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VNIIEF All-Russian Research Institute of experimental physics


Federal nuclear center

Federal agency on nuclear power Rosatom - 100%



+ VNIIEF All-Russian Research Institute of experimental physics (federal nuclear center)

The Russian federal nuclear center - the All-Russian Research Institute of experimental physics (VNIIEF) - the federal state unitary enterprise of Rosatom state corporation. The institute is founded in 1946 for implementation of the Soviet atomic project. Here the first domestic atomic and hydrogen bombs were developed.

Federal State Unitary Enterprise VNIIEF is the largest scientific and technological center of Russia which part several institutes are: theoretical and mathematical physics, experimental gas dynamics and physics of explosion, nuclear and radiation physics, laser and physical researches, scientific and technological center of physics of high densities of energy and the directed flows of radiations and also the design offices and the thematic centers integrated by the general scientific and administrative management.

In the center more than 20 thousand employees work.

IT in the nuclear center

2018: Development of a PLM system for 5 billion rubles

On July 18, 2018 Rostec and Rosatom announced creation of joint venture which will focus on creation of program system of management of complete product lifecycle (PLM). Read more here.


As Russian Railway and the Federal nuclear center jointly develop software

In October, 2014 the vice president for information technologies and development of a management system of Russian RailwayAlexey Illarionov told TAdviser about the main directions of technology cooperation of his company with the Federal nuclear center in Sarov (VNIIEF). According to him, such cooperation is conducted many years, and its purpose - to integrate experience of partners in the field of creation of complex and large information systems for giving to IT infrastructure of railway transport of additional opportunities.

One of the systems jointly developed with the Sarov specialists is the automated system of process optimization of train dispatching and maintenance of infrastructure of railway transport on the basis of forecast technologies. A system, in particular, calculates optimal sufficiency of resources of railway infrastructure for timely cargo delivery in optimum short terms and as much as possible reduces influence of a human factor.

"Using this system, considering technological and technical limits in real time, we calculate the optimal resource parameters providing process of transportations. In scales of such company as Russian Railway it is very important as economy even on small percent of transactions, and them in day happens up to 5-6 million, means significant digit in terms of costs", - Alexey Illarionov explains.

As initial material for development data on the cost of the basic technology processes and unproductive losses served, in particular. A system considers such indicators as: the relevant capacity of different sections of a railway system processing capability of stations, providing with locomotive crews, the optimal train schedule, etc.

This project has common network scale, but so far a system is rolled on a pilot polygon – on the Gorky railroad. Further it is going to expand testing ground on the Northern and October railroads, and then and on all network of the railroads of Russia. By software of a system it is unrolled in the central DPC, and calculations are conducted taking into account that correspondence which develops on all network of the railroads in general.

For this system specialists of VNIIEF help to create an algorithmic basis, models and also to provide integration with other systems: for example, with transaction base to receive an information stream about the course of operational work. Also for this project of VNIIEF developed the special computer system for support of solvable tasks and on parallel computings.

"It would be correct to call this project innovative and research because problems of resource optimization which we solve very difficult in terms of computing problems and in the world like those are solved in very limited size. And taking into account specifics of Russian Railways, many tasks to solve even more difficult", - Alexey Illarionov says.

Development of a stack of products based on the Open source software, both basic, and applied can become one more large block of joint works of Russian Railway with the Sarov nuclear center, Illarionov says. The first turn on the platform of the operating system and DBMS for different tasks (application servers, web applications, etc.), and applied, for example,a BI system and software for the transaction systems.

Representatives of the nuclear center told TAdviser in May, 2014 that VNIIEF develops own platform products based on the Open source software, and was announced entry into this project and Russian Railway later in August.

According to the vice president for IT and development of a management system of Russian Railway, this project is in a discussion stage so far therefore so far to speak about an implementation time of products early: it is necessary to resolve a number of the organizational and legal issues including connected with right to use and modifications of the source code.

Alexey Illarionov notes that use of Open Source is one of feasible measures which use in such large company as Russian Railway allows to increase efficiency of information landscape in terms of costs for IT and also for increase in cybernetic security of the company.

Software development on replacement of Windows OS and Oracle DBMS

The federal nuclear center in Sarov (VNIIEF) conducts development of own OS under the name "Synergy", the associate director on IT of the nuclear center Oleg Krivosheyev reported in May, 2014. He told TAdviser that this system uses Linux kernel, and about 70 employees of the nuclear center are involved in its development. The pilot version of Synergy OS is already used in "the special systems".

In addition to Synergy OS specialists of VNIIEF also conduct development of own DBMS and hypervisor for virtualization, the associate director on IT of the Sarov nuclear center told TAdviser. As a basis for the first the Open source softwareof PostgreSQL is used (in more detail about the project), and the hypervisor, as well as OS, is based on Linux.

VNIIEF conducts development of this software to provide an importonezavisimost of the standard information system of a nuclear weapon complex (TIS NWC) created by the center. It is going to be replicated for all the enterprises of the industry over time, and further - to develop based on this system the standard platform for defense industry enterprises. The Sarov nuclear center acts as a polygon on use of TIS NWC.

Among components of TIS NWC - complexes of the systems providing end-to-end 3D technology - design, enterprise management, resources and production. In the systems of TIS NWC it is involved by software of domestic development already to the maximum: so, the technology end-to-end 3D - design is based on software of Ascon, and the ERP system - on software Alfa System developed by Informkontakt company.

Synergy OS and own DBMS will allow to refuse Windows OS and Oracle and SQL DBMS[[Microsoft SQL Server|]] which are used now, Oleg Krivosheyev explained TAdviser. The hypervisor, in turn, should replace software of VMware, used in DPC of VNIIEF where the systems of TIS NWC are placed.

According to Oleg Krivosheyev, software of own development is going to be certified for work with a state secret and to use as platforms for work of the main systems entering into TIS NWC, and OS also - for an automated workplace of users which work with these systems. As of May negotiations with the Russian software developers are conducted to provide an opportunity for work of their solutions which are used in TIS NWC under OS and DBMS developed by the Sarov nuclear center, he adds.

To completely complete development of own OS, a hypervisor and DBMS and also software is going to be certified in 2016, Oleg Krivosheyev reported TAdviser. He also noted that certification is a long stage which takes about 9 months.

2013: Start in ERP system operation

In February, 2013 Rosatom announced start in commercial operation of a standard ERP system in RFYaTs. Its development was conducted within the program for transformation of information technologies at the enterprises of Rosatom which in 2010 included also the enterprises of a nuclear and weapon complex. In more detail about the project.

2011: Program of creation of standard information system YaOK

In 2011-2014 in a pilot zone of VNIIEF the program for creation of a standard information system (TIS of the YaOK enterprises) is implemented. Drafts of the program are grouped in such directions as business applications, the systems of industrial automation are end-to-end cycles, 3D - design, IT infrastructure, information security and also IT the organization and services.In more detail about the program