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Tinkoff Insurance


Since 2002
Central Federal District of the Russian Federation
127287, 2 Hutorskaya Street, 38A, building 26




2019: Start of agency network of sales

On April 8, 2019 "Tinkoff" reported that "Tinkoff Insurance" starts agency network of sales and opens to insurance agents access to the online platform through which they will be able to offer the clients insurance services and to earn a reward for the performed transactions. So, for example, the commission fee for agents for execution of policies of KASKO through the Tinkoff Strakhovaniya online platform will make from 23%.

The online platform for agents of Tinkoff Insurance

To become the agent of Tinkoff of Insurance, the individual or the individual entrepreneur need to issue the civil contract (GPH) on the online platform. Execution of the agency agreement happens without paper document flow (to the electronic signature) and takes only 20 minutes taking into account necessary approvals from Insurance Tinkoff. After that the agent will get access to a personal account.

Agency online service of Tinkoff of Insurance — the platform in which all processes are automated — from signing of the agency agreement in an electronic format before payment of remuneration for sales of insurance services. Payment of remunerations can be issued at any time in a personal account in only one click then money will arrive into the account of the agent. Within 24/7 service online support of Tinkoff of Insurance which will help the agent to resolve quickly any issue connected with agency activity and execution of transactions also works.

Among other advantages of the agency Tinkoff Strakhovaniya platform there is completely remote execution of insurance contracts that considerably saves time of the agent and his clients. To issue sale of the policy, it is enough to agent to fill a simple electronic form on the Tinkoff Strakhovaniya platform, and the client will be able to pay service in the reference which to it will be given by the agent. For inspection of the car (at insurance of KASKO) to the client the representative of Tinkoff which transfers further to the client the agreement to the signature leaves.

Today many clients prefer to work not directly with insurance companies, and through agents with whom they built up trusted relationships. Such agents for April, 2019 about 150 thousand across all Russia. Among them there are beginners in a profession and experienced agents. Start of agency network will allow us not only to create the additional sales channel for Insurance Tinkoff, but also to satisfy the need of a huge segment for the insurance industry — agents with own base of clients. Our online platform will give them the chance to make usual work with a bigger speed and the maximum comfort. In the future we will continue to develop this service and to propose to clients other solutions within Insurance Tinkoff. We dynamically develop — in 2018 the volume of insurance premiums in Tinkoff Insurance grew by 208% relatively 2017 and was 7.3 billion rubles, on KASKO growth of insurance premiums for the same period was 190% that allowed us to take a sure position in the Russian insurance market — Ivan Mironenko, the CEO of Tinkoff of Insurance comments

2014: Renaming in "Tinkoff Insurance"

In December, 2014 it became known that since the beginning of 2015 insurance Insurance the company name "Tinkoff Online" will be replaced with "Tinkoff Insurance", along with renaming TKS of Bank in Tinkoff Bank. Renaming will not be reflected in conditions of current agreements in any way.

2012: Creation

The Tinkoff Online Insurance insurance company is founded in 2002.