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JSC VolgaTelecom is the telecommunication company of the Volga region providing a range of services of telephony, cellular communication, the Internet and data transmissions, television and broadcasting. The company integrates 11 regions of the Volga Federal District. Is a part of Svyazinvest holding.

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+ VolgaTelecom

The company was created on the basis of the solution of general shareholder meeting according to which on November 30, 2002 10 regional telecom operators of areas and the republics of Volga federal district were a part of JSC Nizhegorodsvyazyinform. JSC Nizhegorodsvyazyinform was later is renamed into JSC VolgaTelecom.

The company integrates 11 regions of the Volga Federal District. Mounted capacity of network is 5.2 million phone numbers, involved – 4.3 million. The number of users broadband access in the Internet exceeded 1 million.

The process of consolidation of 11 telecommunications agencies of the Volga region completed in 2002 allowed to create the uniform powerful company having the high level of capitalization, profitability and investment attractiveness, huge marketing potential.

JSC VolgaTelecom - the active participant of the securities market of Russia. Stocks of the company address to RTS and on MICEX. Since 1997 the program of American depositary receipts of the I level which are trading on the Frankfurt, Berlin stock exchanges and curb market of the USA works.

The united company covers the network the territory of 665 thousand in which about 20 million live human. JSC VolgaTelecom has licenses for rendering services of local and intra-zone telephone communication, cellular telephone communication, data transmission, provision of services of television and broadcasting.

The company is the largest Internet service provider of the Volga region. One of the priority directions are services of broadband Internet access which since 2006 VolgaTelecom renders in regions of Volga federal district under uniform brand J (Jay). For these years the subscriber base of users of broadband access VolgaTelecom increased more than by 10 times and now approaches 1.1 million human. The next plans VolgaTelecom are connected with replacement of HDSL technology by FTTh, and creation of infrastructure for rendering convergent communication services and also MultiPlay provision of services.

Performance Indicators


JSC VolgaTelecom during 2010 won a victory in 194 tenders on a sales right of public contracts with the total amount of 0.3 billion rubles. Within contracts the company implemented projects which provide customers with services of high-speed Internet access, local and intra-zone communication. Specialists of JSC VolgaTelecom create the protected virtual networks (VPN) which allow to create network infrastructure taking into account individual requests of authorities, to provide consumers with qualitative communication services and a necessary range of services. The company actively cooperates with the largest state customers among whom federal and regional authorities, departments of the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation, division of tax, migration, antimonopoly services, bodies of judicial authority, law enforcement agencies, etc.

Sales proceeds in 2010 were 35,501 million rubles (+8.4% in relation to 2009). The indicator of OIBDA was 13,618 million rubles (-6%), the indicator of EBITDA decreased by 5% up to 13,630 million rubles. Profit on operating activities decreased by 9% up to 6,354 million rubles. Net profit decreased by 7% and was 3,900 million rubles.



In times when Leonid Reiman of the company of holding quite often was the minister of IT and communication purchased assets not directly, and through financial intermediaries. For example, VolgaTelecom in 2006 purchased cellular companies "Saratov Mobile", "Penza Mobile" and "Chuvashia Mobile" not from the seller, the American corporation MCT Corp., and from the intermediary on behalf of the well-known offshore Eventis Telecom Come to the Square[1].


In April JSC VolgaTelecom will be reorganized by accession to Rostelecom company. Since April, 2011, reported in help desk of JSC VolgaTelecom, all types of activity of the company, including communication services will be performed on behalf of JSC Rostelecom. After reorganization all agreements which are earlier signed by VolgaTelecom will be executed by JSC Rostelecom on former conditions without renewal. A cost and quality of the provided services will remain at the previous level. Bills for the provided services will also be made out by Rostelecom. Dates of receipt and payment of accounts will remain the same. The operation mode of customer service offices and also phones of customer services will not change.