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VR Consortium



The Russian companies working in different segments of media — Digital television, animation studio "Parovoz", studio of television graphics Vizart Lab, the developer of mobile applications Interactive CARTOON and Institute of modern media — announced in the summer of 2016 creation of the Russia's first consortium in the development area of virtual reality.

Consulting and research companies predict rapid growth of the market of VR and AR in the next 5 years. In particular, in the report of PricewaterhouseCoopers company (PwC) "The overview of show business and media: the forecast for 2015-2019" is said that in 2016 the break in the field of virtual reality which will attract the bigger number of users in 2017 and 2018 is expected. In 2016 the first luxury sets of VR helmets from Oculus, Sony and HTC for immersion in virtual reality then the similar equipment will be provided also by other producers will be released. Analysts of Digi-Capital company predict that in 2020 the volume of the world market of production of VR content of the different directions will exceed 30 billion dollars. At the same time more than a half of this amount will be spent for movies, TV programs and games in a format of virtual reality.

In November CROC joined Consortium, having complemented examination of alliance with developments of own Center of virtual reality. The innovation division of CROC since 2012 implements projects of virtual reality for corporate customers in such areas as training, scientific research, design, marketing and sales. Within VR Consortium CROC will be responsible for development of examination of industrial application of technologies of virtual reality. In addition among priority tasks – development of uniform industry standards of the equipment, the software and content for VR systems. For promoting of VR technologies in business community participants of consortium plan regular holding joint actions.

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