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West Siberian commercial bank Zapsibkombank


Zapsibkombank is large bank of Siberia which network covers 56 divisions.

VTB - Vneshtorgbank




PJSC Zapsibkombank — one of banks of the Tyumen region founded in 1990 is the universal commercial bank performing a full range of banking activities both for legal, and for individuals. The head office of bank is in Tyumen.  Now the bank services more than 25,000 corporate clients and more than 580,000 individuals. Among corporate clients — the largest industry enterprises, representatives of small and medium business. Today the bank is present at 15 subjects of the Russian Federation in 48 cities and settlements, is provided practically in all economically significant regions of the country: Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Chelyabinsk, Nizhny Novgorod, Novosibirsk, Omsk, Samara, Volgograd, Ufa, Kazan, Kemerovo also contains 88 sales points.


2019: The cashier stole millions of rubles

At the end of July, 2019 the female resident of Nefteyugansk working in Zapsibkombank stole 10 million rubles from cash desk of credit institution and disappeared, URA.RU with reference to a source in the city administration reports.

According to him, the woman was delayed, however the most part of the stolen money at her did not appear.

It became clear that the employee of bank lost this money in online casino.

Its plan was in making a large rate, to win, and to return a stolen property in the morning, having remained with profit. But something went wrong, the interlocutor of the agency noted with irony.

In regional government of the Ministry of Internal Affairs the theft fact to the agency was confirmed, but specified that the amount of a stolen property much less — 5 million rubles.

2018: VTB purchases Zapsibkombank

In October, 2018 VTB reached the agreement with shareholders of Zapsibkombank upon acquisition more than 70% of stocks of one of the leading banks of the Ural Federal District. The corresponding memorandum was signed by the parties. Under the terms of the agreement, VTB buys a controlling stake of Zapsibkombank. The final size of the purchased share will be determined after the obligatory offer to minority shareholders about redemption of stocks. Closing of the transaction is planned until the end of the current year after receiving all necessary regulatory approvals and corporate solutions of VTB Group.

The parties intend to save key products and services which clients of Zapsibkombank – both physical, and legal entities use. Development of a product row and increase in its competitive advantages will be continued with a support on all technological, product and financial capabilities of VTB Group. The command of bank having extensive work experience in the Tyumen region and other regions of presence will be saved and strengthened by managers of VTB bank.

After closing of the transaction steps will be determined by further integration of banks which is planned to end in 2020 when Zapsibkombank passes under a brand of VTB. The strategy of its development will assume further gain of positions of the united bank in the market of the Urals.


The value of the regulatory capital of the organization increased by 13.5% and was 12 billion rubles. Net profit is equal to 1.6 billion rubles (growth in relation to 2013 – 21.2%). The amount of dividends transferred to shareholders was 149.8 million rubles.

Net assets of bank as of January 1, 2015 made 101 billion rubles of Software to this indicator of JSC Zapsibkombank takes the 72nd place among the largest banks of the country.

The reserve on possible losses on loans, the loan and equated to it debt and also the added interest income, is created in the amount of 5.9 billion rubles that is 0.5% more than data for the beginning of year.

The value of the loan portfolio of legal entities and physical persons grew by 2.9 billion rubles and was 71.6 billion rubles.


Financial performance of Zapsibkombank for May 1, 2012

Zapsibkombank summed up the financial results based on work in four months 2012. As of 5/1/2012 assets on balance were 102 billion rubles that is 22% more than a similar indicator for May 1, 2011. Positive dynamics is shown by own means (capital) of Bank – for the last 12 months they increased by 11.5%, and for a reporting date made 7.9 billion rubles. The working assets grew by 11 billion rubles, having been 65.2 billion rubles. Net profit in four months of work in 2012 was 241.8 million rubles that is 15% more than the same indicator in 2011.

In 12 months the raised funds of clients increased by 22% to 59.1 billion rubles for 5/1/2012. The amount of means of individuals was 29.9 billion rubles. The amount of the loan portfolio of Zapsibkombank on a reporting date is recorded on a mark of 52.2 billion rubles that is 24.3% more than a similar indicator for 5/1/2011.

Authorized capital of Zapsibkombank remained at the previous level - 1,122 million rubles.