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U.S. intelligence community of United States Intelligence Community, IC


The U.S. intelligence community (United States Intelligence Community, IC) is advisory body for coordination of prospecting actions of the separate organizations of executive power collecting by technical and secret-service means information for protection of national security of the USA.

U.S. Department of Defense (Pentagon)




+ U.S. intelligence community (United States Intelligence Community, IC)

The prospecting community (RS of the USA) was founded by the Government directive No. 12333 signed on December 4, 1981 by the U.S. President Ronald Reagan.

Daily management by civil intelligence services and (partially) intelligence services of MO of the USA since 2005 is performed by the director of CIA in direct subordination to the director of an intelligence community of the USA (the adviser to the president for investigation).

The intelligence community of the USA contains about 16 specialized agencies and departments. Among these structures:

  • CIA,
  • Intelligence service of the Ministry of Defence (RUMO),
  • investigations of the Air Force, Naval Forces, Marine corps and Army (ground forces),
  • National Security Agency (NSA),
  • FBI,
  • reconnaissance departments of State Department, ministries of national security, power and finance.


The general budget of an intelligence community of the USA reached one of the lowest indicators in five years, the data published by the authorities demonstrate.

In 2014 taxable year financing of investigation made $67.9 billion that is 15% less than indicators of 2010. In 2013 this digit made $67.6 billion, however, speaking in general, financing decreased since 2010.

From the total amount selected in 2014 financial year, $50.5 billion intended on program implementation of the national intelligence, i.e. CIA and other structures. $17.4 billion more were selected to the Defense Ministries of an intelligence community of the USA.

According to experts, reduction first of all is connected with the end of large-scale military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan, on it a significant amount of means left. However plans of the Pentagon concerning Syria can lead to increase in the budget again.

The director of the national intelligence of the USA James Clapper in turn is negative to financing reduction policy.

"We as the country, in my professional opinion, face more serious risks today, than three years ago or even a year ago" — he emphasized[1].

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