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Ussuriysk lokomotivoremontny plant (LRZ)




The Ussuriysk lokomotivoremontny plant is included into JSC Zheldorremmash (is in perimeter of assets under control of Lokomotivnye tekhnologii LLC). Annually repairs 320-322 locomotives for the railroads of Russia. In addition to locomotives at the Ussuriysk lokomotivoremontny plant repairs up to 200 units of a repair kit are made, each of which includes six wheel pairs and traction electric motors and one diesel generator set. In total the plant repairs 12 series of locomotives, 9 types of diesels, 5 types of generators and traction engines.



Acquisition of installation of laser-beam cutting for 9 million rubles

The Ussuriysk LRZ (enters uruppu of Lokotekh companies) received installation of laser-beam cutting worth more than 9 million rubles. The equipment is purchased within an investment program for 2018 and the quality of works is designed to allow and to optimize productive activity of the enterprise, reported on August 15, 2018 in Lokotekh.

According to the company, installation of laser-beam cutting of TAOYR TF3015 EDGE+ has several advantages in front of the old equipment. For example, the speed of cutting of metal at this laser is almost twice higher, and the guaranteed working resource during the 2-shift work of production will make about 12 years. Besides, the fiber (solid-state) laser, in comparison with the gas laser, reduces electricity consumption by 70%, at the same time they can cut out thicker materials.

The FinnPower LP-6 laser press existing at the plant developed the resource — the chief metallurgist of the Ussuriysk LRZ Evgeny Maltsev told. — Therefore the decision to purchase installation of laser-beam cutting for ensuring continuity of workflow and prevention of failure of the production program was made.

The laser press is the limiting equipment. On it parts and procurements for repair of all types of diesels and locomotives are made, so, in many respects smooth operation of several workshops of the plant depends on this installation. The purchased equipment will be installed in metalwork and procurement workshop.


The Ussuriysk lokomotivoremontny plant (enters into Lokotekh Group) received the best result among the plants of Group on the international system of management of business of the enterprises of the railway industry conforming to ISO/TS22163 standard.

The plant for the first time underwent audit according to new standards and received "bronze" result. Specialists of ULRZ coped with the new procedure of certification with an indicator of 68%.

As the chief of the sector of certification of products and quality management of ULRZ Anna Zayko noted, requirements of ISO/TS22163 tough and they are aimed at quality improvement of products which are turned out by the plant. Transition to the certificate of ISO/TS happens for the purpose of meeting requirements of the main customer - JSC "Russian Railways".

Work on the new standard will allow to increase system effectiveness of management of business, to carry out permanent improvements, attaching particular importance to prevention and decrease in a defect level in a supply chain.

Certification audit on ULRZ was booked by representatives of the Russian department of DQS-of the international holding on audit and certification from Yaroslavl.

The next stage which the Ussuriysk lokomotivoremontny plant should pass is the first inspection control. It will take place in 2019. It will be already the second step – "silver". Thus, according to international standards, the enterprise annually should improve the indicators and every time to receive higher statuses. After "gold" level the plant should undergo the procedure of certification again.