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+ VTB Leasing

The JSC VTB-Leasing company is founded in 2002 and takes key positions in segments of leasing of railway equipment, equipment for oil production and processing, the construction equipment, sea vessels, aviation equipment and passenger transport. Being the largest lessor in the Russian market, JSC VTB-Leasing has subsidiary companies in the CIS countries and Europe.

Information technologies in "VTB Leasing"

2020: Implementation of integration of CRM into the system of electronic passports of vehicles

VTB Leasing continues digitalization of business and brings full integration of internal CRM into the system of electronic passports of vehicles (SEP) into commercial operation. On June 17, 2020 VTB reported about it.

The agreement on introduction of uniform forms of passports of vehicles (passports of the chassis of vehicles), self-propelled machines and other types of the equipment and the organization of the systems of electronic passports became effective in the territory of EEU member states. Since November 1, 2020 all vehicles will be put on with electronic passports. For June, 2020 in Russia more than 700,000 electronic passports are already issued, from them more than 2500 cars with electronic PTS are in VTB Leasing park.

The company supports the legislative initiative on transition to electronic passports of vehicles and takes part in market activity on improvement of process of work with them and also uses all possible efforts on maintenance of "chain" of owners in SEP.

Thanks to integration process of transition of the property right from the supplier to the leasing company, and at the time of the termination of the agreement of leasing - to the client or the third party is automated: confirmation of the property rights happens in the automatic mode through CRM VTB Leasing. On the party of VTB Leasing reconciliation of data with data in SEP for correct execution of documentation on the CU is in addition implemented.

Thanks to this technical solution process of a design of transition of the property right to SEP will take place 8-9 times quicker that will allow the company to release resources for other projects on development.

The entered functionality is the next step of the company in the direction of business digitalization. We aim to become not only the reliable, but also convenient partner for our clients. Responding to time request, actively we transfer processes on electronic Wednesday, integrating them with national services for fast and most exact information exchange for the benefit of our clients, - the operating officer of VTB Leasing Sergey Marinich notes.

2019: Course towards digitalization

In November, 2019 the CEO of VTB Leasing Ivanter Dmitry said that digitalization will become one of the major a trend of market development of autoleasing in the next years.

"The financial industry considerably progresses today in digitalization. The Russian banks in this direction take the leading positions in the world. The leasing market lagged behind the banking sector a little, but in the near future and there has to be a digital transformation. It will be especially relevant for autoleasing as a segment where the main volume is the share of small boxed transactions. Digitalization will allow to cut down operating expenses and will make a product the most convenient for the client. The Customer Centricity and digitalization of business are key priorities of strategy of VTB today. Digital leasing will be included into a digital omnichannel circuit of our group already in the near future", - Dmitry Ivanter noted.

For clients of VTB Leasing the personal account in which data on all leasing agreements, vehicles, insurance policies and penalties of traffic police are provided is available (to transport registered in traffic police on VTB Leasing). In the same place information on made payments is provided and dates of the subsequent, invoices, personal special offers and actions are given. Transfer of document flow with clients in an electronic format, transition to "paperless transactions" will become the next stage. VTB Leasing already organized such work with primary accounting documents, further is going to automate all process. The solution will allow to save time and money of clients, will make service more convenient. The company sets before itself the purpose – to organize purchase full online that the client could undergo all process of acquisition of the car online - from the choice of the machine to the conclusion of the transaction.

"We work in B2B a segment in which service on the personal mobile phone is not so relevant. Nevertheless, mobile services will be demanded, both in internal business processes, and in the form of client mobile applications. We have already many developments in this direction. The fastest implementation of similar the practician will be key competitive advantage both for involvement of the new clients, and for increase in loyalty acting. The segment of passenger transport is the most convenient field for implementation of similar pilot projects, further electronic leasing can cover also other segments of autoleasing: cargo and commercial transport, self-propelled machines, special equipment and buses", - Dmitry Ivanter emphasized.


2020: A payment deferral of Aeroflot because of a coronavirus

Aeroflot strongly injured from coronavirus effects, in March, 2020 agreed with "VTB Leasing" about transfer of leasing payments (vacation) on 67 airplanes (19% of the park of group) since April — September, 2020 for July, 2021. Without delay or restructuring of payments of the industry collapse threatens.