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Yakut republican oncological clinic


State Budgetary Institution RS (Ya) "Yakut republican oncological clinic" is the specialized agency of the Ministry of Health of RS (Ya) providing specialized and hi-tech medical care to adult population of the republic.

Ministry of Health of the Sakha (Yakutia) Republic



The bed fund of "The Yakut republican oncological clinic" makes 120 round-the-clock beds, including 85 oncological and 35 radiological, 17 beds of day stay of patients. In structure of a clinic of 4 stationary departments, polyclinic department on 144 visits per shift, department of radiodiagnosis, kliniko-diagnostic laboratory, cytologic laboratory, an endoscopic office, organizational and methodical department.


2017: Approbation of a method of radio-frequency ablation in treatment of cancer patients

In Yakutsk a republican oncological clinic the method of radio-frequency ablation in surgical treatment of cancer patients was tested on October 18, 2017. Approbation of a method took place using the device Cool tip-E.[1]

Doctors of an oncological clinic tested the device for radio-frequency treatment of cancer patients
Doctors of an oncological clinic tested the device for radio-frequency treatment of cancer patients

Master class

The master class for the Yakut surgeons-oncologists in application of a method of radio-frequency ablation was held by the candidate of medical sciences, the senior specialist on clinical support of Medtronic company Vadim Vishnevsky (Moscow). During surgical intervention at the patient with cancer of a thick gut metastases in a liver were deleted. On the operating table to the patient using radio-frequency ablation influenced a tumor in a liver.

As Vadim Vishnevsky, radio-frequency ablation — quite popular method of treatment applied in oncology told. Ablation is transferred from Latin as removal, but when using this device which is brought on a fact-finding master class to Yakutsk, the tumor is not removed, the doctor explained. Using specific needle tools current is entered into the tumor center. At the same time the fabrics affected with a disease heat up and burned out. The received dead fabric (coagulate) will be organized later in a hem. Intervention is made through operational wounds, laparoscopically or through skin.

There are patients to whom traditional surgeries are appointed, and to some can be for various reasons refused. By it appoint chemotherapy, beam and other methods of treatment. In a row such palliative methods of treatment radio-frequency ablation enters. It does not prevent to apply any other types of therapy. The method of the RF ablation allows pointwise, without harm for healthy fabrics to delete affected areas and by that helps to prolong life at that part of cancer patients to whom other methods are contraindicated — Vadim Vishnevsky concluded.

Radio-frequency ablation

Radio-frequency ablation — the treatment method relating to discharge of interstitial thermotherapy. Differs from other methods in good tolerance, small quantity of complications, good survival of patients to which radical surgical treatment is not shown. It is used at tumors of a liver, lungs, kidneys, mammary glands, bones, adrenal glands, a thyroid gland, etc. Provides fast treatment of tumors to 5-7 cm in the diameter.


The device of radio-frequency ablation — non-stationary, its installation does not require big spaces, it is simple in installation and management. What too is important, does not require special training of surgeons.

Cool tip-E is the device for radio-frequency treatment of cancer patients
Cool tip-E is the device for radio-frequency treatment of cancer patients
We have an opportunity to see the device which is intended for removal of metastases in a liver in application. At once I will specify that it is only a master class from the company which delivers such medical equipment. Yet we do not have it. Of course, existence of such device would allow to expand our opportunities in treatment of cancer patients, including those patients to whom radical surgical intervention is contraindicated. Also in general to increase survival of patients as at radio-frequency influence the good tolerance less complications is noted — the manager of surgical department of the Republican oncological clinic Tatyana Zharnikova noted.

According to doctors, it is quite possible that by 2019 in Republican oncology dispensary the RF device will appear, and it will be already possible to perform hi-tech radio-frequency operations.