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In 2018 power engineering specialists of PJSC IDGC of Centre i Privolzhya branch – Tulenergo held a number of technical and organizational events which allowed to increase energy efficiency of an electric grid. Among them – decrease in losses of the electric power, use of intellectual technologies, installation of modern metering devices of the electric power, upgrade of a lighting system of production and office spaces using LED lamps. The total effect of accomplishment of energy saving actions was 10.1 thousand kWh or 25.9 million rubles.

Thanks to replacement of a normal wire on self-isolated (VULTURE) on transmission lines of 6-10 kV and 0.4 kV and also on branches of aerial lines to apartment houses, it was succeeded to save 2.59 million kWh or 6.5 million rubles.

The effect of carrying out the program of upgrade of a system of accounting of the electric power of the ASCAPC was 5.88 million kWh or 15.3 million rubles.

Such organizational actions as shutdowns of transformers in the modes of small loadings on substations with two and more transformers and also shutdown of transformers with seasonal loading and alignment of loadings of phases in distribution networks of 0.4 kV, allowed power engineering specialists to preserve 1.6 million kWh or 4.1 million rubles.

Tulenergo systemically works on decrease in own energy consumption. According to environmental policy of an electric grid consumption of energy resources in branch annually decreases, at least, by three percent.

Implementation, the substations directed to decrease in an expense of the electric power for own needs, in 2018 led 21.7 thousand kW of the h or 56.5 thousand rubles to economy.

In 2018 in Tulenergo replacement of 2469 lamps by LED analogs is made. The effect of this activity was 1,371.4 thousand kWh or 6.3 million rubles. By 2020 according to the Order of the Government of the Russian Federation of 9/27/2015 No. 971 in branch bringing a share of LED lighting to 75% is provided.