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UNIIF Ministry of Health and Social Development, Federal State Institution


Federal state institution "Ural research institute of a ftiziopulmonologiya" of the Ministry of Health and Social Development of the Russian Federation

Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation (Ministry of Health)


Within 80 years UNIIF is the leading scientific and practical and organizational and methodical center for all directions of antitubercular work in the Ural Region (The Volga and Ural Federal districts). The experience accumulated by collective in recent years and marked by considerable achievements in ftiziatrichesky science and practice allows to solve the problems facing Institute now.

The history of fight against tuberculosis in the Urals began in 1912 when in Yekaterinburg there was the first clinic which on scanty donations helped TB patients. Patients were treated koumiss. Soon the "cheap" source ran low, and the clinic was closed.

In 1920 at the former dachas of merchants Agafurov the children's tubercular sanatorium of Gubzdravotdel, and in 1923 — a city indicative tubdispanser opened. By the beginning of 1934 in Sverdlovsk region there were already 20 antitubercular clinics.

The institute of tuberculosis was organized in March, 1931 based on the City indicative antitubercular clinic and was placed in the two-storeyed house on Karl Liebknecht St., in two houses on Tolmachev St., later also — in the territory of sanatorium Pinery where surgical department was unrolled (hands. L.I. Matuzkova).

In 1957 the Institute was placed under federal authority. Since 1960 pulmonary and surgical clinic (hands. M.L. Shulutko), patomorfologichesky laboratory (hands. G.A. Panfilova) took place based on a city clinic (the chapter the doctor E.S. Gubina). Own therapeutic clinic had only 40 beds (hands. A.V. Shelkovkina, Z.D. Repnitskaya).