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PJSC TransContainer is subsidiary of JSC Consolidated Transport and Logistic Company (CTLC) founded by JSC "Russian Railways", JSC Oil Company Kazakhstan Temir Zholy and the Belarusian railroad — it is registered on March 4, 2006 based on Russian Railway branch — the Center for transportation of goods in containers TransContainer. The Company began business activities on July 1, 2006.

PJSC TransContainer is the Russian container operator who locates 46 own terminals in all cargo forming centers of Russia and also 19 railway terminals in Kazakhstan (through sovmestnoy society JSC Kedentransservice, the chief private operator of network of railway terminals in the Republic of Kazakhstan), and manages the container terminal Dobra located on border of Slovakia and Ukraine. The network of sales of the Company includes about 130 sales offices in Russia, with presence in the CIS countries, Europe and Asia. Besides, the Company is the largest in Russia, CIS and Baltic countries the owner of the park of the specialized rolling stock: in its property there are about 27 thousand fitting platforms and about 64 thousand large-capacity containers.

Shares of PJSC TransContainer are traded at the Moscow Exchange. Depositary receipts on the stock of the Company are trading on the London Stock Exchange.

50% plus 2 stocks of TransContainer are owned by OTLK under control of the Russian Railway. 11.2% of stocks UK "Transfingroup" of NPF Blagosostoyaniye owned. FESCO under control of Summa Group of Ziyavudin Magomedov has 24.17% of stocks.

In the spring of 2016 the EBRD left the capital of TransContainer, having sold the share to NPF Blagosostoyaniye, Kommersant writes. The EBRD specified that all packet — 9.24% is sold. Total amount of the transaction — 2.75 billion rubles, the share price — 2.39 thousand rubles that gives an award about 15% to the average cost of paper for half a year.

Earlier TransContainer was considered as a key asset of OTLK which had to become the largest container operator of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan, having merged also container and terminal assets of the Belarusian and Kazakhstan railroads. But after change of the head of the Russian Railway consolidation of OTLK clogged, and in January the president of the Russian Railway Oleg Belozerov announced that the monopoly agreed about "Kazakhstan temir sholas" about change of the OTLK format. The joint venture will continue to exist in the "facilitated" format, assets will not be entered to it, and the Russian Railway will take away from it TransContainer and Russian Railway Logistics. By some estimates, the output of TransContainer out of limits of OTLK can take about a year.

The EBRD explained that sale is connected with the investment policy of bank which assumes entry into the capital of the company for a certain term and the subsequent exit from it. The company specified that the investment horizon is rather short — five-seven years. Added to NPF Blagosostoyaniye that the company is seriously underestimated, besides, now the fund will receive one more place in Board of Directors that will give it together with the Russian Railway the qualified majority. At the same time it is not specified what money the NPF used for purchase of papers — pension reserves or own means.