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2019: Failure from a touch control courts

On August 9, 2019 US Navy declared failure from use of a touch control by courts after the fatal accident which occurred because of such technology.

Since 2020, to traditional mechanical governing bodies, such as steering wheels, toggle-switches, buttons and levers, all destroyers (destroyers) will return. Earlier such ships passed to the touch interfaces similar to those that are used in smartphones and tablets.

US Navy refuses a touch control courts because of which 10 seamen died
US Navy refuses a touch control courts because of which 10 seamen died

The decision on retrofitting of the fleet was made after the National Transportation Safety Board (   National Transportation Safety Board, NTSB) published results of investigation of collision of the American destroyer "John McCain" and oil tanker at the coast of Singapore on August 21, 2017.

In the report the difficult interface of the touch screen of the warship is called one of causes of accident. According to NTSB, an incident resulted from lack of due level of training on use of a system of a touch control of IBNS. One of crew members assumed that he controls all engines of the destroyer while it managed only one party of the ship. It increased the power of the half that brought to sharp turn of the vessel and collision with the tanker. As a result of the crash 10 seamen and 48 people onboard John McCain died were wounded various degrees of severity.

After the incident of Naval Forces conducted large-scale survey among military, and, according to the rear admiral Bill Galinis, most of respondents would prefer mechanical control to touch.

Galinis reported that by August, 2019 US Navy is in process of signing of the contract on installation of mechanical governing bodies. It will be some kind of remkomplekta which easily are established, he added.[1]