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The international Legal institute at the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation



For 2018 at the institute and its branches located in different regions of the Russian Federation 8,000 students study. Training of students is conducted in college, at law department, in a magistracy, a postgraduate study, the center of additional professional education. The institute conducts training not only at a paid basis, but also at the expense of means of the federal budget (on a bachelor degree in Moscow and in a magistracy). For the history by institute in Moscow and in regions it is created own, equipped with modern technical means of training, educational material resources, the highly skilled collective numbering about 800 people, including 437 of them – teachers is created. Specific weight of the teachers having academic degrees reaches 80%. Except salaried employees, practical workers - heads and leading specialists of federal and regional law enforcement agencies, courts and other organizations widely are involved in educational process.