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The VRTech fund integrates the innovative companies creating projects in the field of virtual reality — from industrial solutions to show business. Now in a portfolio of fund four projects - PolygonVR which will allow to hold cybersports VR tournaments, network of halls of virtual reality CinemaVR where users will be able to move in VR space with the interactive content created on the basis of a plot of the released movies, VR Showrooms with a possibility of free movement in virtual reality for the presentation of objects of a residential and commercial real estate and also virtual exercise machines for a training of staff of services of quick response and security agencies.

2017: VRTech will enter the markets of Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Latin America and the CIS

The Russian venture fund VRTech and subsidiary company of RostecRITE (Rusaytieksport) agreed about inclusion of VR solutions in the product RITE directory for promotion in foreign markets.

The partnership agreement was signed on May 25, 2017 in Innopolis. The document was signed by the chief executive of VRTech Yury Krylov and the CEO of RITE Ivanov Egor.

"According to analysts of SuperData, in 2017 the market of technologies of virtual reality (VR) will make for the companies up to $4.9 billion profit that is 172% more than indicators of the past, 2016. Totally the volume of the world VR market by 2020 can reach $38 billion — in 20 times more, than in 2016. The Russian VR technologies have high potential in international market", - Yury Krylov, the chief executive of VRTech comments.


The VRTech fund of the founder of Digital October Center Georgy Tushinsky and the founder of BBDO Moscow Igor Lutz is going to invest in the projects at an early stage based on technologies of virtual reality. Activities of fund – implementation of these technologies in process of business optimization of the companies clients.

Investment volume in the first years of work of fund will be more than 300 million rubles. Each selected startup, will receive from 10 to 30 million rubles. Investments into the first VRTech project will make 25 million rubles. In total during 2016 the fund will invest 3 – 5 commands specializing in virtual reality. In the projects requiring long-term development, VR Tech is going to invest together with foreign partners. The geography of projects is Russia, the countries of Europe, Asia and the USA.

The interests of fund cover two key directions – the solutions directed to increase in business performance, and entertaining technologies.

VRTech developed several concepts – developers in several months can refuse construction of expensive showrooms and offer buyers of apartments and offices virtual tours. The potential buyer in seconds will be had to the future apartment or office and will be able independently to estimate a design, an interior of rooms and a view from windows.

Oil industry workers and representatives of other industries will be able to replace expensive simulators with virtual teachers of well-drilling and accomplishment of difficult transactions. Developments of fund will allow to reduce considerably quantity of injuries on production as with the maximum reality will recreate non-staff situations and will allow to take examinations in security.

In the field of entertainments new opportunities of broadcasts of mass actions with effect of complete immersion – panoramic videos from the helicopter or the drone on the air and in the records combined with virtual interfaces are interesting to fund, for example; The VR shooters allowing to move with a high accuracy players to the virtual arena of battles; interactive visit of the museums.

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