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Workle represents the Internet platform for remote work. Workle is the cornerstone the technological solution allowing to provide jobs and to perform activity in different specialties, using only Internet technologies.

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Gorbunov Vladimir

Purposes of the company: integration into the Internet of the new professions earlier not available to work online. Workle allows people to be demanded in any point of Russia, to find work, to get free education, to earn money and to build career.

The project works in the open mode of testing since 2011. The Internet figure Anton Nosik acted as the mentor of the project. Users of Workle can select a profession (insurance, finance, the real estate, tourism), to be trained and get to work. Partners of Workle implement the products and services through the platform in the territory of the Russian Federation and in Ukraine. They publish on the website work types, requirements to qualification of the contractor, a payment term. Among clients of the company there are Rosgosstrakh, AlphaInsurance, Uralsib, ROSNO and others. The Workle company is a resident of an IT cluster of the Innovation center "Skolkovo".

Performance Indicators


The Workle company announced in July, 2014 registration in Russia the million user of service for earnings on the Internet of In plans of the company development of service as universal and open platform for implementation of professions in the field of remote employment and also further geographical expansion.

According to the results of the first half of the year 2014 the aggregate turnover of the partner companies received using service was more than 853 million rubles (growth by the same period of 2013 for 66%).

In addition to professions with a piece-work pay, in 2014 there was an Internet profession "development of the websites" in which also the fixed principle of payment is provided. At a stage of implementation there is a profession with completely fixed payment for work - "call center operator".


The number of users of Workle service in January, 2014 exceeded 600 thousand human. In 2013 more than 500 thousand users joined the project. At the end of 2013 the aggregate turnover of the partner companies received using Workle service grew by 5.5 times from 270 million rubles to 1.5 billion rubles. Total amount of tax deductions and sotsvznos from the income of users of Workle in 2013 was more than 10 million rubles. Revenue of Vorkl LLC in the 2013th year - 75 million rubles, a loss - 112 million rubles -

Workle provides services for work of applicants without experience and professionals in many spheres, of which tourism, finance and insurance are key. Each user gets access to virtual office, a multimedia training system and support in development of career. Level of income of users is directly connected with personal activity and experience. At the end of 2013 the income of professional specialists in the field of sales reaches 100-120 thousand rubles a month.

Average age of most of users of Workle - 24-35 years. They are every day on the Internet and are ready to give to remote work 3-4 hours on weekdays. Before registration on the website Workle of 67% of users had no experience on the selected specialty. According to the statistics, more than a half of them take a basic free training course on Workle. After completion of training and successful test passing users have an opportunity to work with products and services of the leading Russian companies.

Partners of Workle are more than 90 largest organizations providing products and services in the field of tourism, finance, insurance, the security systems and entertainments. The possibility of remote work with the help of Workle is available in all regions of the Russian Federation


2014: Workle opens instruments of team Internet work for users

Since September, 2014, all registered users of have an opportunity to test a new feature of the platform – team working. The commands consisting of seven people form automatically. The fitting algorithm of colleagues considers the level of experience and activity of the user that allows to receive the balanced groups in which there will be both beginners, and the experienced remote workers ready to act as mentors. In commands participants cast independently that will allow to define how leadership skills affect efficiency of personal sellings.

By analogy with a personal study of the user, each command will receive the selected "Internet office", services for communication, planning and tracking of efficiency. Also other Internet services for the organization of team interaction will be implemented step by step.

"Desire to work in a command, to develop, communicating with colleagues – one of the most frequent requests of our users, - Vladimir Gorbunov, the CEO and the founder of Workle commented. – Implementation of tools for team work on is a unique experiment – we will check as far as the command is necessary for personal success in work, or we will disprove a number of myths, popular among employers, and we will be focused on other instruments of socialization of users. For drawing attention of Internet workers to new opportunities of the platform the special competition "Fight of Titans", with record prize fund in i1 695,000 is announced. The commands which achieved by the end of the year the best results and also those workers who will decide to prove, as "one in the field soldier" will be able to apply for prizes.

At the disposal of contestants product line of more than 100 partner companies: palette of insurance policies and credit proposals, tours, air tickets, hotels, security systems, excursions, designer of the websites, etc. Tender will last until the end of 2014.

2014: 1.5 million rubles on upgrade of a training system of remote workers

The Workle company started in the spring of 2014 upgrade of a training system of remote workers. 1.5 million rubles, from them not less than 50% - during 2014 will be directed to these purposes. About 30% of means will be enclosed development and deployment of IT services on the Workle Internet platform, the rest will go for preparation of content.

The additional training programs expected obtaining profound, specialized knowledge on the selected specialty will become essentially new component of a system. Programs include author's trainings, interactive exercise machines and simulators and also test tasks and tests. Involvement in learning process of those Internet specialists who long time work at the Workle Internet platform will become one more key updating and regularly became the leader in income level. At the heart of a training system of users of the Workle Internet platform there will be basic free training.

"Free training of all users was and remains a strategic basis of the Workle Internet platform. It is the only and very effective instrument of mastering "from scratch" of new specialties. For 2013 free distance learning on Workle there underwent more than 200,000 people, is 23% more, than the number of the students undergoing distance learning in all higher education institutions of the country! In 2014 we are going to place emphasis on opportunities for "advanced" Internet workers, those who successfully works and wishes to increase the income" — Vladimir Gorbunov, the founder and CEO Workle emphasized.

Basic free training makes more than 95% of the training materials available to Internet users of the platform. Possibilities of free training are used by every second user of Workle. For access to additional programs the payment which specific amount depends on specialty and the level of a rate is set. At the same time the cost of new courses will be rather low for Internet training (from 200 to 1000 rubles). Access to new courses can be got also for virtual "coins" – bonus points which are added to users of Workle for activity on the website.

The first components of a new training system already available to the registered users. Since March three additional rates within the Tourism direction are open: "Bases of travel business", "Rest of the day off" and "In the spring at the sea". Within the Finance direction the author's training on work with credit cards is added. Since April, 2014 a series of webinars with participation of experienced specialists of Workle during whom they will share practical skills with beginners starts.

2014: Workle in Ukraine

On March 21, 2014 the Workle company announced start of the Workle Internet platform in Ukraine. Registration of Internet workers is open on the websites and, programs of basic free training, planning and creation of career also work. The legal output of the earned money in national currency of Ukraine into personal accounts is available to Internet specialists.

In Ukraine Workle officially announced plans for start in 2013. At the beginning of 2014 the company successfully completed a stage of technical operation of the Internet platform. During this time more than 10,000 people joined Workle. The Internet platform is available in all areas of Ukraine.

For coordination of work of Workle in Ukraine the representation is created. Dyomina Darya directs its work. The main priority of work of representation - involvement of the partner companies, coordination of interaction with technical and legal divisions of the headquarters of Workle in Moscow.

In Ukraine act as partners of Workle more than 20 organizations providing products and services in the field of tourism, finance and insurance are.

2012: a grant from Skolkovo Foundation

At the beginning of 2012 the Workle company received a grant from Skolkovo Foundation in the amount of 27 million rubles. The decision on selection of a grant was caused by the following reasons: first, remote employment – the serious global trend demanded in many segments: from call centers before software development. Workle is the project, socially important for Russia, - creation of a product which will facilitate remote hiring of employees.