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The Webroot Software company develops the innovative solutions for protection of confidential personal and corporate information against external and internal threats and risks. By 2010 Webroot Software — one of players in the market of means of antivirus and anti-espionage protection for home users, small and medium business and also large corporate clients. Products of Webroot company constantly take the highest positions in the respectable ratings of the software and are used by millions of users worldwide.


2019: Carbonite purchased Webroot Software for $618.5 million

 On February 7, 2019 the developer of cloud services for data backup  of Carbonite  announced purchase of Webroot Software for $618.5 million. As a result of the transaction which is going to be closed in the first quarter the 2019th there will be a company which will be able to provide at the same time services for backup and data recovery and also for cloud security on end devices.

The chief financial officer of Webroot John Post will direct business of the company as a part of Carbonite after completion of the transaction.

In day of the declaration of acquisition of Webroot of the stock Carbonite  fell in price by 5.6% according to the results of electronic biddings.

The software developer for data protection of Webroot Software is sold almost for $620 million
The software developer for data protection of Webroot Software is sold almost for $620 million

Carbonite considers that before the company the new channel for scaling of business and expansion in the market, thanks to the leading MSP partner and cooperation with solution providers for remote monitoring and management which Webroot has opens.

Backup and recovery in combination with security of endpoints and the analysis of threats represent the differentiated solution providing a single complex platform of data protection — the CEO and the president of Carbonite Mohamad Ali said.

According to him, in connection with development of cyberthreats, like viruses racketeers, clients and partners of Carbonite look for more universal solution which at the same time would be powerful and simple in use.

The integrated customer base will receive benefit from the simple cloud integrated sentence which includes unique opportunities on an intrusion prevention of harmful encoders and system recovery after their successful attacks, he added.

About 60% of revenues of Webroot arrive from consumers, and 40% — from corporate clients whose most part buys software through partners. The last there are at the company more than 14 thousand by February, 2019.[1]