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Technoserv (before TechnoServ A/S) is the domestic system integrator working in Russia, the CIS countries and Europe. Entered into PromSvyazKapital holding of brothers Alexey and Dmitry Ananyevykh. Since 2018 the owner of 40% of the company is the VTB bank, other 60% - at Alexey Ananyev.

CU-Holding - 49.99 (in pledge at VTB)%
VTB - Vneshtorgbank - 40%
Multicard - 10,01%




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Regional representative offices in 7 cities of the Russian Federation: Vladivostok, Volgograd, Yekaterinburg, Krasnodar, Nizhny Novgorod, Novosibirsk, St. Petersburg

Subsidiary companies in 7 CIS countries: Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine

Board of Directors and board

New board

In January, 2019 Technoserv Group approved new board. According to the list on the website of the company, left it the ex-chairman Alexey Ananyev who was also discharged of the CEO's position earlier, and Sergey Korneev working as the managing director of Technoserv.

Dmitry Troshenkov in December appointed the new CEO was appointed the new chairman of the board. Also the board was replenished with the new member – Alexander Bushuyev who worked in VTB earlier, and since August, 2018 passed into Technoserv.

Dmitry Troshenkov headed board of Technoserv Group<i> (a photo -</i>
Dmitry Troshenkov headed board of Technoserv Group (a photo -

Other members of the previous board remained in new. Thus, entered into it:

  • Evgeny Zakrepin, board member, commercial director Technoserv;
  • Alexander Egorov, the board member, the CEO of "Reksoft" (enters into Technoserv Group);
  • Vladimir Volkov, board member, technical director Technoserv;
  • Kirill Bulgakov, the board member, the CEO Technoserv Consulting (enters into Technoserv Group);
  • Timofey Borzov, the board member, the deputy CEO Technoserv (from 2017 to 2018 – the managing director for budgeting and project activity of IT department of VTB);
  • Tatyana Arkharova, board member, director of the department of development of the innovation products and Technoserv services;
  • Ignat Vankovich, board member, chief financial officer Technoserv;
  • Alexander Bushuyev, board member.

Technoserv specified TAdviser that the Board of Directors of group approved new board on January 22. As of the end of January the strategy of development for group is developed therefore to comment on further plans of the company prematurely, added in Technoserv.

The new chairman of the board of directors - Sergey Baranov

In October, 2018 the new structure of Board of Directors of Technoserv was elected. Sergey Baranov holding a position of the Head of Department of IT – the senior vice president of VTB bank became the chairman of the board.

The co-owner of Technoserv Alexey Ananyev who was earlier heading Board of Directors also was a new part of council.

In addition to Baranov and Ananyev the Board of Directors of Technoserv, according to the Vedomosti newspaper, includes three more persons: CEO of Rizus-proyekt company Svetlana Moiseyeva-Lobacheva, privately practicing lawyer Dmitry Lavrentyev and director of investments of VTB Capital Vasily Smekalov.

Implementation of the general management by group and control over work of executive bodies will become the main objective of Board of Directors as supervisory body.

Sergey Baranov headed Board of Directors of Technoserv
Sergey Baranov headed Board of Directors of Technoserv

New CEO Dmitry Troshenkov

In December, 2018 the famous financier Dmitry Troshenkov became the CEO of a number of legal persons of Technoserv, having replaced, in particular, from a post of the head of one of legal persons of the founder of the company Alexey Ananyev.

VTB explained replacement of the leadership with gross errors from Alexey Ananyev's team.

Performance Indicators

Main article: Financial performance of Technoserv

Financial year of the company comes to the end on March 31.

Take-off and falling of Technoserv. What do tell the largest government contracts of integrator about?

Main article: Government contracts of Technoserv group

Since 2011 on the middle of 2019 of the company, entering into the Technoserv group, about 100 billion rubles signed nearly 1500 contracts with state departments and state companies for the amount. Their analysis allowed TAdviser to identify the biggest customers of integrator and also to estimate a group income behavior in this segment of the market (to read)

History of the company


The new CEO - Andrey Yershov

On October 15 Technoserv reported that Andrey Yershov was appointed the CEO of the company. On this post it will complete process of transformation of Technoserv and implements strategy for its output to qualitatively new level, declared in integrator. Read more here.

Technoserv obliged to leave 800 million

As found out CNews, once key legal person of Technoserv concerning which insolvency proceeding — Technoserv of AS LLC was started recently — lost in court of MSP Factoring company and will be forced to pay off to it about 796.6 million rub[1].

"Collect from Technoserv of AS LLC for benefit of MSP faktoring LLC debt in the amount of 487 million rubles, the commission from April, 2018 till June, 2019 in the amount of 116.7 million rubles, a penalty fee on a principal debt from June 27, 2018 till July 11, 2019 in the amount of 164.8 million rubles, a penalty fee on the commission from April 6, 2018 till July 11, 2019 in the amount of 28.1 million rubles and also expenses on the state fee in the amount of 200 thousand rubles, the verdict of court says.

Follows from case papers that on September 28, 2016 between "MSP factoring" (at that time hereinafter being referred to "Promsvyazfaktoring"), the acted so-called financial agent, and Technoserv was signed a certain agreement on general terms of financing "under a concession of a monetary claim (factoring) in Russia".

Factoring generally is meant as financial service rendered for remuneration to the supplier which consists in payment of financing of the company under a concession of its rights of the monetary claims which arose on deliveries with deferred payment.

The third party within the considered trial declared the operator of MTS. "Within the agreement of factoring the client conceded to the financial agent future monetary claims to MTS following from the agreement of March 3, 2016 for the total amount of 982.5 million rubles — judges note. — On the taken place concession of monetary claims of MTS it was notified. On account of the specified requirements the financial agent paid to the client the amount of early payment in the amount of 982.5 million rubles MTS paid the financial agent 493.5 million rubles." as a result of it and other, smaller payments the main debt "Technoserv just was also 487 million rubles.

"Debt was formed of the contract with MTS — the press service of integrator confirmed to CNews. — 'Technoserv of AS' under the leadership of previous management could not fulfill obligations for it properly. We are going to appeal against the judgment in appellate instance, however also we do not exclude a possibility of peaceful settlement of a dispute in that degree in which it allows the current legislation in the circumstances".

The structure of Post Bank purchased 10% of Technoserv

In August, 2019 Technoserv had a new shareholder – company "Multikarta", "daughter" of Post Bank. According to base " circuit.focus ", it purchased a share about 10% in Group of Technoserv which, in turn, acts as the founder in a number of legal persons of integrator.

About 50% Group of Technoserv belong to CU-Holding company (the share is in pledge at VTB), which is owned by Alexey Ananyev, and 40% - at VTB bank.

Purchase of a share - \"the next step in improvement of the company\", note in Multikart<i> (a photo -</i>
Purchase of a share - "the next step in improvement of the company", note in Multikart (a photo -

Multikart told TAdviser that their company redeemed a share from "Rizus-proyekt" during restructuring of old structure of shareholders of Technoserv Group. Earlier "Rizus-proyekt" also belonged to Alexey Ananyev: he owned it through Cyprus company of Anavoya Holdings Limited which was sold in July, 2019[2].

Multikart calls purchase of a share in Technoserv "the next step in improvement of the company".

Multikart is the representative of the high-tech sector and sees perspectives in partnership with Technoserv which takes the leading positions in the IT market. Equity participation will allow to achieve this goal as fast as possible and effectively, - told TAdviser in Multikart.

The representative of the company added that in the nearest future the representative of Multikarta will be a part of Board of Directors of Technoserv.

Introduction to "Technoserv of AS" of the procedure of observation and appointment of the interim manager

On August 13, 2019 the Arbitration court of Moscow began insolvency proceeding in Technoserv of AS LLC (enters into Technoserv group), having introduced a monitoring procedure and having appointed the interim manager. Consideration of the case is appointed to February 13, 2020.

"Technoserv of AS" is only one of the legal entities entering into Technoserv group therefore current situation will not have a negative impact on the Technoserv group in general and on its market position — commented on an event in the press service of group. — Technoserv saved a team of profile experts and has the partner relations which are saved up for years of activity by experience and competences and also acquired. The group continues to participate in implementation of complex infrastructure projects and actively works on strengthening of the positions in the market.

Despite the huge amounts of the debts which collected at Technoserv for the last about one and a half years (mass claims began to come to arbitration at the beginning of 2018), the group continues to work actively. As noted, for August 14 debts of group to creditors are calculated by billions of rubles. Only in the statement of claim about recognition of Technoserv of AS LLC by the bankrupt given to UK "Sibenergomash" to arbitration court on February 20 this year the amount of 1 billion 980 million rubles is specified. From the last claims: 117 million rubles are demanded from Technoserv of AS LLC by company "Irri-nedvizhimost".

Current situation in group is connected with activity of the former head of Technoserv Alexey Ananyev.

Introduction concerning Technoserv of AS LLC of the procedure of observation turned out to be consequence of the bargains concluded by Alexey Ananyev and his management in 2015 and also the legal position developed by them by consideration of this question in courts of first instance in 2017-2018 — explained in Technoserv Group. — New management which started management in December, 2018 was delivered in difficult conditions when the set of requirements imposed to the company exceeded possibilities of their satisfaction. Technoserv will try to obtain comprehensive consideration of the case by all available legal methods. We are going to appeal against the passed judgement.[3]

Sale of 10.01% of stocks

On July 26, 2019 it became known that Alexey Ananyev sold Cyprus company of Anavoya Holdings Limited through which he owned 10.01% of domestic IT integrator "Group Technoserv" for the "symbolical" amount of 1000 euros. Contemporary Solutions from the Virgin Islands became the buyer. Read more here.

Arrest of the director of the department of work with state structures

On July 12, 2019 Basmanny Court of Moscow sent under arrest of the director of the department of work with state structures of Technoserv Management company Alexey Kopeykin, Interfax reported.

Alexey Kopeykin in court on July 12, 2019. Photo source: Vedomosti
Alexey Kopeykin in court on July 12, 2019. Photo source: Vedomosti
Alexey Kopeykin in court on July 12, 2019. Photo source: Vedomosti
Alexey Kopeykin in court on July 12, 2019. Photo source: Vedomosti

Mediation in bribery is imputed to Kopeykin (Part 4 with. 291.1 Criminal Code of the Russian Federation). Read more here.

In the same day the judge Natalya Dudar made the decision to arrest Alexey Ivanov who was recognized in taking of a bribe till September, having said that the official can abscond or prevent it.

According to the investigators, Alexey Ivanov got a bribe for protection of Technoserv company with Alexey Kopeykin's mediation.

Detention of the director of the department of work with state structures, search in Technoserv

On July 11, 2019 TAdviser knew of excitation concerning the director of the department of work with state structures of Technoserv Alexey Kopeykin of criminal case under Part 6 of Article 290, Part 4 of Article 291.1 and Part 5 of Article 291 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation and a search in the company. In parallel within the same case the vice-chairman of the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation Alexey Ivanov was delayed by law enforcement agencies. According to sources of TAdviser, Ivanov is suspected of taking of a bribe (Article 290 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation).

During pretrial investigation it is established that for commission of especially serious crimes against the government and the interests of public service by Ivanov M.A., Kopeykin A.M. and other unidentified persons used servers and office equipment located in office spaces in the commercial organization "Redsis" to the address: Moscow, Rochdelskaya St., 15, building 43, said in the resolution on carrying out a search of July 9, 2019 signed by the Head of the investigation team of the Main Investigation Department of Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation captain of justice Maskaltsov G. V.

The investigator decided to carry out a search at office "Redsis" to find and withdraw the objects and documents important for criminal case.

Kopeykin as of July, 2019 is an employee of Technoserv, his acquaintance confirmed to TAdviser. "Ivanov M.A.", whose name appears in the resolution, this is probably the vice chairman of the board of the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation Ivanov Alexey Mikhaylovich, considers a source of TAdviser. It connects an error in initials with the fact that the document prepared in a hurry.

Technoserv confirmed to TAdviser Alexey Kopeykin's detention. He since 2011 he was an employee of the company and worked in a team of the former chairman of the board of Technoserv Alexey Ananyev. Technoserv considers that carrying out investigative actions at offices of the company is connected with activity of its command.

In our opinion, carrying out investigative actions at offices of Technoserv is caused by injurious management style of the former management. In the past it brought Technoserv to critical condition therefore it was necessary to discharge the owner from management, and law enforcement agencies make investigation. New management in every possible way cooperates with them for the purpose of establishing order and stabilization of a situation in the company, - told TAdviser in Technoserv.

The company reminded that the previous management was discharged of company management in December, 2018.

Now all necessary assistance is rendered law enforcement agencies. New management works in strict accordance with the legislation and provides the situation of stability of the company in the market, - added to the companies.

Seizure of documents within the same case was made also in Redsis company. According to the investigation, Ivanov, Kopeykin and other, unidentified persons, used the servers and office equipment located in office spaces Redsis. Read more here.

For hundreds of millions rubles and the claim for bankruptcy honor claims to Technoserv for 2 billion rubles

On March 29, 2019 it became known that the Technoserv integrator risks to leave several billion rubles and to become officially the bankrupt. It follows from comparison of information on several arbitration judicial proceedings initiated by a number of financial institutions for the last 2.5 months.

On January 15, 2019 MSP Faktoring LLC submitted a claim to "Technoserv of AS" (the main legal person of the company) on 637.3 million rubles. On the same day the same organization submitted a claim on 302.1 million rubles — at the same time to "Technoserv of AS" and Technoserv Consulting LLC (according to the USRLE, this organization is not connected with integrator; it is registered on the Austrian structures).

On January 24, 2019 Promsvyazbank submitted a claim to "Technoserv of AS" on 232.3 million rubles, and on February 4 — on 297.9 million rubles.

On February 20, 2019 Sibenergomash Management Company LLC submitted to "Technoserv of AS" a claim for bankruptcy with the amount of claim requirements of 1.98 billion rubles.

Total amount of requirements for claims is 3.45 billion rubles. All claims are accepted to production and are in work. The next court sessions on the first two are appointed to April 16 and 24 respectively. On the third and fourth — for May 8 and 6 respectively. The last of intermediate meetings on bankruptcy could take place on March 28, but its results in InformSystem of arbitration courts are not provided yet — as well as date of the next meeting is not published.

Representatives of Technoserv reported that in claims "MSP Factoring" and Promsvyazbank to lawyers of the company was already succeeded to reach mutual understanding with claimants, and for March 29, 2019 optimal ways of permission of current situation according to the interests of all parties are studied.

In Technoserv noted:

The claim of UK 'Sibenergomash' is based on the requirement of money which raises many questions and is not recognized as Technoserv company. Therefore we will uphold the position in court".

VTB bank which since June, 2018 possesses 40% of Technoserv and whose top management stays in bodies of board of integrator[4] refused to comment on a situation[5].


VTB discharged Alexey Ananyev and his command from management of Technoserv

On December 18, 2018 VTB changed the CEO of Technoserv and appointed the representative from bank. Dmitry Troshenkov, the senior vice president of VTB became the new CEO.

In VTB in response to a question of TAdviser of the reason of replacement of the leadership answered as follows:

Alexey Ananyev and his management made a number of gross errors, having brought the company to a pre-bankruptcy status: salary payment delays, increase in the amount of accounts payable, inability to work with a bank debt. All this brought Technoserv to critical condition. Besides, Alexey Ananyev violated the agreements signed between shareholders and which were legally binding, - told TAdviser in the press service of VTB

Alexey Ananyev<i> (a photo -</i>
Alexey Ananyev (a photo -

In this situation the bank as the creditor and the shareholder, for urgent settlement of problems of the company and its rescue, made the decision to collect pledges and to discharge Ananyev of business management, added in bank.

The Technoserv group passed under management of a new team of managers, "who will be engaged in stabilization of a situation and output of an asset from dive", the bank representative reported.

VTB, we will remind, owns 40% of Technoserv, and another 50% belonging to Alexey Ananyev are in pledge at bank. Another 10% of Technoserv - at Rizus-Proyekt company which through the Cyprus offshore is controlled by Ananyev.

Creation of division for development of a cloud of DevOps Cloud

On November 19, 2018 the Technoserv company announced formation of division which activity is focused on creation of the cloud-platform for software developers. Read more here.

Fine of 12 million rubles for cartel at biddings

The Novgorod OFAS of Russia recognized PJSC Rostelecom and Technoserv of AS LLC guilty of cartel collusion with participation in tender on creation of a complex of automatic fixing of traffic offenses, says FAS of November 8, 2018. As result department imposed on the companies a penalty for the amount of 72 million rubles from which Rostelecom should pay 60 million rubles, and "Technoserv of AS" — 12 million rubles. The decision of antimonopoly authority was supported by courts of the first and appellate instance. Read more here.

The head the Technoserv Cloud Nikita Dergilev that it is important to know about hybrid clouds. TADetails

The head of cloud provider the Technoserv Cloud Nikita Dergilev helped to understand why speak about hybrids very much recently as far as this model is demanded in Russia and whether it is difficult to organize it to Read in more detail

The expert Technoserv Roman Bobryshev about that as well as why to implement VDI? TADetails

The first interest in virtualization of jobs arose for a long time — it is possible to tell practically along with the beginning of mass distribution of computer networks in a type, usual for us. Owing to, first of all, imperfection of technical solutions, projects on consolidation of jobs in DPC had very limited character. Terminal services were succeeded by VDI technology, but also here mass implementation did not happen — high cost affected. However, in the last several years the intensity of the implementing solutions VDI promptly grows. About what companies should think of implementation of VDI and as it is correct to implement such solutions, Bobryshev Roman, the head of department of computer systems of the Center of engineering competences of Technoserv company helped to understand. Read in more detail

Alexey Ananyev headed board of the company

The board of Technoserv in October, 2018 was headed by Alexey Ananyev. Also joined the board:

  • Tatyana Arkharova, board member, director of the department of development of the innovation products and Technoserv services;
  • Timofey Borzov, the board member, the deputy CEO Technoserv (from 2017 to 2018 – the managing director for budgeting and project activity of IT department of VTB);
  • Kirill Bulgakov, the board member, the CEO Technoserv Consulting (enters into Technoserv Group);
  • Ignat Vankovich, board member, chief financial officer Technoserv;
  • Vladimir Volkov, board member, technical director Technoserv;
  • Alexander Egorov, the board member, the CEO of "Reksoft" (enters into Technoserv Group);
  • Evgeny Zakrepin, board member, commercial director Technoserv;
  • Sergey Korneev, board member, managing director Technoserv.

Tasks of this body – operational management of group, questions of determination of strategy, investment and budget planning, formation of a system of motivation and assessment of activity of management and also supervision of company assets, reliability and efficiency of risk management systems.

Technoserv" actively develops the business in traditional industrial verticals, being focused on accomplishment of the paramount tasks facing our clients from all branches of the economy. Strategic partnership with VTB will allow to develop our competences and to strengthen presence in the financial sector and also to strengthen leader positions in the market in general to offer customers qualitatively new services in the field of IT, consulting and development — Ananyev says.

Technoserv created final structure of owners and appointed the new CEO

At the end of June, 2018 Technoserv created final structure of shareholders of the company and appointed her Alexey Ananyev's CEO. Formally in structure new shareholders appeared – Rizus-Proyekt LLC and CU-Holding" which possess 60% of Technoserv.

A founder of "Rizus-Proyekt" is the Anavoya Holdings Limited company registered in Cyprus. According to Technoserv, through it Ananyev owns 10.01% of the company. A founder of CU-Holding is also Ananyev, at the same time the share of CU-Holding in Technoserv is in pledge at VTB.

Through two companies Alexey Ananyev owns 60% of Technoserv<i> (a photo - CNews)</i>
Through two companies Alexey Ananyev owns 60% of Technoserv (a photo - CNews)

The company told TAdviser that it is the final and completely approved with VTB structure of property of Group of Technoserv: VTB bank - 40%, CU-Holding - 49.99%, "Rizus-Proyekt" - 10.01%.

Alexey Ananyev owns Gruppa Technoserv LLC for 60% through CU-Holding LLC (49.99%) and Rizus-Proyekt LLC (10.01%), - added to the companies.

The reasons of creation of structure with involvement of Cyprus company in Technoserv did not explain TAdviser. In VTB questions concerning new structure of shareholders left no comments.

Alexey Ananyev's appointment the CEO of Group of Technoserv happened within the transaction with VTB. According to the representative of Technoserv, the former head of group Sergey Korneev holds a post of the first deputy chairman of its board, and the chairman is Ananyev.

VTB purchased 40% Technoserv. What the parties expect from the transaction

At the beginning of June, 2018 the VTB Group closed the transaction on acquisition of 40% in Technoserv. VTB noted that acquisition of integrator - strategically important transaction which considerably will strengthen technology examination of bank.

In group expect that it will help to increase significantly possibilities of VTB in creation of new competitive products and services for the clients, to increase the level of the innovation IT developments for carrying out digital transformation of VTB. Eventually, the transaction will have a positive impact on financial performance of group, expect in VTB.

According to VTB, as a result of the transaction the group has an opportunity to appoint the representatives in Board of Directors of the company that will allow to take part in management of group.

Alexey Ananyev became the only owner of Technoserv after sanitation of Promsvyazbank<i> (a photo -</i>
Alexey Ananyev became the only owner of Technoserv after sanitation of Promsvyazbank (a photo -
VTB is the leading banking group of the country with which Technoserv is connected by the long-term relations and as with the big customer, and as with the financial partner. As a result of the transaction VTB became the strategic partner in development of our business in open IT market, - Alexey Ananyev,  the chairman of the board of directors of Technoserv noted.

Besides, the capacity of Technoserv as one of the largest domestic integrators in the priority plan will be implemented for development of digital services of VTB Group and the companies affiliated with it, Ananyev added.

Itargo made the claim for bankruptcy to Technoserv, but promised it to withdraw

On May 21, 2018 the Itargo company submitted the application for recognition of JSC Tekhnoserv A/S by the bankrupt to Arbitration court of Moscow.

JSC Tekhnoserv A/S - one of the main legal persons of the group of the same name through who in different years large projects for the Pension fund, Federal Migration Service, the Federal Tax Service, Federal Treasury were executed.

Itargo is the company created by natives of OTR system integrator shortly before control over OTR passed to the distributor of Merlion. The ex-vice president OTR Alexey Kuleshov heads Itargo.

To Technoserv a claim for bankruptcy is submitted
To Technoserv a claim for bankruptcy is submitted

Alexey Kuleshov told on May 23, 2019 TAdviser that the conflict is settled, the settlement agreement is signed and in the nearest future the claim will be withdrawn. The same TAdviser was told also in Technoserv. Kuleshov preferred not to comment on parts of the claim to Technoserv.

The statement for bankruptcy of Technoserv is probably connected with the project in Treasury. In April, 2018 Itargo already tried to exact from Technoserv 55.8 million rubles unpaid under the contract between them. The Treasury was the third party in case just. Then the companies also signed the settlement agreement.

The last contract between Technoserv and Treasury was played in December, 2017 on rendering services in maintenance and maintenance of the equipment and the system software. Its initial made 648 million rubles, Technoserv reduced the price for 62% - to 246 million.

VTB confirmed purchase of 40% of Technoserv

In April, 2018 VTB submitted the petition for purchase of 40% of Group of Technoserv of the former co-owner of Promsvyazbank Alexey Ananyev to the Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) of Russia, follows from materials of FAS.

FULL FACE Russia the petition of VTB Bank for acquisition of a share in authorized capital of Gruppa Technoserv LLC is under consideration (primary activity – activities for creation and use of databases and information resources … in the amount of 40%, given according to Part 1 of Article 28 of the Federal Law of 7/26/2006 No. 135-FZ "About protection of the competition", says the antimonopoly regulator.

Earlier told sources about a possibility of investments of VTB into Technoserv of TAdviser in the market and in the bank (see the publication below).

At the beginning of June the VTB Group closed the transaction on acquisition of 40% in Group Technoserv LLC integrator. Purchase was approved by FAS in accordance with the established procedure. As a result of the transaction VTB has an opportunity to appoint the representatives in Board of Directors of the company that will allow to take part in management of group.

VTB conducts negotiations on purchase of a share in Technoserv

Technoserv addressed to VTB and Sberbank for the purpose of the investment attraction, told TAdviser four sources in IT market on March 29, 2018.

VTB confirmed officially TAdviser that the bank conducts negotiations with Technoserv on this subject. However to speak about parts and results now it is premature, added in bank.

At the same time in Technoserv claim that information on negotiations is not true. Sberbank, in turn, preferred to refrain from comments.

One of interlocutors of TAdviser says that VTB expects to create the strong player with an administrative resource: "VTB has a resource, Technoserv has a command". According to him, the bank can redeem 40% of Technoserv, and the chairman of the board of directors of integrator Alexey Ananyev will manage joint business, adds a source.

According to interlocutors of TAdviser, investments can be required for Technoserv in connection with the difficulties which arose because of sanitation of Promsvyazbank which, as well as Technoserv, belonged to brothers Alexey and Dmitry Ananyevym.

At the end of 2017 Promsvyazbank passed under control of the Central Bank, and since March, 2018 - began to belong for 99.99% to Deposit Insurance Agency. In turn 100% of Technoserv were concentrated in the hands by Alexey Ananyev to whom Dmitry gave the share (see more detailed below).

In February, 2018 Alexey Ananyev in an interview to Vedomosti recognized that business of Technoserv is connected with Promsvyazbank – at the company in bank "serious credit"[6]. At the same time, he claimed, there is no critical dependence. The size of a debt it, in the company is not disclosed.

According to base " circuit.focus ", in 2016 the general accounts payable of the head company of Technoserv - Technoserv of AS LLC - were about 5.7 billion rubles. In short-term obligations of the company borrowed funds of about 11 billion rubles, in long-term - for 793 million rubles were also registered.

Revenue of Technoserv of AS LLC in 2016 at the same time made 21.46 billion rubles. The company as of March did not publish financial performance for 2017 yet.

According to one of sources of TAdviser in IT market, in 2018 in Technoserv there were problems with salary payment. On this background the aspiration of integrator to attract investments looks logical, he believes. Information on a delay of salaries in Technoserv can be seen on the websites of responses about employers. Some of them are dated February and March, 2018. Technoserv could not comment on a question of salaries.

Alexey Ananyev became the only owner of Technoserv

Brothers Alexey and Dmitry Ananyevy decided to divide assets after input of temporary administration in Promsvyazbank belonging to them.

I made the proposal to Dmitry and is grateful that he accepted this offer, - Alexey Ananyev said in an interview to Vedomosti at the end of February, 2018. - We exchanged shares in assets - it was the cashless transaction. Assets are separated proceeding from the one who in what historically was engaged. I completely own and I manage Technoserv group and everything, as for information technologies. I left shareholders of PromSvyazKapital, having given the share to the brother, and the brother left shareholders of Technoserv. Now I have 100% of Technoserv, and the brother has 100% of PromSvyazKapital. Thus, I any more not the shareholder of Promsvyazbank and Renaissance, have no relation to financial assets any more. And group %28PSN group%29 the PSN group, media always belonged to Dmitry.

Alexey Ananyev became the only owner of Technoserv
Alexey Ananyev became the only owner of Technoserv

Answering a question why it was offered to separate business, Alexey Ananyev told that "in spite of the fact that key assets belonged to us equally, everyone operationally was responsible for the segment".

Dmitry was engaged in banks and PromSvyazKapital, and I - Technoserv. After the Central Bank entered temporary administration into Promsvyazbank, I considered what will be correct if each of us is engaged in the assets - those which historically and managed, - Alexey Ananyev noted.

At the same time, Dmitry Ananyev left Russia, Alexey is not going to leave the country.

I had no such question in principle - to remain or not to remain. Because everything that is important for me in life, it is here: parents, family, work. I do not represent the life in other country - did not leave and I am not going to leave, - the owner of Technoserv explained.


1100 employees of Technoserv move to new office on Derbenevskaya Embankment

As it became known in August, 2017 Technoserv Novospassky on Derbenevskaya Embankment in the south of Moscow signed the lease agreement of one of buildings in business quarter.

The area of leased premises is 12 thousand. In Novospassk all key resources of the company will be placed. In Technoserv told TAdviser that the company completely leaves the office located at the address Ryazansky Avenue, 2. To the new headquarters in Novosspask will move: commercial block, key technical specialists and administrative divisions. In total moving will affect 1100 people.

At the same time the company will save office on Yunosti St., 13. At it technical employees will work. How much the person remains here, in the company did not specify. In total in the Technoserv group, including regional branches, about 2700 employees work.

The PSN group existing since the beginning of the 2000th years acts as the developer of Novospassky. Its total portfolio is estimated at 740 thousand sq.m, land bank — at 40 thousand hectares. Brothers Dmitry and Alexey Ananyevy are considered as the main owners of this business. Alexey Ananyev also appears the chairman of the board of directors of Technoserv.

About 1100 employees of Technoserv<i> (a photo source - will move to the new headquarters in business quarter Novospassky</i>
About 1100 employees of Technoserv (a photo source - will move to the new headquarters in business quarter Novospassky

Transaction amount of PSN and Technoserv are not disclosed. PSN call this transaction successful. According to the vice president of the company Georgy Naidyonov, in the conditions of the high level of vacant premises in the market of a commercial real estate it is rather difficult to find the tenant on the large volume of the squares at long term.

The managing partner of Colliers International Nikolay Kazansky says that the current lots in Novospassk are offered at the price of 16.5-19.5 thousand rubles for sq.m a year excluding VAT and operating expenses. Thus, lease of space at the PSN group can cost to Technoserv 198–234 million rubles. But the office on 12 thousand sq.m could be rented cheaper, Kazansky assumes.

The transaction between PSN and Technoserv can become the second in value in the market of office lease this year. Before JLL reported that mobile operator Tele2 agreed about lease of 13 thousand sq.m in office Comcity park in Nova Moskve.

Branch in Tyumen

On May 30, 2017 the Technoserv company announced opening of branch in Tyumen. Creation of branch became development of cooperation of the IT company with the leaders of area within the memorandum signed by the governor of the Tyumen region Vladimir Yakushev and the chairman of the board of directors of Technoserv group Alexey Ananyev in February, 2017.

The memorandum provides the cooperation aimed at the development of the information technology industry within implementation of the concept of creation and development of a hardware-software complex "Safe city" in the Tyumen region.

The branch of Technoserv in Tyumen will become base for creation of regional resource competence center Safe City. Tasks of the center are development and technical maintenance of IT solutions for needs of the Tyumen region and all subjects of the Russian Federation. At the same time, the Tyumen IT specialists and also students of Safe City department which is going to be created at one of the Tyumen universities will work in the center.

Besides, local support of federal projects of Technoserv, including - implementation of direct supervision behind project implementation in the Tyumen region, rapid response to requests of customers and also strengthening of a system of service and warranty service in the region will become a task of branch. Relying on industry knowledge and technology competences of Technoserv, the branch will be able to offer the regional enterprises a full range of IT services and to strengthen cooperation with state structures, telecom operators, financial institutions, energy industry and mid-scale businesses of the Tyumen region.

The Tyumen region became the ninth Russian region in which Technoserv is provided. In addition to head office in Moscow (CFD) the company has regional divisions in St. Petersburg (Northwestern Federal District), Krasnodar and Volgograd (Southern Federal District), Nizhny Novgorod (Volga federal district), Yekaterinburg, Tyumen (Ural federal district), Novosibirsk (SFD) and also Vladivostok and Khabarovsk (DVFO). Total number of employees of the Technoserv Group – more than 2700 people.

Ryabinin Alexander who before transition to Technoserv held a position of the associate director on work with key clients of the Tyumen company "Intelligent transport system" is appointed the director of the Tyumen branch of the company.

Confirmation of the status Gold Certified Cisco

The Technoserv company announced in May, 2017 confirmation of the status of the golden partner (Gold Certified Partner) of Cisco company. The new program of certification of partners includes both verification of fundamental requirements of the producer, and "tuning" of separate processes. Treat fundamental requirements: presence of the level required technical examination (the certified specialists, complexity and quality of project implementation, a demooborudovaniye), maturity of processes and systems for business stages (from a preseyl before implementation and service) and also procedures for their permanent improvement. During recertification the emphasis was placed on strategy for development of offers in the field of cloud services (Cisco Hybrid IT) and also on improvement of customer interaction for transfer of the best practices and knowledge put in solutions of Cisco. Technoserv confirmed compliance of business processes of the company to standards of the IT industry and to requirements of Cisco.


Turnover grew by 1.3% to 52.44 billion rub

Turnover of Technoserv Group in 2016 financial year made 52.442 billion rubles. In comparison with a previous period turnover increased by 1.3%. In a ranking "TAdviser100: The largest IT companies in Russia" at the end of 2016 the Technoserv Group took the 5th place.

The main direction of business of Group is still the system integration generating 66% of a total turnover then services – 22%, consulting – 11% and software development – 1% follow. Key customers of Group are government institutions – 28%, telecommunication companies – 25% and financial institutions – 25%, at the same time, the last segment showed in 2016 growth more than for 30%.

Fight against I-Teco for government contracts

In October, 2016 TAdviser held a virtual duel between Technoserv and I-Teco, having analyzed collisions of the companies on tenders (Article: Duel: "Technoserv contra I-Teco" - who whom? read in more detail).

Projects "Smart City"

In 2016 the Competence Center in the Safe City direction was considerably strengthened. Technoserv keeps projects in Vologda, Cherepovets, Vytegra, Kursk, Nizhny Tagil, Nizhny Novgorod, Yakutsk, Mordovia and Veliky Novgorod, Arkhangelsk, Kotlas, Gorno-Altaysk and Tyumen. The complex of solutions which offers Technoserv includes 4 functional units: coordination of work of services and departments, safety of the population and municipal (utility) infrastructure, security on transport and environmental safety. The majority of projects passes based on own developments of Technoserv.

Competence Center on the engineering systems

In 2016 in Technoserv the uniform Competence Center on the engineering systems which integrated department of data processing centers, capital construction department and management of construction work was created.

Support of handball club "Chekhovian Bears"

Since 2016 the Technoserv group renders the sponsor's help to the handball command "Chekhovian Bears". The decision on support of club was made after the address of Vladimir Maximov, the head coach and the president of "Chekhovian bears", to one of shareholders of Technoserv with which Maximov is personally familiar long ago, reported TAdviser in the press service of integrator.

The volume of financial aid to club does not reveal. In the command from comments refused. Vladimir Maximov in an interview said earlier that "if not the help of Technoserv group, we could not act in the Champions League" and "if Technoserv refuses "Chekhovian bears", the command just will not be. Players have families, children, they need to live on something" [1] (in more detail).


Overview of key customers and projects

Among the main customers of Technoserv in 2015: FMS of Russia, Pension Fund of the Russian Federation, Federal Treasury, FTS, Roshydromet, Rosgranitsa, Rosreestr, Rosfinmonitoring, etc.

In 2015 the Technoserv company was a contractor of such large projects as:

  • Creation of a uniform geographically distributed corporate data processing center of JSC SO UES which was awarded with the prize CNews AWARDS in the Geographically Distributed DPC of Year nomination;
  • Creation of the Russia's first multimedia laboratory of joint work and group training – the platform of concurrent engineering (Concurrent Engineering Design Facility, CEDF) for Skoltech. The project is awarded with the IT award "Project of Year" in the Success of Video Technologies nomination.

Among the most important projects of the main consulting structure of the Technoserv Group, Technoserv Consulting company, in 2015 it is possible to note:

The plan of creation of the Center of Research and Development of Technoserv to Skolkovo

At the beginning of 2015 the Skolkovo Foundation and Technoserv company – the largest Russian system integrator – signed the partnership agreement. Partnership provides creation of the center of research and development (Research and Development) of Technoserv in the territory of the Innovation center "Skolkovo". Works on creation of the Center will begin in 2015. Computer technologies and software development will become the main activities of the Center of Research and Development of Technoserv. Total number of employees will be 150 people.

According to the reached agreements, Technoserv intends to transfer to Skolkovo a command on development of systems of biometric identification of the personality. Let's remind that the company develops a complex of the biometric Kaskad-Potok systems which includes a range of the modern intelligent systems of security integrating advantages of technologies of video analytics and biometric identification and being the first completely domestic development in this industry. A system identifies the personality according to the image of the person, without requiring physical contact with the device: it is enough to person to pass by or to be delayed in front of the video camera for small time. In addition to development of the systems of identification in the person Technoserv is going to work in the field of dactyloscopy and other types of the systems of recognition and the analysis of biometric data.

To the second directions there will be a creation of application solutions, development tools and testing. The Technoserv group has serious experience in this area. An example of similar solutions is the Helios CU-112 platform providing acceptance and processing of emergency calls and messages from the population by uniform number "112". This solution which is the Russian development with an open architecture completely conforms to requirements of regulating and methodical documents in the field of creation of a System-112 in the Russian Federation that is confirmed with the positive conclusion of Federal State Budgetary Institution The All-Russian Research Institute on Problems of Civil Defence and Emergencies of Emercom of Russia.

Interview of TAdviser of the director of the department of DPC Alexey Karpov

In April, 2015 Alexey Karpov, the director of the department of data processing centers Technoserv, gave an interview of TAdviser about the construction course Avantage (DPC).


The Department of biometric and end-to-end systems of security is created

The Technoserv company announced in April, 2014 creation of new division – Department of biometric and end-to-end systems of security. Hrulev Andrey who developed this direction in Technoserv since 2010 is appointed the head of new structure Technoserv is engaged in development of own biometric systems since 2007. At the beginning of 2011 the company for the first time announced the Kaskad-Potok system intended for identification of the personality in real time according to video data. "Kaskad-Potok" became the first completely domestic development in the field of biometric identification of the personality according to the image of the person who is not conceding on performance to foreign analogs. Investments of the company into system development within three years made more than 100 million rubles. All these years the department of biometric and end-to-end systems of security of department of work with government institutions based on which the department of biometric and end-to-end systems of security which became division of a full stroke of technical directorate of Technoserv was created was engaged in development of this direction.

The Department of service and outsourcing is created

"The department of service and outsourcing became the next department of a full stroke in Technoserv after Department of data processing centers. Experience of a command of integrator in questions of outsourcing and support of the equipment, automated systems and business processes allows to solve effectively problems of any customers irrespectively of their complexity. It is enough to mention that since June, 2011 the order of the Russian President Technoserv is the only contractor of the state order on execution of works on support, service and development of a departmental segment of FMS of Russia of the state system of production, registration and control of passport and visa documents of new generation. Besides, Technoserv renders services in outsourcing of IT processes and for government institutions, both for banks, and for telecom operators. Leonenko Vladimir who was engaged in the company in this direction since 2008 is appointed the head of department. The most demanded are services of transfer on outsourcing of all processes of operation, service and development of the IT equipment: beginning from the equipment of DPC (the server, storage system, network equipment, the engineering systems) and finishing with the subscriber equipment (workstations together with peripheral equipment).


Restructuring of technical directorate

In 2013 financial year complex restructuring of technical directorate of Technoserv company was carried successfully out. In particular, several departments of a full stroke were selected in separate production blocks. Each of them is engaged in the technology directions which are in the increased demand for customers. So, in structure of technical directorate of Technoserv were selected: department of DPC, department of service and outsourcing, department of biometric solutions, department of multimedia and situational centers. Also in 2013 in structure of technical directorate Technoserv the department of program developments and department of industry solutions were created.

In a technology section for the company projects with use of virtualization, private clouds and also complete integrated solutions based on own developments or several applied products from different niche technology leaders became key.

Opening of competence center according to solutions on the IBM System z platform

The Technoserv company and IBM corporation announced in November, 2013 opening of the Russia's first competence center according to solutions on the IBM System Z platform.

The competence center will unroll a hardware and software system based on the computing system of a class the IBM zEnterprise 114 mainframe (z114) and storage systems of DS8870 and also the system software of z/VM 6.3, z/OS and DB2 10.5 DBMS is used.

In competence center functional and overload tests of software products on the IBM System z platform for demonstration of work of ERP systems, a business intelligence, cloud computing for customers from the different industries and also a portation of applications on the IBM System z platform will be carried out. Besides, the new competence center will allow to carry out certification of hardware and software systems on compliance to requirements of regulatory organizations.

The competence center is based in Moscow in the territory of the technical center "Technoserv". Several engineering divisions of Technoserv company are involved in work of competence center. The total quantity of engineers at the time of opening of the center made 30 people.

Creation of department of DPC

In December, 2013 Technoserv announced creation in the company of new division - department of data processing centers. He will be responsible for all stages of projects on DPC, beginning from technology sale to the customer before full completion of construction and certification of an object. Need of creation of such division for Technoserv is explained with considerable amount of works on design, construction and upgrade of DPCs in recent years.

The company told TAdviser that the new department will consist in total of about 40 people. The specialists having certificates of Uptime Institute, producers of the different equipment and systems for DPC will enter it. Alexey Karpov, before it, since 2008 holding a similar position in Asterosa will head the new direction. Together with it on DPCs of Technoserv passed some more employees how many, in the company preferred not to sound into department.

The first project of Karpov on new work location will become creation of the commercial data center Avantage of the TIER III level, largest in Russia, on 2200 racks which is going to bring into operation already in the fourth quarter 2014, speak in Technoserv.

It is interesting that earlier got rid of similar department of Asteros. The company explained TAdviser that in the business direction of engineering and IT infrastructure of group reorganization within which the department of DPC was integrated with department of the engineering systems under the leadership of Maxim Gunin was carried out.

"Works in the Olympic Sochi and other large-scale projects of Asteros require already not so much selection of the production division having examination in some one area, how many formation of the selected team of high-class specialists of all spheres of activity for the solution of assigned tasks", - explain the reasons of this step in Asterosa.

The joint department totals more than 250 people from whom only 12 architects-designers and 3 project managers specialize in projects on creation of DPC, told TAdviser in Asterosa. Other competences, according to representatives of the company, are adjacent and power supply, energy efficiency, etc. is equally demanded both in the field of design and implementation of data centers, and for complex projects on creation of difficult engineering infrastructures, implementation of the low-current systems, SCS.

2012: Overview of key projects of year


Key projects in a technology section in the company call implementations using virtualization, private clouds and also complete integrated solutions based on own developments or several applied products from different niche technology leaders. Besides, the direction of Technoserv on providing technical support and outsourcing of systems and infrastructures of customers shows the second year in a row 60% growth.

The largest integration projects became:

  • Technical support and maintenance of a departmental segment of FMS of Russia of the state system of production, registration and control of passport and visa documents of new generation;
  • Implementation of the Single system of monitoring and administration of services of telecommunication for all objects of the Government of Moscow and public institutions of the city of Moscow;
  • The project on construction and start of a federal mobile network of Rostelecom providing protection of GSM licenses of the operator;
  • Works on upgrade of DPCs of permanent partners of Technoserv: Promsvyazbank, Major computer center of Russian Railway, Magnet, Tele2 and FMS of Russia;
  • The project on creation of automated information system "The state forest register" for Federal Forestry Agency (Rosleskhoz);
  • Creation of a uniform complex of ICT infrastructure and security system for the Complex on transfer and fractionation of condensate of JSC Novatek in the Sea trade port of Ust-Luga.


The portfolio of offers for clients "Technoserv Consulting" in 2012 financial year was complemented with a number of own products:

  • "The system of the summary reporting" – the centralized solution for collecting of reports from all divisions of the organization in a single system of the summary reporting and the subsequent consolidation for hierarchy;
  • TSC Collection is a system for automation of collecting of arrears taking into account features of borrowers and a possibility of use of different strategy on the Oracle Siebel CRM platform;
  • The Corporate Crediting system intended for automation of end-to-end process of crediting of corporate clients in financial institutions based on platforms BPM BRM and ECM.
  • It is separately necessary to note achievements Technoserv Consulting in the area, flagman for the company, – implementation of business applications of SAP. At the end of 2012 the company is called by the Russian representative office of SAP the winner in the "Maximum Sales Volume of a SAP Software" nomination.

Key projects in the direction of consulting:

  • * SAP implementation (SAP for Retail and SAP CRM) in the Russia's first multi-channel retailer – Enter company;
  • * Continuation of SAP of implementation, joint with the Russian representative office, in Aeroflot company of the end-to-end system of management covering seven key blocks;
  • * Implementation of the system of the management reporting, the first in the territory of the CIS, on the SAP Business Objects SAP 10 platform in the national atomic company "Kazatomprom";
  • * Creation of the uniform bank front office automating all communication channels with clients in VTB 24 on the basis of Oracle Siebel CRM and also implementation in bank of a management system for the normative reference information (MDM system);
  • * Creation of the credit pipeline in Rosselkhozbank on IBM BPM technologies allowing bank quickly and with higher quality to make decisions on issue of consumer loans to retail clients.

Software development

In 2012 financial year in turnover Reksoft company there was a redistribution of shares foreign and Russian and clients for benefit of the last: in comparison with previous year their share in revenues of the company grew from 43 to 67%. First of all it is connected with implementation by Reksoft of a number of large-scale projects in a public sector. Also there is growth of business of the company in the North American market. Let's note that in connection with growth of business of "Reksoft" increased the staff in 2012 for 10%.

The most important and interesting Reksoft projects in 2012 financial year call:

  • The developments executed for FMS of Russia which received two awards at the tender "The Best 10 IT Projects for a Public Sector 2012" at once. Won against the project for FMS of Russia on transfer to an electronic form of eight public services of department, including state services in issue and replacement of passports of the citizen of Russia the "Best Public Service Provided to Citizens with Use SIEI" nomination. In the "Best Consumer of Data on Channels of Interdepartmental Interaction" nomination the award was received by development of Reksoft - the "Service hub of FMS of Russia" intended for providing uniform connection point of information systems of FMS of Russia to SIEI. Implementation in all territorial subjects of the Russian Federation of the unified application software "Territory" allowing to integrate all business processes of FMS of Russia at all regional levels became also important Reksofta project in 2012 financial year. Let's remind that this project was highly appreciated by the country leaders;
  • A number of joint projects within group of companies - with the companies "Technoserv" and Consulting Technoserv - in banks VTB 24, Promsvyazbank, Home Credit Bank. Creation of the complete solution for management of test environments in financial institutions became result of this cooperation. The solution allows to automate and accelerate processes of creation of test environments, creations of copies of productive information systems and also to automate accounting of test infrastructure of banks;
  • The project for the American company Alert Logic – one of leading manufacturers of hardware and software systems for control of security of corporate networks and the commercial information. Within this work the Competence Center of Reksoft performed works on migration of software products of the customer of Log Manager and Threat Manager on the new "cloud" platform;
  • Development of the single new web platform of S7 Airlines company. Increase in percent of purchases among visitors of the website of airline, expansion of a range of the provided online consulting services about products and services for decrease in load of contact center of the company was a project objective.


Overview of key projects of year


The status of the company in a segment of IT outsourcing was in addition confirmed with appointment of Technoserv in June, 2011 as the order of the Russian President as the only contractor of the state order on execution of works on support, service and development of a departmental segment of FMS of Russia of the state system of production, registration and control of passport and visa documents of new generation.

Progress of integration division in 2011 was highly appreciated by the market. Technoserv traditionally headed the annual rating of CNewsInfrastructure of 2011 largest system integrators of Russia. Last year the company was a contractor of such large projects as:

Growth of the direction of application solutions became one of drivers of development of integration business of the Technoserv Group in reporting period 60%. Last year Technoserv implemented about 40 unique complex projects in the field of OSS, ITSM and VAS solutions, each of which integrated in itself from 4 to 11 products of different vendors. The feature of such projects consists in need as deep examination in various relevant technologies, and thorough understanding of IT infrastructure of the customer and his current business challenges. Let's note that 2011 became for the direction year of serious diversification of business when the unique experience acquired on projects for telecom industry was successfully applied in solving of tasks to clients of Group of energy industry, the financial industry and government institutions. Sign projects in this area became:

  • implementation of a system, unique for the Russian market, traffic management for optimization of mobile traffic and services in a federal data network of JSC MTS;
  • development and deployment of a monitoring system of AKADO Telecom network based on which the end-to-end system of monitoring of metering stations of consumption of energy resources for JSC MOEK consolidating networks of 4 more operators was implemented;
  • creation of a centralized system of user support of corporate IT services for JSC ANC Bashneft.


For consulting division of Group – the company "Technoserv Consulting" – 2011 financial year was mentioned by development of own capacities, developmen