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URFU of a name of the first President of Russia B.N. Yeltsin




+ Ural Federal University of URFU of a name of the first President of Russia B.N. Yeltsin

FGAOU VPO "Ural Federal University named after the first President of Russia B. N. Yeltsin" is the federal university of Russia created based on the oldest universities of the Urals — UGTU-UPI and USU. For 90-year history more than 300 thousand graduates were prepared. The university takes the leading positions not only in the Urals, but also in Russia. A strategic objective of the university — formation in the Ural Federal District the scientific and educational and innovation center which core will be a university. It will provide leadership of the university in the field of natural, humanitarian and technical science, its entry into number of the leading world education and intellectual centers.


2019: Cooperation with SKB Kontur on development of the "Fundamental Information Science and Information Technologies" direction

On July 10, 2019 reported to SKB Kontur that will render assistance URFA in development of the direction of preparation in the "Fundamental Information Science and Information Technologies" program.

The agreement on joint educational activity the rector Victor Koksharov and the CEO of SKB Kontur Evgeny Filatov signed URFA.

Under the agreement the company will involve IT specialists in development of educational rates and teaching at the university, to give a financial support, to participate in promotion of FIIT among entrants.

Within the Digital Economy national project it is required to train millions of specialists. 'Digit' is included into everyday life, and qualified specialists are for this purpose necessary. Based on Ural Federal University the affiliate program of both baccalaureate, and master level will be implemented. It once again confirms our effective cooperation and readiness to reach higher level both in education, and in application studies,
noted Victor Koksharov

According to Koksharov, URFA turns into the largest center of training of IT specialists outside Moscow and St. Petersburg. If in 2019 the university accepts on budget places in IT of 900 people, then in their 2020 more than 1,300 is planned.

In the FIIT program project training — solving of tasks, approximate to workers, and training of students with possible subsequent employment in SKB Kontur and other IT companies of Yekaterinburg is also supposed.

We cooperate with the university more than 10 years. We hold training, schools of industrial development, we pay scholarships to perspective students and grants — to teachers, we support a sports programming competition and information security. And now cooperation reaches other level. Together URFA and SKB Kontur reform the 'Fundamental Information Science and Information Technologies' direction. It will allow us to train world-class developers who are so necessary for economy of Russia and the Urals,
explains Evgeny Filatov

2018: Plans for opening of SAP Next-Gen Lab laboratory

On July 9, 2018 the companies SAP, PIPE METALLURGIC COMPANY and Ural Federal University (URFA Yekaterinburg) signed the agreement in which they expressed intention to open in university the innovation laboratory SAP Next-Gen Lab. It is planned that student's and teaching collectives will develop and test solutions for the metallurgical companies using advanced technologies: blockchain, industrial Internet of Things, augmented reality, machine learning and computer vision. It is supposed what the key director of tasks for projects of laboratory will become Pipe Metallurgic Company.

In SAP Next-Gen Lab work on several groups of perspective industrial scenarios is planned. The first direction — project development based on video recognition to monitor product quality, marking on goods and also to work on industrial security and labor protection. The second direction of projects — recognition and the analysis of the text for intellectual acoount reconciliation and the forecast of liquidity. The third — projects based on industrial Internet of Things and augmented reality for creation of digital doubles and effective service and repair of the equipment.

For work on projects the laboratory is supposed to be equipped with necessary technical equipment with assistance of SAP. In addition, on its base ensuring access to platform SAP solutions for creation of prototypes using advanced technologies is planned. The format of student's work provides holding project seminars, hackathons, master classes, innodzhem, trainings and also access to extensive library of the training materials of SAP.

SAP Next-Gen Lab is an initiative University alliance SAP. Based on the universities the innovation laboratories in which students work on real projects are created. Tasks to commands are set by clients and partners of SAP. Around the world openly already more than 80 such laboratories, 8 of which - on the Russian educational platforms: ITMO university MTU (MIREA) HIGHER SCHOOL OF ECONOMICS NATIONAL RESEARCH UNIVERSITY VDTs "Eaglet" RGU of oil and gas of Gubkin etc.