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Tula Cellular Radio Telephone Communication (TCRTC)


Direct MS


Tele2 closed the transaction on purchase of 60% of stocks of Tulskaya Sotovaya Radiotelefonnaya svyaz (TSRS Ltd) Ltd at the beginning of 2015. Tele2 subsidiary company of Direct MS Ltd which owned 40% of capital stock of the operator acted as the buyer. The transaction received all necessary approvals in regulating authorities. Financial conditions of purchase do not reveal.

TSRS company − the regional mobile operator who is working in IMT-MC-450 standard and having the selected frequency bands in this range. Acquisition will allow Tele2 to obtain regional license 3G and to begin construction of 3G-network in Tula.

In December, 2014 Tele2 started in the region the first network of fourth generation (4G) at frequencies of 1800 MHz, having implemented the principle of technology neutrality. Having built 3G network, the operator will provide the subscribers using smartphones with support of this technology, the high-speed mobile Internet at the beneficial prices.