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Southern telecommunication company


The Russian telecommunication company, one of seven interregional companies of communication (MRK) belonging to JSC Svyazinvest. Full name — Southern Telecommunication Company Open joint stock company.





+ The southern telecommunication company - YuTK

JSC Southern Telecommunication Company (JSC YuTK) is interregional company of communication of Svyazinvest group, a chief operator of fixed connection and provider of new services in the Southern and North Caucasian Federal districts. An area of coverage of YuTK – 10 subjects of the Southern Federal District and North Caucasus federal district, the area - 520 thousand, the population - about 18.5 million human. It is created on November 1, 2002 by a join path of regional operators based on JSC Kubanyelektrosvyaz.

Features of a geopolitical position of YuTK are connected with the big extent of the coastline of the Black and Azov seas where the leading sea resorts of the country – Sochi, Gelendzhik, Anapa, Novorossiysk and also popular ski resorts – Krasnaya Polyana, Teberda, Dombai, Arkhyz, Lago-Naki are located.

Financial performance of activity

According to the results of 9 months 2010 sales proceeds were 17,505 million rubles. More than 42% of revenue of YuTK are the share of income from services of local communication. Income from service of telegraph communication, services in data transmission and telematic communication services (Internet) reached 4,997 million rubles that makes 28.5% of revenue. According to the results of 9 months 2010 in structure of revenue of service of intra-zone telephone communication occupy 13.7% - 2,392 million rubles.

Operating expenses of YuTK in 9 months 2010 made 14,156 million rubles. The greatest share in structure of cost value is occupied by staff expenses – 4,746 million rubles (33.5%). Expenses on wear and depreciation made 3,386 million rubles (23.9%).

The indicator of EBITDA according to the results of 9 months reached value of 7,431 million rubles, at this EBITDA margin made 42.5%. The net profit of YuTK reached 2,524 million rubles, profitability of net profit – 14.4%. The indicator of a net debt was 17,885 million rubles.


10 regional branches are a part of YuTK:

Adygei Astrakhan Volgograd Kabardino-Balkarian Kalmyk Karachay-Cherkess Krasnodar Rostov North Ossetian Stavropol

Today JSC YuTK is:

  • about 4 million main subscriber devices;
  • 74.04% - digitalization of a local exchange network;
  • more than 550 thousand users of broadband access;
  • more than 26 thousand IPTV users;
  • about 25 thousand highly-skilled employees.

YuTK provides to the population and legal entities traditional and modern services: local and intra-zone communication, broadband Internet access, IP-TV, creation of VPN (virtual private networks), services of intelligent networks of communication, Call center, etc.

YuTK main product brands: DiSeL-service of broadband Internet access in HDSL technology. DiSeL – TV-service of IPTV based on broadband Internet access on HDSL technology. The N1 card is universal remedy of payment for services YuTK.

Securities of the Company address at the largest Russian and international exchanges: JSC RTS, MICEX SE Ltd. ADR on ordinary shares address on the Frankfurt and Berlin stock exchanges, the NEWEX exchange, curb market of the USA.


In 2010 investments of YuTK into development of telecommunications into Sochi will make 165.5 million rubles, the press service of the company reports. The main part of them will be used for preparation of lines and constructions of communication for the forthcoming XXII Winter Olympic games of "Sochi-2014".

In implementation phase there is a project of reservation of an inter-office trunk on section of Sochi-Adler, upgrade of a transport network of the city of Sochi using the modern equipment of wavelength wave division multiplexing (DWDM) and high-performance routers of packets of information. In 2010 YuTK is going to put into operation of 14 objects of communication with a total cost more than 209 million rubles.

Together with Rostelecom company projects on communication services provision for the organizing committee of "Sochi-2014" and Olympstroy group are implemented. Within cooperation communication lines are constructed and telecommunication services for the contract organizations conducting construction of small and big ice arenas for ice hockey, skating stadium in the Olympic Park are provided. By request of Olympstroy State Corporation communication channels are provided for service of video surveillance behind construction of Olympic venues in mountain and coastal clusters.

The works on laying of the optical fiber cable 5 km long on section from the communication hub of ATS-40 (Adler) to new air terminal complex are also completed. On an object "A sports complex in the item Krasnaya Polyana" laying of fiber optic communication lines and installation of the corresponding equipment are executed.