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JSC VZPP-Mikron (the former Voronezh plant of semiconductor devices) makes discrete parts and control integrated circuits a power supply for customers in Russia and abroad. 96.68% of stocks own Sitronics, 3.32% of stocks of the enterprise belong to JSC VZPP.

VZPP-Mikron - the candidate for receiving the state investments for creation of the third Russian modern microelectronic factory, the Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade Yury Borisov said earlier. This enterprise can expect investment volume, commensurable in comparison with Zelenograd Angstrem and Micron, considers the deputy minister. Financing can happen both in the form of crediting of the Voronezh enterprise, and in the form of investments to receiving a share block by the state. Yury Borisov does not exclude either that, or other option: "the only thing that the price of this money in the market should be identical to players".

Two different schemes of support of microelectronics roll Angstrem concern and the Mikron plant belonging to Sitronics now. The first in the spring of 2008 obtained the credit of 815 million euros for purchase of the equipment of AMD company allowing to release chips on technology of 130 nanometers from Vnesheconombank. The second got support of investment fund — the Government of the Russian Federation approved selection to Sitronics more than $1 billion (27 billion rubles) for creation of new factory for production of chips on technology of 65-45 nanometers. In the new enterprise the state will possess 46% of stocks.


In Russia new Silicon Valley will appear