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Trance Engineering


Information technologies
Since 2011
Central Federal District of the Russian Federation
119049, street Yakimanka of B., house 40, premises 415.7



Trans engineering — specialized subsidiary company – Competence Center on digitalization of Ural Carriage-Building Plant. Primary activity — consultation and work in the field of computer technologies.


2019: The memorandum with Galaktika corporation of creation of the joint venture for production digitalization

The Trans engineering company and Galaktika corporation signed on July 9, 2019 the memorandum of creation of joint venture for development of a digital technology platform of management of production and auxiliary processes of UVZ based on software products of Galaktika. The signatures under the agreement were appended by the CIO of UVZ Konstantin Kravchenko and the board member of Galaktika corporation Anton Malkov.

According to the document, interaction of the parties includes the organization of end-to-end information exchange of participants of process at all stages of product lifecycle within uniform digital space. The list of priority tasks includes implementation of management systems for production programs and interfactory cooperation, planning and operational production management to the level of a technology workplace, project management by Research and Development and preparation of production.

UVZ concern starts program implementation of complex digital transformation which is directed not just to growth of financial performance, and to formation of a new business management system — the CIO of UVZ Konstantin Kravchenko told. — It is sure that cooperation with Galaktika corporation will allow not only to implement the optimal domestic solutions on digitalization which are not conceding to foreign analogs but also to increase efficiency of business processes.

Creation of joint venture is logical continuation of earlier signed agreement on strategic cooperation between Ural Carriage-Building Plant and Galaktika corporation. Activity of the planned joint venture will be directed to project implementation of digitalization of UVZ and the affiliated enterprises entering it based on software products of Galaktika, including creation of the digital platform of management of production processes of UVZ — the board member of Galaktika corporation Anton Malkov noted.[1]