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TsKS Skolkovo (Center of space communication)


Telecommunication and communication
Since 2003
Central Federal District of the Russian Federation
143025, Moscow region, Odintsovo district, village of Marfino, Skolkovskoye Highway, 1


The Skolkovo Center of Space Communication (CSC) (Russian Satellite Communications Company branch) was formed in October, 2003. TsKS "Skolkovo" provides delivery of packets of commercial television satellite platforms (NTV Plus, Tricolour, Satellite television) via satellites of direct TV broadcasting on the European territory the Russian Federation and Siberia. Specialists of TsKS "Skolkovo" also participate in management of direct broadcasting satellites of GP KS.


For June, 2019 in TsKS "Skolkovo" 8 stations of DBS range with antenna systems from 4.5 to 9 meters certified for work in the Eutelsat system which allow to perform broadcasting from the 2nd to 12 digital software packages of direct TV broadcasting via the Russian and foreign communication satellites located on a geostationary earth orbit in points of standing 36º and 56º of east longitude, one transmitting station of Ku-range with an antenna system of 7 meters certified for work in the Eutelsat system, one station of Ku-range with an antenna system 5 meters, 33 antennas from 2.5 to 6.3 meters which allow to perform acceptance from geostationary satellites of foreign and domestic television channels, one control station of KA (based on an antenna system of 9 meters of 12 barreled transceiving stations of DBS range of STV-ZS No. 1) entering a land complex of management of KA of Express AT1 and two fiber lines of communication which provide communication of an object with the center of formation of programs in the Technical center "Shabolovka" are located.[1]