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Virtual Environment Group (VE Group) is the Russian-German company. The system integrator in the 3D area - visualization and the systems of virtual reality in Russia. The company is founded in 2002 as research group at MIPT.

Vee Group LLC specializes in system integration of specialized means of 3D visualization, the systems of virtual reality, has own developments and conducts Research and Development (the systems of stereoscopic 3D visualization and the VR centers of initial level, the educational and research situational center for medicine, mobile digital planetaria, means of 3D video filming).

2017: Combination of a 3D model with a cloud of points in VR

The Russian software developer developed the module allowing to combine one click of a mouse in virtual reality a 3D model with the cloud of points received as a result of 3D for virtual prototyping of VR Concept - scanning of an object. It is useful not only when tracking construction works and upgrade, but also in the return engineering when an object is, and there are no drawings.

According to developers, the cloud of points received as a result of three-dimensional scanning of an object widely is applied to quality control of the carried-out works and, at combination with CAD model in virtual environment, allows to detect with a high accuracy differences between project and actual parameters. This technology is applied in many industries: in the industry for high-quality production of products, in construction for tracking of the course of construction and compliance to the construction plan, in GIS for creation of model of a relief of a certain area, archeology for planning of archaeological and restoration works (according to the scan it is possible to recreate or print), etc. Visualization in the system of virtual reality with effect of complete immersion increases data analysis process many times, claim in the company.

VR Concept gives the chance to group of specialists right after scanning of an object to see the received cloud of points in the system of virtual reality, to study it from all directions and to combine with an initial 3D model for different analysis of deviations. Most effectively to do it in virtual reality as it allows to perceive not just more naturally information, but also to interact with the provided virtual object. Besides, VR Concept gives ample opportunities on loading, depression of a cloud of points that optimizes work with the large volume of information, to its coloring and many other[1].

"We continue to finish this module, we expand its opportunities in the future to turn it into the instrument of creation of a 3D model on the basis of a cloud of points. Visualization of large volumes of data in the systems of virtual reality and also a possibility of simultaneous use of versatile information on an object considerably facilitates to the person perception of data bulks and decision making on their basis — the technical director of VR Concept Denis Zakharkin shared plans. — The end result of use of this tool is security and optimization of times/resources on production/construction of a new object".
"Virtual walk according to scanning of a real object, combined with project model is an excellent opportunity for builders and the designers exercising designer's service to estimate the construction course, to compare the project with what is already made, and to estimate deviations. For operating organizations and developers the exact virtual model of the existing object in the form of a cloud of points allows to resolve many issues, without leaving office and also to hold the presentations for partners and potential clients at sale of an object" — Sergey Kotelnikov, the head of department of laser scanning of the Russian division of Leica Geosystems company (Switzerland) explained.

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