creation in Russia of the separate technical center for support of top-level domains, and experience of the company was made use by other technical centers created much later. I am sure that the newly created organization will cope with the task assigned to it, and the Russian domains will actively develop further — the CEO of JSC TTsI Alexey Platonov commented on an event.

2009: Education

JSC Technical Center Internet (TCI) was formed in 2009 by two Russian registries – ANO Koordinatsionnym centrom natsionalnogo domena seti Internet and the Fund of Development Internet (FDI), being administrators of top-level domains . RU. Russian Federation and . SU.

Creation of TTsI as highly professional technical center which specializes in support of DNS infrastructure of the Russian network segment the Internet and interaction with the accredited registrars was caused, first of all, by the growth rate of quantity of domain names which increased in 2008-2009 in domains. RU and. SU and start of one more national domain. Russian Federation.

Besides, two main geographical registries operating in the Russian Federation – Fund of Development the Internet (the domain. SU) and Coordination center of the national domain of the Internet (domains. RU and. The Russian Federation) – decided that it is necessary to unify rules of work with the accredited registrars of domain names and to provide uniform standards of service for all registrars. Thus, TTsI is a technology platform for the Coordination center and FRI and works with registrars at the level of service contracts.