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"Tinkoff Development center" — the project of Tinkoff group which integrates network of development centers in the large cities of Russia. Tasks of employees include creation of products and for the platform, and work on projects for foreign market.

The first center was open in 2016 in St. Petersburg. As of the middle of 2019 at the company 12 centers to Skolkovo, St. Petersburg, Nizhny Novgorod, Novosibirsk and the Novosibirsk Campus, Yekaterinburg, Innopolis, Izhevsk, Rostov-on-Don, Kazan, Sochi, Ryazan function.

According to FTS, in 2018 the average number of employees "Tinkoff Development center" was 418 people.

Performance Indicators

2018: Growth of revenue by 211%, almost to 1 billion rubles

Revenue of Tinkoff Development Center company at the end of 2018 made 978.5 million rubles. Told about this TAdviser in "Tinkoff" in September, 2019. According to base " circuit.focus ", the previous year turnover of Tinkoff Development Center made 314.5 million rubles. Thus, in a year it increased by 211%.

Such indicator is comparable to turnovers of the insourcing companies of Rosseti ("IT Energy Service") and Metalloinvest ("Dzhi Es Ey Group") which in 2018 made 959 million rubles and 937 million rubles respectively.

"Tinkoff the Development center" at the same time receives revenue both from execution of works for structures of the Tinkoff group, and from external projects. The company preferred not to disclose structure of revenue in both directions in 2018 and the expectations on structure on the future.

"Tinkoff Development center" was created at the end of 2016 (a photo - RIA News/Alexey Danichev)
"Tinkoff Development center" was it is created not only for development in-house, but also for R&D. It is the key center in the company which tests all ideas. Something from them receives the road to life, and something is not present. On successful products we register copyright, we take out patents and we begin to offer them in foreign markets, - told TAdviser in the company about the principles of the work.

On the middle of 2019 at "Tinkoff the Development center" is a set of own software products: for example, Tinkoff VoiceKit is speech technologies which can be used by the companies for creation of own voice assistants, robots for automation of work of call center, creation of a system of speech analytics in the transcribed texts, in call centers for control of work of operators and for some other the purposes.

According to the company, the companies providing services on end-to-end and a business intelligence, among which - Calltouch and Roistat and also telecommunication services (Just Call) and platforms (Voximplant) already use its solution Tinkoff VoiceKit.

According to CST company, the volume of the Russian market of speech technologies in 2018 was 2.5-3 billion rubles, and according to the results of the 2019th can show growth in 25%. In this Tinkoff market in addition to CST of "Yandex", Group and some others. competes with such companies as.

In "Tinkoff the Development center" is also the separate direction on development of voice biometrics. Own development of the company is built already in a Single biometric system which operator is Rostelecom.

In the last two years "Tinkoff Development center" strongly grew, but already approaches that quantitative level which was planned, note in "Tinkoff".

We do not assume to support the same active growth in the medium term and we expect further development according to growth rates of domestic demand. On revenue we expect a gain for 30-40% of the current level as in addition to development for satisfaction of domestic demand we are going to increase revenue from foreign sales, - told TAdviser in the company concerning expectations on growth of revenue "Tinkoff Development center" for 2019 and the next years.


As of the middle of 2019 on the website "Tinkoff Development Center" as the directions it activity are specified:

Cloud computing and services:

  • Integration of cloud services with information systems offline;
  • Creation of software under different models of cloud services;
  • Providing and management of cloud computing resources;
  • Work with instruments of creation of public, hybrid, private and other types of clouds.

New systems of design, development and management:

  • Creation of information systems for planning, accounting, the analysis and management in the company;
  • Industrial automation, finance, logistics, sale and administration;
  • Scaling and integration of corporate information systems;
  • Use of the last technologies of a geolocation and access from mobile devices.

Processing and analysis of Big Data:

  • Development of new algorithms for collecting and the analysis of Big Data, and software for the distributed storage.

New systems of search, recognition and information processing:

  • Use of neural networks for search, recognitions and processings of audio, video and images, semantics by search and information analysis and new technologies in machine translation systems.

Safe information technologies:

Are sure of "Tinkoff" that story with acquisition of ready-made vendor solutions, their support and completion, often long-term, lose the relevance.

We see and we support a trend when even more often development is conducted or to order, or in the company. It often reduces time-to-market and allows to use the iterative approach in deliveries, and products conform to requirements of business better, - explained TAdviser in the company.

Believe in "Tinkoff" that also development of technologies which provide more and more scope when implementing products on the basis of separate components instead of monoliths with a long cycle of production and badly predicted delivery dates contributes to the development of this trend.

More and more companies are engaged in development of in-house, we see confirmation to it and in labor market, demand for developers, analysts, testers and other participants of development process steadily grows in recent years, - say in "Tinkoff".