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Ural Carriage-Building Plant Scientific and production corporation of F.E. Dzerzhinsky


35000 employees in 2010



+ Ural Carriage-Building Plant (UVZ) Scientific and production corporation of F.E. Dzerzhinsky

JSC Ural Carriage-Building Plant Scientific and Production Corporation of F.E. Dzerzhinsky" — the Russian corporation which is engaged in development and production of military equipment, road-building machines, railway cars.

History and performance indicators

2019: The memorandum with Galaktika corporation of creation of the joint venture for production digitalization

The Trans engineering company (subsidiary company of Ural Carriage-Building Plant) and Galaktika corporation signed on July 9, 2019 the memorandum of creation of joint venture for development of a digital technology platform of management of production and auxiliary processes of UVZ based on software products of Galaktika. Read more here.

2018: Reduction of losses twice to 2.1 billion rubles

In 2018 actions for integration into structure of Rostec state corporation of Ural Carriage-Building Plant holding continued. By the time of transfer the consolidated loss of the company was made by 4.2 billion rubles. Support of State corporation allowed to cut losses of UVZ by half (in 2018 - 2.1 billion rubles), at the same time civil revenue (the share in revenue made 38.2%) and other financial performance of holding grew. Read more here.


For 2015 head enterprise — the Ural Carriage-Building Plant located in Nizhny Tagil of Sverdlovsk region. General partners of Ural Carriage-Building Plant are the largest domestic transportation companies and also the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation and JSC Rosoboronexport.

2014: Sales of weapon made $1,450 million

At the end of 2014 the enterprise took 61 places in the list of 100 world leading manufacturers of arms prepared by the Stockholm institute of researches of problems of the world (SIPRI). Sales of weapon of the enterprise in 2014 made $[1].


For April, 2011 JSC NPK Ural Carriage-Building Plant - one of the largest scientific-industrial complexes of Russia which includes metallurgical, rail car assembly, machine-assembling, mechanical-repair, instrumental and other productions allowing to provide a closed loop of production. Four design offices, including head in the industries of cargo car building, and two institutes give the chance of corporation to master modern technologies, to successfully develop and implement new models of transport and special equipment in serial production. Machine-building plants, design offices and laboratories are a part of the enterprise.


For 2010 the number of the enterprise was more than 35,000 employees.