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VTB Capital Asset management


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The VTB bank offers agency services on sale, exchange and the implementation of shares of funds under control of JSC VTB Capital Asset Management working at the market since 1996.

Since 2003 the company is among 55 management companies authorized by the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation for the conclusion with the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation of the agreement on management of means of pension savings. Since October, 2006 enters into VTB Group.

VTB says that the licensed professionals having long-term experience in financial markets manage funds "VTB Capital Asset Management".



VTB and Skolkovo agreed to invest billions of rubles in the strengthened startups

On October 22, 2019 "Asset management" and Skolkovo Ventures announced VTB Capital plans to cooperate in the pre-IPO field of investments, having signed the relevant agreement. As declare in VTB, the cooperation purpose - enhancement of the capital of investors of "VTB Capital Pre-AYPIO Fund" closed-end investment fund and development of high-tech industries in Russia. The size of fund as of October is 10 billion rubles.

Under the terms of the agreement, Skolkovo Ventures will offer fund perspective projects for investments. First of all, it is about the fast-growing companies of the technology sector. They should have the proved working business model, high potential of growth of financial performance and plans within two-three years to come for the IPO or to make the transaction with the strategic investor.

Skolkovo Ventures will show us possibilities of the companies which it already has in a portfolio. So those who already became residents Skolkovo and worked with fund several years, - the chief executive officer "VTB Capital of Investment", the senior vice president of VTB, the chairman of the board of directors "VTB Capital Asset management" Vladimir Potapov told TAdviser.

Skolkovo Ventures will show \"VTB Capital pre-AYPIO to fund\" possibilities of the companies which it already has in a portfolio<i> (a photo - Andrey Rudakov/Bloomberg)</i>
Skolkovo Ventures will show "VTB Capital pre-AYPIO to fund" possibilities of the companies which it already has in a portfolio (a photo - Andrey Rudakov/Bloomberg)

The parties also intend to develop interaction in the field of attracting investors in fund. It is planned that shares of fund will bargain at the Moscow Exchange in the sector of the market of investments and innovations. It will provide to investors tax benefits (on income tax and the PIT) and if necessary - possible additional liquidity.

According to Vladimir Potapov, cooperation with Skolkovo Ventures for "VTB Capital Asset management" - the important strategic project.

Through fund we give to our clients alternative opportunities for investment of means with high yield and adequate risks. At the same time we will be able to participate in growth of the new industries of the Russian economy, development of the qualitative companies which have ambitions to carry out further public placements, - Potapov explained.

He also paid attention that now there is a postponed offer ready to an exit to the IPO of qualitative projects, at the same time deficit of the professional investors working in this niche is observed. Potapov noted that for the purpose of investments into the companies ready to public placement, in 2019 VTB Capital pre-AYPIO fund" was created ". He added that the cooperation provided by the agreement with Skolkovo Ventures is based on successful experience of joint work about "VTB Capital Asset management".

I will give an example. In due time we purchased Vist group company. This company to us was offered by Skolkovo Ventures. On the same model we will cooperate and now, - Vladimir Potapov told TAdviser.

In turn, the chairman of Skolkovo Foundation Arkady Dvorkovich, speaking about cooperation "VTB Capital Asset management" with Skolkovo Ventures, noticed that it will allow many projects to receive additional resources for expansion of business, an exit to a commercial stage.

On the other hand, it will give the chance to invest in such projects without acceptance on itself excessive risks as those will be separated between many investors, - Arkady Dvorkovich explained.

Creation of the investment pre-IPO of fund

For the purpose of investments into the companies ready to public placement, in 2019 under management "VTB Capital Asset management" was created "VTB Capital pre-AYPIO fund". The main focus of fund is directed to Russian and the foreign leading companies in the industries of new economy, including financial that, "Big Data", a blockchain, promtekh, Internet of Things and also separate fast-growing segments of traditional economy.

At the time of the message about plans of its start in 2018 in VTB noted that the idea of the Pre-IPO of fund complemented with several advantages is absolutely unique in the Russian market.