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Technopolice Moscow




Technopolice Moscow is the platform for placement of high technology productions in the capital located in the territory of the former automobile works Moskvich, near the center of the capital.


Territory of Technopolice of Moscow

For March, 2014 two body with a total area of 223 thousand sq.m are equipped with core engineering and telecommunication infrastructure. Reconstruction of the third body will come to the end in 2015 that will increase the number of the industrial area to 350,000 sq.m. Reconstruction of administrative office spaces with a total area over 30,000 sq.m is conducted. They will be put into operation in the third quarter 2015.

The territory of Technopolice includes:

  • Production premises;
  • Engineering infrastructure;
  • Own customs post and temporary storage warehouse;
  • "Clean rooms" for biopharmaceutics and microelectronics, the logistic center and the congress center;
  • Administrative and office service and premises and also startup block.

Let's remind that clean rooms — the infrastructure project of Technopolice "Moscow" implemented for the hi-tech companies working in the field of microelectronics and biotechnologies. The total area of clean rooms for the companies working in the field of microelectronics is 5,100 sq.m. The companies working in the field of biotechnologies occupy the block with a total area of 2,100 sq.m. Project cost was 1 billion 18 million rubles. The uniqueness of the project consists in universality of clean rooms — they with the minimum costs can be converted into technology process of the company occupied in a cluster of biotechnology or microelectronics.

In the territory of the center of the innovation production the congress center works. Development of Technopolice supervises Department of science, industrial policy and entrepreneurship of the Government of Moscow. The project is implemented under personal control of the mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin.

Platform "Alabushevo"


The Technopolice Moscow SEZ will lease more than 24 thousand square meters of production areas

Since August, 2020 on the platform "Alabushevo" of the special economic zone "Technopolice "Moscow" three innovation laboratory and industrial body will become available to the import-substituting enterprises of industrial and production and technology development type to lease, the Head of Department of investment and industrial policy of the city of Moscow Alexander Prokhorov reported in June.

"Today one of our priority tasks – to accumulate the new large import-substituting enterprises in Zelenograd. It will help to reduce so-called pendular migration thanks to creation of new highly paid jobs outside a TTK and MKAD. On the platform "Alabushevo" of the Technopolice Moscow special economic zone by August three innovation laboratory and industrial body with a total area of 24.8 thousand square meters will be available to lease. Besides, now construction more than 20 plants expected more than 4000 jobs is conducted there. It is in the long term going to increase them twice", - Alexander Prokhorov told.

Floor area, located in the innovation laboratory and industrial body, – from 25 to 1200 square meters. In each of buildings administration, warehouse and technical rooms, places for unloading of motor transport, the premises for 3D - modeling, sanitary and household, utility rooms, the platform for placement of plants of cooling of liquid are located, the possibility of placement of production with "pure process" is also provided. The body is equipped with necessary modern infrastructure.

Tenants will also be able to receive the status of the resident of the Technopolice Moscow special economic zone, the CEO Gennady Dyogtev noted it.

"It is possible to place production on the platform "Alabushevo" now not only through construction of own plant, but also having used ready modern premises. Can rent premises both the enterprises industrial and production, and technology development type with investment volume in five years into 50 thousand rubles for square meter and revenue in a year in 200 thousand rubles for square meter. In the long term at will the company tenant will be able to receive resident status and all available preferences on payment of the property taxes, transport and profit", – Gennady Dyogtev told

Construction plans of 300 thousand square meters

The Alabushevo project is one of platforms of the Technopolice "Moscow" special economic zone. It is going to construct production facilities nearly 300 thousand square meters, to create more than five thousand new jobs. The main objective — to turn the platform into the center of development of high technologies, to minimize terms of construction of objects and to provide the territory with full-fledged infrastructure and improvement.

"Until the end of September, 2020 the number of employees of the platform "Alabushevo" will double. At requests of residents places of a power supply will be equipped, free lease of scooters for the staff of the resident companies will appear, the possibility of start of shuttles in Alabushev and a transfer from the railway station Kryukovo is considered" — Gennady Dyogtev shared in February, 2020 plans.

The area of the territory is 142.7 hectares. Here already the fire depot and a customs post and also the body of the enterprises for production of drugs, glucose meters and a laser equipment, products from synthetic sapphire, the building for the IT companies, etc. appeared. Now in the territory of Alabushev 21 residents accommodate. They are engaged in high technology production in the field of microelectronics, medicine, information and communication and energy efficient technologies.

One of tasks — to stop outflow of the personnel from Zelenograd. Now it makes about 30 percent from a total quantity of able-bodied population.

"For this purpose at the site area of Alabushevo preparatory programs for school students for working specializations of the top skills can appear, job fairs will become more regular", - Gennady Dyogtev told.

The territory of the special economic zone in Zelenograd should be filled most quickly with residents and highly qualified personnel to which will comfortably develop the business on profitable terms. The design of Alabushevo is made on the grinfield type that requires review of a lease term and functionality of use of subjects to building.


For residents of the SEZ "Technopolice "Moscow" the following privileges are provided:

  • 0% the property tax, on the earth, on transport for 10 years.
  • Income tax of 2% till 2028, 7% from 2028 to 2032, 14.5% since 2033.
  • The goods and the equipment imported on the territory of the SEZ "Technopolice "Moscow" are exempted from payment of the customs duties, taxes and fees.
  • Preferential land lease - 2% of the cadastral cost of the land plot and decreasing coefficient: 0.4 - 1 year, 0.5 - 2, 0.6 - 3, 0.7 from 4 to 8 year.
  • Upon completion of construction and commissioning of the object, the resident has the right to redeem section for 1% of cadastral cost.

Performance Indicators


Revenue of residents of the SEZ in 9 months - 14 billion rubles

The Technopolice "Moscow" special economic zone summed up the work results in nine months 2019. From January to September revenue of residents of the capital SEZ made 14 billion rubles. Besides, for this period more than 5 billion rubles of investments were attracted and 540 jobs are created.

From January to September, 2019 the status of the resident of the SEZ of Technopolice "Moscow" was received by 19 companies which stated investment volume will be 14 billion rubles and also more than 1.6 thousand jobs will be created.

As of November, 2019 in the territory of the Moscow SEZ more than 140 hi-tech companies from which residents are 62 are localized, 27 more are in process of obtaining the status. Investment volume the saved-up result exceeds 50 billion rubles from which 25 billion are the share of the companies with the status of the resident of the SEZ.

Tax deductions of the companies of the capital SEZ exceeded 3.1 billion rubles while the level of the received privileges was 900 million rubles in 2019. The saved-up result of the company paid taxes in budgets of all levels for the amount 11.1 billion rubles, and the received privileges made 3.5 billion rubles.

Residents create 5.5 thousand jobs and 18.49 billion rubles are invested

Now 56 companies are given the status of the resident of the special economic zone. When implementing new investment projects residents perform investments in the amount of 18.49 billion rubles and 5.5 thousand jobs are created.

The volume of the planned investments by residents of the SEZ by 2025 is about 40 billion rubles, at the same time about 12 thousand jobs should be created.

The priority directions of development of the SEZ are:

  • Microelectronics, optics and electronic equipment
  • Energy efficient technologies
  • Medical technologies, equipment and biofarma
  • Information and communication technologies
  • Modern materials and nanotechnologies
  • High technology productions

The general planned investment volume of the acting residents of the SEZ according to development plans is 98 billion rubles.



Transition of 48 residents of the Technopolice Moscow SEZ to a remote operation mode

On March 19, 2020 Technopolice Moscow reported that 48 companies located in the territory of the Technopolice Moscow special economic zone switched over to a remote operation mode. 10 more organizations are going to make it in the nearest future, the CEO of the Technopolice Moscow SEZ Gennady Dyogtev reported.

The remote operation mode became the preventive measure necessary for preserving of health of employees. Each resident company made this decision independently depending on opportunities of ensuring production process. At the same time in the territory of the Technopolice Moscow SEZ temperature control continues to act on checkpoints and sanayzer for hygiene of hands are everywhere set,
told Gennady Dyogtev

The organizations not only transfer the workers to a remote operation mode, but also provide all necessary measures of protection for the workers continuing the work at offices and on production.

Is not only about the staff of office, but also about technical specialists, the engineering block of department of capital supply and other divisions. Technical capabilities it allow us. Diagrams of an input and an exit of employees of productions taking into account disinfection and airing of locker rooms after each group of people are developed. It, of course, reduces working time, but health of personnel is more important,


Creation based on "Technopolice Moscow" the digital platform on automation of economic processes of the capital

On January 30, 2020 it became known of what technologies of management of automation of economic processes of Moscow aggregate based on the Technopolice Moscow SEZ. The Deputy Mayor of Moscow concerning economic policy and the land and property relations Vladimir Yefimov reported about it.

The Technopolice Moscow SEZ will become the platform for implementation of new technologies of management of capital economy
Based on the Technopolice Moscow SEZ the digital platform on automation of economic processes of the capital is created. Our main objective - formation of a common information space where all technological capabilities on project management - from land and property biddings to a purchasing system will be aggregated. All solutions will be based on data collection which will allow to propose other solutions for increase in efficiency of the existing processes. The digital space will strengthen a capital position as the smart city and the megalopolis of the future.

Vladimir Yefimov, the Deputy Mayor of Moscow concerning economic policy and the land and property relations told

The Technopolice Moscow SEZ will become the platform for implementation of new technologies of management of capital economy

Increase in availability of city services to entrepreneurs, investors, citizens will become the main indicator of success of the project. Commands of project offices will act as idea men. Development of scenarios of project implementation taking into account possible risks and assigned tasks is planned.

In total six project offices will work in the Technopolice Moscow SEZ. Among their tasks - development of the 3D model of the city of Moscow project, implementation of scenarios of the updated digital solutions for work with city property, reengineering of public services, increase in availability of services to residents, centralization and digitalization of the sphere of purchases.

The Technopolice Moscow SEZ will become the platform for implementation of new technologies of management of capital economy

The office of competence center was created in a short time: from the design moment before start there passed only 75 days.

During this time we completely created infrastructure, and these are more than 1000 square meters, equipped according to all modern standards. It is very important for us that start of the most advanced digital project in the city took place in the Special economic zone.

Alexander Prokhorov, the Head of Department of investment and industrial policy told

The special economic zone "Technopolice "Moscow" should become the driver of the updated industrial Moscow, the CEO of the Technopolice Moscow SEZ Gennady Dyogtev emphasized.

Five platforms of the Technopolice Moscow SEZ are key points of the ecosystem intended for localization of productions and scientific and technical researches of the resident companies. For January, 2020 the capital bends all efforts on creation of the most comfortable conditions for business.

Gennady Dyogtev, the CEO of the Technopolice Moscow SEZ told

Digitalization of industry complexes in a close team of developers and industry specialists is the unique way of the answer to modern calls, the Minister of the Moscow Government, the Head of the Moscow Department of Information Technology of the city of Moscow Eduard Lysenko considers.

The organization of work by compact project offices on the uniform IT platform proved the efficiency. Further implementation on the basis of the digital platform of Digital Platform Solutions joint venture will allow to make high-quality breakthrough and in technologies of joint program development at the same time several commands.

Eduard Lysenko, the Head of the Moscow Department of Information Technology of the city of Moscow told


Construction of the enterprise for SKD of fork loaders

On September 21, 2018 in the press service of Moscow Committee for Architecture and Urban Development (Moscow Committee for Architecture and Urban Development) reported that the enterprise for SKD of fork loaders will be constructed in the territory of the Technopolice Moscow special economic zone (SEZ) in Zelenograd.

The complex of buildings of the enterprise will consist of three body connected among themselves: production, administrative and household and check. All of them will be executed in uniform style. As the Mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin noted, the special economic zone in Zelenograd attracts new investors for a long time, here the new enterprises constantly appear.

Sergey Kuznetsov, chief architect of Moscow

The press service added that as the main material of facades in the project hinged volume cartridges from stainless steel of individual design were accepted.

Also it is specified that buildings will occupy a half of the projectible territory - on the remained square will lay travel ways, will make a parking, will land a lawn and plants. Before an input to the building of the production body the area with the small fountain will appear. PB ShARK LLC acts as the designer, the customer - Gringo LLC.[1]

The nanotechnology Center of Composites - the resident Technopolice Moscow

Having undergone selection on compliance to requirements of the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation, the Nanotechnology Center of Composites became the resident of the special economic zone (SEZ) "Technopolice "Moscow". The relevant agreement is signed in January, 2018 between the Moscow Department of Science, Industrial Policy and Entrepreneurship, JSC SEZ Zelenograd and NTsK LLC.

NTsK LLC is one of the first and the largest enterprise in Technopolice "Moscow". The platform Technopolice is the second largest ambassador of Alabushevo as a part of the SEZ "Technopolice "Moscow". The resident companies receive a number of tax benefits and customs preferences, access to engineering, transport and business infrastructure is guaranteed to them. Total costs of investors when implementing projects in the SEZ are on average up to 30% lower than the all-Russian indicators.

The technopark of Rudnevo is given the status of the investment priority project

The corresponding order is published on the official portal of the Mayor and the Government of Moscow. The territory of an object includes real estate as a part of five land plots.

"We see the capacity of the platform in industrial projects, first of all, necessary for the city: production of construction materials, component base, enterprise in the field of metal working, machine-tool construction and so on, - the CEO of Technopolice "Moscow" of Ishchenko Igor emphasized. - At the same time residents, formally treating so-called "heavy" productions, will meet all sanitary standards, to have the necessary technological and processing solutions allowing to perform the full operating cycle in the city industrial park".

The status of the investment priority project is provided in the capital and grants the right to essential measures of support, including tax benefits. Provision IPP is awarded to the subjects implementing programs in social, infrastructure spheres, priority branches of the economy of the city, upgrade of productions.

Powers on negotiating and agreement signature on implementation of an initiative with Joint-stock company "Technopolice "Moscow" are provided to the Deputy Mayor of Moscow in the Government of Moscow for Economic Policy and Property and Land Relations Natalya Sergunina.


Mako Technology rents 576 apartment of meters for 10 years

In January, 2015 it became known that the Russian company "Mako Technology" became the new tenant of Technopolice "Moscow" of capital Department of science, industrial policy and an entrepreneurship. The company will place the capacities on 576 sq.m modern production areas for a period of 10 years.

Workshop AZLK Moskvich will be the biggest DPC of Russia

For IT - the companies in Moscow reconstruct workshop of the AZLK Moskvich former plant of 14.2 thousand square meters. Reconstruction should come to the end in the first quarter 2016.

"Authorities of the capital selected 450 million rubles for restructuring of this body" - the Director of perspective development of Technopolice "Moscow" Gorbatova Anna noted. "3 billion more rubles in creation of the Data processing center will be invested by the resident of Technopolice - the Knopp company entering into RadiusGroup group. In the Data processing center the powerful servers performing storage and information processing will be concentrated".
Inga Kazakevich, the Head of department of investment projects of the Moscow Department of Science, Industrial Policy and Entrepreneurship emphasized that the authorities of Moscow are interested in creation of high technology productions in the territory of the capital and create necessary and comfortable conditions for foreign producers. "Residents of the Moscow technoparks have a zeroing of tax rates for property, income tax is reduced to 13.5%. The department of science, industrial policy and entrepreneurship gives an opportunity of broader participation in city programs of support of business and crediting".


Revenue of management company of Technopolice grew almost twice

As the CEO of Technopolice "Moscow" of Ishchenko Igor emphasizes, the management company SUE Stroyeksprom in 2014 got the first profit. In the first half of the year 2014 revenue of management company of Technopolice "Moscow", since 2011, grew almost twice, having reached 430 million rubles.

For September, 2014 in the territory of Technopolice more than 900 people daily work. At this time it was reported that by the end of 2014 when productions of most the companies – residents in one of the body of Technopolice are started, their quantity will increase up to 1.5 thousand. And in 2017 to work in workshops of the former auto giant there will daily come more than 10 thousand highly qualified specialists. For them in the territory of Technopolice will the new three-star hotel is constructed, the fitness center, cafe and restaurants and also educational and a startup clusters is open.

Commercial investments exceeded state twice

For September, 2014 5.5 billion rubles made commercial investments into reconstruction of Technopolice Moscow of which 3.5 billion made investments of residents of Technopolice "Moscow" into self-produced start in capital Tekstilshchiki and 2 billion rubles of investment of Sberbank. It was announced what will be issued by 1 billion more credit to Technopolice till 2015.

Thus, by this moment commercial investments already more, than exceeded the volume of the state investments twice in reconstruction of the AZLK former workshops which made 2.5 billion rubles. It is planned that until the end of 2016 budgetary appropriations in redevelopment of the industrial zone will reach 5.1 billion rubles, and investments of business companies by the end of 2017 in opening of the productions in Technopolice will increase up to 30 billion rubles.

"Thanks to private and state investments, in 2014 "clean rooms" for microelectronic and biopharmaceutical industry are put into operation, an overhaul 34, 35 and 13 body of the former automobile works is completed. In the third quarter 2014 the warehouse of chemical reactants will be put into operation, and by the end of 2014 the special laundry for "clean rooms" is brought into operation", - the CEO of Technopolice "Moscow" Igor Ishchenko noted.

Preparation of the platform for holding the international forum "Open Innovations" which is held in Technopolice "Moscow" from October 14 to October 16, 2014 is also almost completely complete. Annually he is visited by more than 4500 participants from 47 foreign countries and 42 regions of Russia. Especially for holding a forum in the territory of the former plant elevators were constructed, the exhibition zone of a forum is converted and prepared, new sidewalks are built, shops are set, trees are planted and asphalt is replaced. On a facade of Technopolice and in the main fifth body there were shining navigation signs.

Technopolice "Moscow" became the member of association of Scientific Parks

Technopolice joined International Association of Scientific Parks (International Association of Science Parks (IASP) in which 390 technoparks already consist of 72 countries of the world. Also residents of association are 128 thousand companies which are engaged in production and scientific developments in the field of new technologies, biotechnologies, agriculture and new audiovisual programs.

The association was created in 1984 and during this time became the main and only international organization integrating technology and scientific parks of the world and also national associations. A task of IASP – to connect professionals in the field of scientific parks and to provide them services. Also a task of the organization - to promote growth and increase in efficiency of technoparks, to enhance competitiveness of the resident companies. The headquarters of IASP is in Malaga (Spain). The second regional office is located in Beijing (People's Republic of China). Membership in Association will allow Technopolice "Moscow" to apply at itself the best practices in the organization of services to the hi-tech companies by an example of other technoparks of the world and also to find new partners and residents.

Technopolice "Moscow" will receive 2.4 billion rubles on reconstruction of the body

In the territory of Technopolice "Moscow" in the winter of 2014 reconstruction of body No. 24 (the building of the AZLK former press workshop) starts. "According to Sergey Sobyanin's solution, on preparation of the new platform the Government of Moscow invests 2.4 billion rubles. For the first quarter 2016 it is going to prepare 100 thousand square meters of the areas for the hi-tech companies", - the Head of the Moscow Department of Science, Industrial Policy and Entrepreneurship Oleg Bocharov told. – Development of infrastructure for the research and production companies, including, working for import substitution - one of important tasks of the Government of Moscow". Practically all engineering systems will be created again. There will be new feeding centers, heating systems, water supply, power supply.

Distributing service zone will be located in only 30 meters from each of the companies. Also a fire system and a ventilation system will be completely replaced. Besides, the big logistic center of 7,600 square meters in which about 24 lorries at the same time will be able to unload will be constructed. "We build up to 10 new substations and we increase energy potential of the body, we build new distribution substation, - the CEO of Technopolice "Moscow" of Ishchenko Igor tells. - Besides, we lay a transport low-current network which will be used for a supply to our residents of Internet cables, telephony, cable television".

The new design of body No. 24 unlike other body provides division of internal space into separate sections for different tenants. If earlier they conducted such construction works independently and at own expense, then now the Government of Moscow undertakes these cares. "It allows to save to investors not only money, but also time for a project startup that is very important for the dynamic markets of hi-tech products. By our estimates, such approach will allow to reduce the term of start of production in Technopolice from these 4-6 months to 2-3", - Oleg Bocharov emphasized.

"At the same time residents of the reconstructed body will have an opportunity to use all infrastructure of Technopolice: the innovation customs post, congress center and also center of engineering and industrial design", - the CEO of Technopolice "Moscow" Igor Ishchenko noted.

As expected, the most part of the territory of body No. 24 will be occupied by the companies working in the field of nanotechnologies. "At the forum "Open Innovations" the Government of Moscow signed the agreement with Rusnano on strategic partnership within which Technopolice "Moscow" should become one of the main platforms for placement of the new productions supported by Russian Nanotechnology Corporation", - the Head of Department of science, industrial policy and an entrepreneurship Oleg Bocharov noted.

Even prior to reconstruction of the body the long-term agreement of lease with Technopolice "Moscow" was signed by several companies, having reserved the space for the productions. In the same place the data center over 12,000 square meters, largest in Moscow, will be constructed. Powerful servers will provide storage and information processing, work of network equipment, the engineering systems which are responsible for the life activity of this "cyberbrain" and a security system preserving DPC against undesirable invasions.

Among future tenants there is body No. 24 and one of the leading Russian manufacturers of the hydraulic equipment for naval and civil shipbuilding – "Bladed Hydraulic Machines" (BHM). The company will transfer the research and production capacities in the new body of Technopolice and will invest 400 million rubles in opening of production. LGM signed the lease agreement with Technopolice for a period of 20 years to unroll in this territory a research, developmental and testing complex and also a production line on the area about 4,500 sq.m. The company participates in a number of Research and Development on development of the new hydraulic equipment which does not have analogs in Russia.

Also in the territory of the body to be placed production of Akademiya-T company which is engaged in product output of a sports power supply of a premium class from natural raw materials.