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Worki (Aykondzhob, Iconjob)


Internet services
Since 2016
Central Federal District of the Russian Federation
121087, Barclay St., 6, it is triple. 5, floor 1, room 55


The Worki service allows to look for work and to select personnel.

2020: Charge of bonus rubles on accounts of the businesses affected by crisis

On March 26, 2020 Group announced selection of one billion rubles on support of medium and small business. Worki will add bonus rubles on accounts of the businesses affected by crisis. Read more here.


Application launch of VKontakte social network for job search through Worki service

On September 26, 2019 social network "VKontakte" announced start together with service for job search and the staff of Worki applications based on the platform VK Mini Apps which allows users to look for work, without leaving social network. It is possible to publish the summary in the supplement and to respond to the interesting vacancies which are picked up on the basis of the profile and interests. In more detail here.

Purchase of service

In May, 2019 it became known that the Group company purchased service for Worki job search.[1]

2016: Development of service

Development of service began Aykondzhob company in March, 2016.[2]