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Voentelecom the Integrated systems and VTK-ISS networks


Voentelecom announced in March, 2017 acquisition of a share in the amount of 47.35% of authorized capital in society "Voentelecom — the Integrated Systems and Networks" ("VTK-ISS"). Before the company as contract organization was engaged about ten years in integration activity in the Central and Northwest federal districts. The CEO "Voentelecom — the Integrated systems and networks" since 2016 is Surkov Mikhail.

Voentelecom - 47,35%


The structure continues one of traditional activities of the company — complex equipment of objects of communication by digital telecommunication equipment. It is supposed that not less than 20% of total amount construction and balancing and commissioning will be transferred in contracts for digitalization of objects of communication of "VTK-ISS". About 70% will be undertaken by Voentelecom, another 10% will perform contract organizations.