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Information technologies
143025, Moscow Region, Odintsovo district, Skolkovo, Novaya St., 100 Ural

Top managers:
Ghukasyan Armand
VIZERRA is a team of professionals in the field of creation of interactive 3D-applications for town planning, development, industrial design and virtual tourism.

VIZERRA technologies allow our clients to make decisions, to attract investments, to win tenders, to influence design process in order to avoid expensive errors, to find new clients. The main office of the company is located to Skolkovo (The Moscow region, Russia). Also the company has official representation to the USA and a partner network in Europe. Unique advantage of VIZERRA is the ideal balance between the speed of creation of projects, photorealness, file size and interactivity of 3D models.

Vizerra — one of the few successful Russian startups. In three years which passed from the moment of its basis, the annual turnover was succeeded to bring the companies to 1.5 million euros, to enter the European and American markets and also to become one of contractors in a number of sign Russian projects, including construction of the innovation center to Skolkovo. Having begun with projects in the 3D area - tourism — creation of exact three-dimensional copies of the Russian and world sights, Vizerra quickly enough expanded the package of proposals, creating three-dimensional projects of architectural and town-planning objects and also providing solutions in the field of industrial design. Today nearly three tens projects prepared both for commercial and for the state customers[1] of a portfolio of the company[2]

Key advantage of three-dimensional visualization as the CEO of Vizerra Ghukasyan Armand explained, an opportunity to reveal errors in design at early stages of project implementation that allows to reduce the total costs significantly is. By Ghukasyan's estimates, economy, as a rule, reaches 10% of total cost of the project whereas the cost of services of Vizerra is no more than 1%. Besides, creation of three-dimensional model of a difficult object allows all project participants — investors, builders, architects — to see a uniform picture which not only is more evident than drawings, but also does not concede to the last in accuracy. Additional benefits are small "weight" of the created Vizerra of models (the file volume even of the most large-scale of them does not exceed 600 MB) and also the small terms which are required for preparation of the three-dimensional project — one-two months.

As an example of the Russian projects, here among key, certainly, it is possible to call the project of the Skolkovo innovation center and, in particular, so-called "Giperkuba" — the first building in the Russian option of Silicon Valley. In it not only offices will be placed, but also information and business centers, and one of walls of the building it will be used as the huge screen of movie theater under the open sky. The cost of "Giperkuba", according to Ghukasyan, will be about 600 million rubles, and 3D - the project of the building cost customers approximately 1.6 million rubles. Also Vizerra is an exclusive contractor of the Organizing committee of Sochi 2014 on creation of virtual model of the territory of holding the Olympic and Paralympic Games in which more than 600 of the city and its neighborhoods will be displayed.

One more perspective field of use of three-dimensional models is the industrial design. Vizerra already has experience of creation of such objects — 3D - the project of the K-62 helicopter created in full accordance with the sketches provided by the Center of industrial design and innovations of Astraross. For achievement of bigger effect flight of the helicopter over ruins of the ancient city of Machu Picchu in Peru was imitated. The video created on the basis of three-dimensional visualization allowed customers to show the solution in a more effective way, than it was possible to be made using static images.

Also Vizerra continues to develop the direction of virtual tourism. Among already implemented projects — three-dimensional modeling of such projects, popular among tourists, as Old Town Square in Prague, memorial estate "Kizhi", the Pushkin museum and others. Ghukasyan emphasized that small volumes of the files containing three-dimensional models of sights allow to post online them and by that it is essential to increase audience.

This year Vizerra, having already left category of startups, is going to expand the business actively. According to Ghukasyan, in the company are going not only to provide services, but also to release own shrink-wrapped software product which, as expected, will help the enterprises of small and medium business to create three-dimensional models for the needs independently. The management of Vizerra also expects considerable expansion of the turnover and predicts that this year it will reach 6.7 million euros.

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  2. that 3D - visualization — the best method to avoid errors in design. Today in a portfolio of the company nearly three tens projects such].